The Discovery Channel is Bogus

Originally written Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Discovery Channel can be pretty entertaining, and when I’m home briefly between work and class I sometimes watch 15 or 20 minutes of it while I’m eating. (I like the shows they have about engineering and monster machines.)

Yesterday I watched almost a full program about the “Hutchison Effect”. The Hutchison Effect is supposedly a series of effects (it’s not just one) that a Canadian inventor, John Hutchison, invented. Here’s a summary from a webpage that describes it:

The Hutchison Effect occurs as the result of radio wave interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high voltage sources, usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or more Tesla coils.

The effects produced include levitation of heavy objects, fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood (exactly as portrayed in the movie, “The Philadelphia Experiment”), the anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material, spontaneous fracturing of metals (which separate by sliding in a sideways fashion), and both temporary and permanent changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals.

I was immediately skeptical, just from hearing them talk about it during the beginning of the show. It didn’t help that Hutchison looked a little eccentric, or that he did all of his ‘experiments’ in his apartment using cast-away Navy and Army surplus equipment.

This guy lives in an apartment that has to be seen to be believed, it’s packed chock full of all sorts of crap, although it looks pretty organized. I’m talking wall-to-wall oscilloscopes, digital readouts, metal boxes, dials, knobs, chains and pulleys.

They started showing clips of this “effect” in action, specifically ones that showed its apparent anti-gravity powers. Each clip was a fairly close up shot taken from about 5 feet. They showed a wooden floor (you could see the bottom of a broom sitting on the floor) and a household object sitting on it. The object would then move a little bit and then levitate off the screen! Stuff like nails, a hammer, a wrench, a bowl, a bottle of 7-Up, tin foil, etc.

This was pretty interesting, I thought, but hardly conclusive evidence. I was trying to think up ways that you could make an object “levitate” like that, say, using magnetism, when it showed a very interesting clip. The clip was of a cup of a thick white liquid or syrup, about the consistency of creamy plaster. You could see a glob form at the top of the liquid, then rise out of the cup and go up off the screen! It left behind a spike in the liquid, if you know what I mean – like it globbed upward, and when it separated there was a kind of liquid string pointing straight up.

This had me impressed. How could you make THAT levitate? It’s one thing to fake levitating a piece of tin foil, but that was pretty convincing!

But I was still skeptical. I started trying to think of how you could do this as the show progressed. They then interviewed a guy from a US intelligence agency. They sent a team of 6 or 8 observers up to Canada in the early 70s to do tests and observe this phenomenon (I think the LSD craze permeated into the US military back then too). Well, it didn’t work out too well, because although Hutchison claimed that things happened during these tests, they ONLY happened when the observers weren’t there.

How convenient.

Then Hutchison went on about how he was worried that the US government could be using his invention to create weapons. As he talked, I suddenly realized how he’d faked his levitation videos.

In each case, the wooden floor is NOT actually a floor, it’s just a piece of wood. The videos are taken UPSIDE DOWN. He uses an electromagnet above the piece of wood to hold the object in place, and he’s got the end of a broom stuck on there to give the illusion that it’s a floor. Then, he slowly reduces current to the electromagnet, and the object loosens and then falls. Turned upside down, it looks like the object is actually going UP, not down!

In cases like the pepsi bottle or the white liquid, it would be simple to just put metal in the base of the container and hold it in place that way (the 7-Up bottle was closed, by the way).

The show was ending, and convinced that I would find other skeptics on the Internet, I ran upstairs and looked it up on Google. Well, there’s stuff all over the place, but not really any skeptics, at least none that really talk about how he could have faked his experiments.

Then I found a site that had a different video I hadn’t seen. You can see it right at the top of the page. It looks like a metal object jumping around. Hmmm, I thought – that doesn’t fit in well with my upside-down electromagnet hoax idea. Then I read farther down the page and found this (bolded emphasis mine):

I’ve received a number of messages about the above video-links pointing out that a string is clearly visibly holding up the toy-UFO that Hutchison is experimenting with. I asked John for more information on the purpose of the string, and received the following reply:

“The string is not string but #32-gauge double polythermalized wire on a takeup up reel with 20 to 50000 volts DC. The the main apparatus was turned on, causing the toy plastic ufo to fly all about in amazing gyrations. This was a pretest to gryphon films airing this fall for fox TV. I did not need the extra high voltage 2000 time period so the toy levitated without a high voltage hook up during the filming for gryphon there was a string on the toy no high-voltage dc but interesting movements.” – John Hutchison

This is the most ridiculous explanation I’ve ever heard. Someone sees the string attached to the object, and his excuse is, “no, that’s not a string, it’s a wire?!!! Then he tacks on a pile of mumbo-jumbo to try and mask the fact that he’s bouncing the object around on a wire!

Although videos are easily faked, it would have been easy for him to make the videos a lot harder to criticize. He must have known that people would have a hard time believing that he can levitate objects using some equipment he bought at the neighbourhood surplus store, or that an aging hippie who wears cut-off jean vests has managed to leapfrog ahead of Einstein and NASA. Levitating the object while pouring a glass of water from a pitcher would have been a good demonstration. Or simply standing next to the object. Or showing the object COMING DOWN again – I found that very interesting! The videos don’t show where the objects go, and it doesn’t show them coming back down. I wonder why?

The man is obviously a total charlatan. And I am extremely unimpressed with the Discovery Channel. I realize that they are in the business of entertainment BUT they also claim to educate. Yet there was not a single skeptic or critic on the entire show!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the defense, “it’s true, I saw it on the Discovery Channel” when people are confronted with skepticism about some bizarre claim. The Discovery Channel is BOGUS, people!

If you want to read some skeptical views on a variety of hoaxes, frauds, and outlandish claims, go to www.skepdic.com, which includes a criticism of the famous Philadelphia Experiment mentioned near the beginning of this post.


January 29, 2006 – added some videos that purport to show Hutchison Effect.

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  1. Richard:

    i am going to copy and paste what i wrote in a forum here so that you can see how much of an idiot you are.

    i just read that blog that supposedly claims to have explained how hutchison faked his experiments. and i got to say it is the most rediculous thing i have ever read.

    he claims it is an electromagnet on top of a piece of wood holding things up, and then he slowly reduces power so that the object slowy lowers itself to the ground. but because the camera us upside down, the object looks like it is rising!

    he also claims that the objects always rise off the screen but are never shown coming back down.

    he also mentions the string too.

    he also claims that nobody but hutchison has ever witnessed the effects of his experiments and that he claims it only works 99% of the time so that he can get away with failing in front of people.

    and probably his most convincing point is that hutchison himself dresses funny and has unusual stuff in his apartment. that being said, nobody like that could possibly be smart enough to surpass einstein and NASA.

    tada mystery solved! exept for this:

    an object is either held my a magnet or it isn’t. once a magnetic field is too weak to hold an object up, the object falls, there is no medium ground that would allow an object to be slowly lowered. and even if this was possible, it does not explain why the objects flip around and move horizontally also.

    there are tons of videos of stuff coming back down after being levitated.

    he mentions the string as if it is proof possitive that hutchison is a fake. but i guess he fails to realize that in order for his theory about the elecromagnet and upside down camera to be accurate. the toy UFO would have to be standing on the end of the string instead of hanging from it.

    his claim that nobody else has ever seen a successful experiment is based on the fact that hutchison could not get anything to happen in front of a team of observers back in the 70′s. but i guess he failed to realize that since then, other observers have witnessed the results and are duplicating them with their own machines now, completely seperate from hutchison.

    yes hutchison is a very wierd looking person with lots of weird stuff in his apartment. but what would you expect somebody like him to be like? He made the discovery on accident while experimenting with tesla coils and other equipment. hell Einstein himself was probably more eccentric than hutchison ever hopes to be. and just because he made such a discovery does not mean he is smarter than einstein in any way.

    just because you can’t believe it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. you would have been one of the people back in the day that swore up and down the earth was flat because “if it was round, we would fall off the bottom!”

  2. Ade:

    Thanks for dropping by the site, Richard. For a full response to your comments, please click here.

  3. Ade:

    P.S. Richard, if you end up reading this, I’d appreciate a link to the forums you mentioned in your comment.

  4. Ian Lloy:

    The toy UFO on a string is filmed with the camera in a normal upright position. It’s a hoax….don’t be so ready to believe the unusual…all o the BIG government agencies that explored John have given up on him…WHY? Because his story holds no water.
    Thank goodness for internet…I was able to download his videos and scrutinize them slowly and carefully….such fakery and so cheap too…50′s sci-fi crap

  5. I also noticed that the camera merely zoomed in more on the object being filmed, never showing us the whole scene. I wondered if there were say, a magnet on the ceiling, but your explanation is simpler and probally correct.

    I was curious about Hutchinson’s claims, but after looking more closely I read more mumbo-jumbo about the government seizing his lab equipment twice at gun point… blah blah, whatever. He’s the same as the rest.

  6. Awww…I really wanted it to be true as well. Where do these lame-arses get off, fakin cool stuff all the time. If they put as much effort into actual science as they did into faking it all the time, perhaps such things would be reality by now.

  7. Devo:

    Apologies Ade if your response to Richard has already covered this, but I must admit I didnt read through it.

    Richard says: “an object is either held my a magnet or it isn’t. once a magnetic field is too weak to hold an object up, the object falls, there is no medium ground that would allow an object to be slowly lowered. and even if this was possible, it does not explain why the objects flip around and move horizontally also.”

    That is completely wrong. A magnetic field simply exerts a force proportional to the square of the distance from the field. From this (and basic physics if you had ever attended) it is clear that the acceleration of an object as a direct result of that force would be able to pass that object from stationary (where a=9.8m/s2 or greater) to “slowly lowered” (loving the scientific term there), to seemingly being unaffected and dropping.

    In fact, while walking through MASSIVE electro-magnetic fields such as underneath rows upon rows of aluminium reduction cells (I work in the minerals processing industry) it is incredibly easy to play with and visualise the effects, and see them in a much larger scale. If you hold a metal nut in the air in your hand and move it around until you feel no force on the metal, you can let it go carefully and it will float there for several moments before it moves into an area of lesser or greater electro-magnetic force. You can hold a shovel, and the head will try and rotate to find equilibrium with it;s position and the field around it. All of the effects, the gyrations, and even the relative velocities and accelerations of the metal objects in the movies could be explained.

    Just because you (Richard) have only ever played with toy magnets and even then never actually understood the underlying principles, don’t be so quick to show your own ignorance by calling someone an idiot for what is basically a sound explanation.

  8. Ajay Shah:

    Hi, wats going on? Im a hutchison finatic, but im still a skeptic. the thing is that i too studied the videos, and ive tried to think of every possible solution to how this can be faked..even if it is upside down. These are a couple of reasons why it may be true. Check this verson of the video, and ill highlight why this effect may be true. By the way..ive watched this video alteast 50 times..in the last couple of days…..it has some sick music.


    1st. he is using magnetic feilds…because he holds up a neon tube that lights up. simply putting a magnet at the top will not recreate the same effects of lighting up a magnetic field. u need a powerful magnetic feild created. If that was comming from a magnet alone at the top of the roof…..then the camera wouldnt work because the magnetic feild given off would destroy it. But having what hutchison described would not destroy the camera since it is only a magetic wave, not the magnet it self. im sorta bullshiting..but wat ever.

    2nd. fcuk! theres too much proof, but im too lasy. But from this video..one might think that things are raised by string…..the thing is that objects are flipping so thats not possible with a string..another thing is the way things rise..look at the speed…it goes slower than the speed of free fall gravity (9.81m/s).. also…they make water in a glass rise..ok mr. i know fcuking everything, explain how if the water is upside down…the liquid water stays in the glass?? and when it suposodly falls…why does it stay in?? the plastic glass around it would not fall a quickly and the water would move faster downwards beucase of areodynamics..

    But..no matter how a video is explained..its not going to convince u..and really..i dont give a shyt.. but what proved me is the fact that ive talked to chemistry professors in several universities…and ive seen many work from other reserach projects…and they all not only support it..not only have seen it…but..can explain it…to a point.

    Lastly about the string on the uFo video.. i saw that too and i was fucking pissed because i thought it was a fake..and what the fcuk was up with hutchisons explination. But i realised that that experiment may be true, but has nothing to do with the hutchison effect. What happens is that when u pass a LARGE Curent through a think peice of metal, it creates a wave that disturbs the air molecules causing it to rise. This is well known in japan as they are in the heart of research of this effect. AND u can conduct ur own levitation experimement u skeptical little Bytch! check this website out.and search for it on the internet for videos. make it urself, it explains how to. I know ur gonna have soemthing to say about what i said u skeptical litte a$$, so email me back.


    thanks man..and get a life..


  9. J.A.G.:

    Hutchison is a total wannabe. He would be that one person in fourth grade that was sure that the aliens would abduct all humanity to make soft drinks. With the toy UFO, we could all see it was fake. Even when I showed this clip to a second-grader, he pointed to the UFO and could tell where the string was. It honestly did not take much effort for him to imitate the same ‘levitation’.

  10. Rishi:

    J.A.G, Hutchison never said it was UFOs. He clearly stated that it was a toy.
    I agree with what Ajay said, minus the derogatory/offensive comments and cuss words. It has been seen by many reputable scientists and recreated in their own labs. Occam’s Razor is true, but to get to the bottom of a mystery, one must first eliminate the obvious unless the obvious is unavoidable.
    I am not saying that your theory about his expirements are wrong, just stating my views.

    One other comment: you said that his expirements did not follow the scientific theory. If a child conducts an expirement to, say, see if a plant will grow in his dresser drawer, is his findings null and void simply because he did not follow the scientific method?

  11. Quote: “1st. he is using magnetic feilds…because he holds up a neon tube that lights up. simply putting a magnet at the top will not recreate the same effects of lighting up a magnetic field. u need a powerful magnetic feild created.”

    Whatever Hutchinson used, a magnetic field will not light up a neon tube. You probably meant that the neon tube was activated by a strong electrical field, right ? You can fire up a neon tube by putting it in front of an antenna, radio or radar for example.

  12. Jake:

    You can also just buy a video camera, PC and video-editing software for a few houndred dollars and then fake as many of these “effects” as you’d like. The only thing i find special about this whole thing is that there are so many people around willing to believe anything you tell them… the of course is the complete absence of any real knowlage about physics.

  13. Me:

    There are videos of Hutchison transmuting metals. And metals fracturing and pulsating, and not flying anywhere. And a 70lb cannonball levitating, not falling, but levitating in mid-air. There have been tests of his metal at Max Planck institute in Germany… heck, you can ask Hutch to SEND YOU SOME samples so you can test them yourself!

    How does that fit in your hoax theories, guys? Anybody willing to examine the material before jumping to conclusions based on a FAKE toy on a string [I totally don't know why Hutch faked that one]?? Didn’t think so…

  14. Ade:

    I never attempted to explain any of Hutchison’s tricks with metals, although the idea that he is “transmuting” them is interesting. This comparison to the alchemy of ages past is apt, I think.

    Instead, I stuck to the anti-gravity claims. I simply stated some possible ways in which these videos are faked: electromagnets and some basic camera trickery, and the basic mechanism of a toy on a string. These two explanations can account for all of the videos I have seen so far. But as I have pointed out on this site, I have seen realistic video of a man in a red and blue costume flying through the air using elastic strings he shoots out of his hands, but that doesn’t mean I think Spiderman is real.

    We all know that video can be easily faked. And I agree that the scientific method is not the be-all, end-all of inquiry and discovery (although to wear the mantle of a scientist, I think you ought to accept that basic scientific concept).

    So let’s set that aside. Instead, let me ask you believers: if there is such a thing as anti-gravity technology, where the heck is it?

    Why don’t militaries have aircraft based on it? Why doesn’t Air Canada have it? Why don’t we have anti-gravity belts? Anti-gravity cars? Anti-gravity spaceships?

    Am I supposed to believe that the scientists of the world, the militaries of the world, the corporations of the world and all the other people thirsty for knowledge, technology, weapons and transportation solutions have some kind of bias against Hutchison? That there is some kind of vast conspiracy to suppress his work because…why?

    And do you mean to tell me that technology as important if not more important than splitting the atom was developed by some dude using tesla coils in his apartment? I mean, we’re not talking about a better mousetrap. We’re talking about ANTI-GRAVITY here folks, a total refutation of the laws of physics as we know them and a complete reversal of the work of the best-known scientist ever, Albert Einstein! Hutchison should be at least as famous as Einstein. Instead, he resides on the pages of websites that flog ET, telepathy and the rest of the usual claptrap.

    And where are the articles on his anti-gravity work in the peer-reviewed scientific journals? Can I see a link, please?

    Finally, photos of twisted metal are totally unconvincing to me. Do I know how they were created? Heck no. Could I show you images of rock, metal and wood whose origins and features you would be unable to explain? Certainly. I mean, click this link and tell me that these pictures of metal don’t look weird. But is it evidence of some kind of strange and inexplicable technology?

  15. Jon:

    An interesting observation:
    In the video with the neon light tube, that it appears many of the posters are refering to, many of the objects before their “levitations” appear to be drawn to the center of the board. The two rings clearly seem to “jump” toward each other before floating off. The same is noticeable with the propane tank and one of the pieces of foil. I am not very experienced with electromagnetism, but do have a basic knowledge of physics, but this observation would lead me to believe that some kind of electromagnet is in fact behind the board.

  16. Harry:

    Very interesting stuff. I remember back in my CMU days we had a 4000 gauss electro-magnet that we would erase hard drives with in labs and than try to read the information off of the drives with an atomic force microsscuip ( sorry for the spelling of that can’t remember it) anyway. we would take to telsa coils and arc them in the middle of this electo-magnet and it would pull the arc apart and do some wierd crap that would make your hair stand on end. it would levitate non-matallic items for a brief time and than drop. just some thoughts of ponder

  17. Harry:

    If you guys are interested, the only way to totally wipe out the info on your hard drive is through a chemical wash. You have to know what your platers are made out of first. Than mix a wash that will dissovle the platers.
    I don’t care how many times you erase or how big of a electo-magnet you use you can still read the info.

    Just side bar info for your blog

  18. Ade:

    Thanks Harry – I appreciate it. I’ve always wondered if they’d be able to find the plans for my levitating nuclear weapon. Now I know what to do if the CIA comes knocking.

  19. Josh:

    Within that link to the “weird” metals you posted, are all physical alterations. Those don’t exactly conjure the same feeling of scientific oddity as the transmutation photos simply because anyone (with the exception of the rentry heating) could replicate those results.

  20. Here’s a bit of context for the information about John Hutchison on this page:

    First, the effect was well documented by Col. John Alexander, who funded a 4-month exhaustive study of the effect through “Stanford Research Institute” and the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1980′s.

    A team of four military scientists stayed with John to document his results, and found all of them (as witnessed in the 1980′s footage) to be quite real & unexplainable by conventional physics. Two of the team members were physicists from Sandia National Labs.

    Further, there is no definitive physics explanation for the Hutchison-Effect, even by John himself. Quite likely what he is tapping into is a “Torsion-Field” or “Spin-Field” effect, although more investigation is required to fully understand how he’s achieving the results that he achieves.

    Also, there are two sets of videos for John — the original 1980′s footage that was confirmed by Alexander’s SRI team, and a second set shot by Peter Von Puttkamer & Gryphon Products in 2001 for the Discovery Channel.

    This second set is a concern, because John has been unable to recreate the true Hutchison-Effect since approximately 1991 (by mandate of the Canadian EPA). Puttkamer asked John to get creative, however, resulting in a toy-UFO flopping wildly in the air. This clip has been criticized because a wire is clearly seen suspending the UFO. This was the result of John’s attempt to produce low-power effects by direct single-wire power transmission, and not in any way indicative of his experimental procedures or results from the 1980′s (which utilized no wires or strings of any kind).

    I’ve written about Hutchison extensively at American Antigravity — the best reference for background information can be found in our PDF article about a recent trip to interview John at his home in Vancouver:


    I would hope that you’ll post this online: on this page, to my knowledge, I’m the only person who’s actually spent time with John & studied both the footage & materials up-close.


    Tim Ventura
    American Antigravity

  21. Quantum mechanics could possibly explain it; if John and his camera chose to observe the objects floating rather than complying with gravity, in quantum theory anyway, they’d float right? What do the quantum physicists have to say about John Hutchinson and his self-titled effect? Since QP, in all seriousness, quite possibly could explain everything he’s doing.

    What do I see? Some gearhead spent a lot of money on equipment and with some working knowledge of physics got some inanimate objects to follow some attractive force. Some materials changed their molecular structure entirely, with the help of this expensive equipment AND… of course… John’s psychic powers. Uh huh… can he levitate a spider? How about a Buick? Or me? Better yet, let’s see him ‘weld’ me to a spider and disintegrate a Buick from the inside out.

    I’d believe there’s some way to do it… but not by combining lots of expensive inventions with some guy’s psychic powers.

    Further evidence of trickery: I got here because I have seen a small collection of haunted house shows on the Discovery Channel and friends, all of which are laughably fake. I’ve been watching the Discovery Channel for the better part of twenty years; it used to be a lot less …well, fake. So now I’m led to conclude that if Discovery Channel aired a special on this man and his magic, it’s even more likely to be …well, fake!

    Would you believe me if I told you it was raining stones and rocks? Probably not. What if I say the word “meteorite”. Do you believe me now? You see, despite the vast amount of information we haven’t realized and recorded yet, most unexplainable things that eventually get explained are much simpler than we thought.

    Things getting hot without heating objects around them. It’s amazering!But how do you know it’s hot? A thermometer says so? Okay, point your digital thermometer at a sparkler purchased at a fireworks store (after you light it of course). It’s off the scale, they burn at thousands of degrees.

    So why can’t you light a cigarette off a sparkler? Cigarettes ignite at a few hundred degrees, far less than the burning temperature of a sparkler. Parallel universe? Maybe. But you can’t light a cigarette off a sparkler because there’s not enough energy to do so. A particle (a single atom) that’s 10,000 degrees won’t burn you. Your thumbnail has billions of atoms in it; spread the 10,000 degree energy of one atom across even a few million atoms on the surface of your skin, and you’re just not that hot. Hence, despite nearly astronomical temperatures, a sparkler won’t severely burn you without a lot of effort on your part.

    I took a peak at that article. Lots of fuzzy pictures and scientists. Neat. Seems like this would be on CNN if it were that genuine and authentic.

    And did I read that antigravity site correctly? Are you (Tim Ventura) really known as the “Linus Trovalds of Antigravity”? What on Earth won you that title? First of all (no personal offense intended of course), wouldn’t this title better fit John? He is the one with the self-named effect, after all.

    Linus Trovalds connected the right pieces of technology and fabricated the missing parts such that UNIX was free and ran on Intel’s. It was a great idea, but again, very simple. There was no psychokinesis involved, to my knowledge, in the development of Linux. If you called yourself the Richard Stallman of antigravity, I’d be slightly more impressed… RS had a lot more to do with Linux than Linus did (no really, Google him).

    My point (yeah, finally): there’s a lot of simple explanations for what’s going on in his experiments that haven’t been thought of yet. But if less than 3 hours of video footage and a few personal accounts is enough to convince you that A) Elvis isn’t dead B) Hot metal won’t burn you, or C) Objects break the law of gravity for no apparent reason, then I have a hard drive I’d like to sell you. It retains everything you write to it, and thus is infinite in size. Only chemicals can be used to wipe the disk! $599 a pop, just send me an email.


  22. douglas:

    Ade’s was the only real skeptical viewpoint of this levitation circus going on, and while i have downloaded as much footage as possible I have yet to see stable wide angled shots of this levitation occurring. I would also love to see where these objects tend to fly to.

    what i would love someone to answer is why do ALL these experiments take place on a wooden board being held up by buckets n shit and why is it this board is NEVER effected by this strange levitation machine.

    Also as much as i respect an individuals eccentricities as the next person why on earth would any self confessing scientist have old brooms laying next to wear he is testing stuff? Why an old wooden board with buckets holding it up??? or supporting it.

    Another question with regards to the paint coming out the paint bucket… er.. why didnt the paint bucket lift with the paint. I mean if this force can tear metal in half and fuse wood with metal surely the bucket would lift.

    I have scoured the net and have yet to find scientific proof of this theory unless I am really to believe some of the sites that seem to believe that we’re are currently under attack by aliens.

    Yea… I think Dr Hutchison as much of a great person he may be has still to prove how much of a great scientist he is… considering the lack of proper and significant proof of his erhm… theory… unless Ade says… twiddling plastic toys with wires is kinda embarrassing… even for an eccentric.

  23. H K:

    “I would also love to see where these objects tend to fly to.”

    Try turning the videos (or your computer screen) upside-down. The objects aren’t flying somewhere; they’re falling to the floor after being let go by a magnet. It’s totally obvious when you flip it.

  24. GMM:

    Ok. Come ON. It’s quite obvious what would end all this. Scientists can extract a hell of a lot of information from videos, such as studying speeds of cars during crashes, trajectories of objects in explosions, etc. I would think that it would be quite simple to calculate the acceleration of all of these objects being “wisked” into the air.

    Let’s see….9.8 m/s^2, BOOM I’m done case closed. I’m SURE they can do this. If it turns out all the objects that “wisked,” did so at the same acceleration, then we know the answer…they are falling.

    Just my 2 cents

  25. Jeff:

    Hello, all.

    I love reading blogs about “taboo” topics, because it brings out the absolute best and worst in people. It pushes people to their absolute limits in their understanding of reality and of THEMSELVES. Below are some great resources that will help all of us realize that this discussion is more of a psycho/social/spiritual issue than a “where’s the proof?” issue.

    The only person in this discussion who seems to have actually had the time to go visit Hutchinson himself is Tim Ventura. Therefore, until one of us actually repeats Hutchinson’s experiment or follows in Tim’s footsteps, we should be asking John and Tim questions, instead of fighting over inconclusive videotape like debunking cowards. There is no need to point fingers at the authors of the following pieces of writing or to make fun of their background and their clothing. Such comments are the tools of brats who throw tantrums when someone reveals a crack in their tiny little cherished theories.

    True scientists gather data and observe physical phenomena. If that data/phenomena is unable to be explained by the existing conventional theories, then they TRY HARDER TO EXPLAIN IT. They never give up and resort to pathetic debunking tools like name calling or comparing ones lifestyle to their own. True science does not seek to “prove” something true; true science does not seek to “prove” something false. It seeks to prove WHETHER OR NOT something is true OR false. It merely seeks to deepen ALL OF HUMANITY’S UNDERSTANDING (not just your own understanding), by gathering data and making assumptions based on that data. Nothing is EVER “proven” or fully explained, only deepened. Einstein himself said it best:

    “No matter how we may single out a complex from nature…its theoretical treatment will never prove to be ultimately conclusive… I believe that this process of deepening of theory has no limits.”

    Hutchinson is only ONE HUMAN. Imagine if everyone in this blog visited him to truly educate ourselves on how his experiments were done. Perhaps one of us could ACTUALLY PROVE (excused me . . . “deepen our understading of”) how he “hoaxed” these experiments. The truth is that everyone here (including me [with the exception of Tim]) are cowards. We are AFRAID of John Hutchinson. But I ask you . . . “what are you afraid of?” The worst that could happen is that one of us would ACTUALLY “prove” that he is a hoax artist. Big deal! That would be a GOOD thing. When hoax artists like Dennis Lee are eliminated from the picture, it makes scientific discovery MUCH EASIER!


    FREE ENERGY – debunkers LOVE to trash this topic!


  26. Ade:

    ——– Hutchison Videos ——–

    These videos were emailed to me by someone who downloaded them before Hutchison’s website went down (thanks).

    Make up your own mind about what you’re seeing here, although note the absence of sophisticated equipment – American Antigravity, the site run by Tim Ventura who is in the comments above, says that Hutchison’s experiments “include the operation of between 5 and 6 Telsa-coils simultaneously, but also include a buffer-voltage that he applies through a variable-output DC Van De Graaf generator”.

    This equipment is notably absent in these videos. Perhaps there is an anti-gravity gun offscreen. Enjoy.

  27. bill:

    You are very narrow minded if you think Hutchison faked the vidios. Can you explain how he faked all the metal samples. I almost suspect that you are someone that puts out false info to cover up things that are not wanted to be known to the public. I would tell you more but I don’t want to over load your small brain, yours truly Bill

  28. alevo:

    Vidio kiled the raydeo staar.

  29. Jeff:

    Even though people love to attack Tom Bearden as much as John Hutchinson or Tim Ventura, I’ll go ahead and post his highly scientific analysis of the Hutchinson Effect:


    . . . dude! He spelled Hutchinson’s name wrong. What a dumbass! That’s the last time I’m going to his website. Psssh. (that was sarcasm)

  30. Since we live in a world where capitalist greed appears to reign paramount, why not have a commercial company with a vested interest in such technologies issue a challenge; Anyone; schools, colleges, universities, shed dwellers, etc. who can be the first to conclusively prove the Hutchinson phenomena in practice, provided along with a working theortical model based on sound physics should be awarded a substantial cash prize. This should be accomplished before an elected committee of qualified reputable scientists under externally supervised laboratory conditions following an initial asessment by a member of the committee. Perhaps an affordable fee should be charged to fund the initial assessment to prevent hoaxers wasting time and money. The company that issues the challenge has little to lose and much to gain dependent on the success or failure of such a venture, and since research on the subject will be far from nucleated, those who believe that the governments of their respective countries are suppressing Tesla/ Hutchinson/ Winfield technology have less evidence to suggest so because of the sheer number of people and institutions involved.

  31. Neil:

    I was looking for some info on the net about Hutchison, specifically a scientific analysis that discredits the effect and didnt find much more than this quote and a bunch of people giving their opinion without any real analysis. “Most scientists assume that his results are a hoax.” I find this quote funny because I feel lately that sometimes scientists too easily dismiss things, as if we have some kind of amazing understanding of reality and physics, which really we have relatively little understanding, and almost everything we know is theoretical. Why is it so easy for scientists to assume something is false without proof, yet nothing can be considered true without proving it? This is B.S., and close minded. You might say “well, if the Hutchison effect IS real, why havent other scientists come out with it yet?”, well, where is the scientific analysis that proves it to be a hoax? If it has been proven wrong, where is that information?

  32. Neil:

    Haha, you talk about Einstein like he is THE authority on physics, yet why is his work called “The THEORY of General Relativity”? Which is losing weight, and which does not encompass all of the effects of physics, and some of which is turning out to be possibly incorrect.

  33. Smith:

    Well, sure there are scientific explanations to explain lots of phenomenon. However, unlike the Hutchinson effect, most are able to replicate their initial experiment which gives them validity.

    Until Hutchinson can duplicate his experiments, and prove that he legititemly levitate objects then we can say this man is a genious. However he is tinkering with the laws of Physics that define the modern world. Einstein was a genius you can go back and validate any of his experiments, Hutchinson can’t even validate his own experiment.


  34. Mike:

    I see where you are comming from, and for a minute, I did agree with what you were saying, but just to be sure I looked at the New Philadelphia experiment video one last time. In the video I think I see the evidence to prove you wrong.

    In this video


    Starting at 1:35 you see a bowl spinning around. Up to this point this can easily still support your theory. But upon further inspection you can see what seems to be powder of some kind swishing around in the bowl.

    Therfore, if the bowl was being held upsidedown, then the powder would have fallen out.

  35. Jeff:

    You call Hutchinson a “fraud”?

    Dennis Lee is a “fraud”, because you can’t get any viable information from Dennis Lee, unless you pay him MONEY FIRST! And even after you pay for the information, it means NOTHING. Dennis Lee is a SALESMAN. Any of you are free to contact John Hutchinson for a visit, without paying him. Tim Ventura did it. So what are you AFRAID of?

    Hutchinson is not a “fraud”; he’s a “garage hippie”. He can’t explain what he did, because he DOESN’T KNOW OR CARE how or why it happened. “Garage hippies” don’t care HOW they are able to do what they do. They merely tinker and tinker and tinker until they get observable effects. (Unsophisticated and childish, yes. But people seem to forget that most of our scientific discoveries were made by “garage hippies” (some of them were more distinguished and “clean” than others)). This is most unfortunate (and annoying) for those academically-oriented folks who wish to call themselves “scientists” . . . because “scientists” will NEVER be satisfied until you can explain exactly HOW you get your observable effects. Duh! That’s the point of SCIENCE. If the excessive-skepitcs in this discussion would simply do a few days of superficial research into the remote possibility of explaining the “HOW” of John Hutchinson’s claims (not much information out there, unfortunately), you will get an idea of how much money, equipment, and electricity it would take to even come close to producing such effects.

    It is a well known fact that some very strange and UNEXPLAINABLE things happen to matter in the presence of extremely high voltages, including levitation. BIG DEAL! Just because you can’t explain, in the limits of the human language, HOW or WHY something happens, doesn’t mean that it isn’t HAPPENING. There is nothing wrong with theories or explainations; that’s part of the human experience. But when someone denies the EXISTENCE of an OBSERVABLE PHENOMENON (in reality, NOT on videotape), simply because they haven’t read a THEORY in a book yet . . . . well, that is called a “personality disorder”.


    Some of you guys seem to be so irrationally THREATENED by this guy, John Hutchinson. WHY? He’s a simple-minded hippie who stumbled upon some “strange” effects using high voltage electricity. So what!? The over-skeptical attitudes on this board are actually stranger than levitation.

    But if it weren’t for the “over-skeptical” people, science wouldn’t have a system of checks and balances. Without the skeptics, people would be free to create anything they wanted without peer-review and make tons of stupid mistakes until they get it RIGHT . . . . .

    . . . . Wait, did I just say that?

    Question: Did “gamma rays” EXIST before they were “discovered” and before the TERM “gamma rays” was coined?

  36. Peter:

    Anybody who believes in anything because they saw it on some crappy video they got from the internet or some kooky guy thru the mail is a fool. It is so obvious that these videos are faked thru the use of a rotating table and magnets (electro or not). “Oh, but the water doesn’t spill out of the glass before it levitates” You dummy. THE TABLE IS ROTATING. Take a glass of water, swing your arm around real fast so the glass of water is upside down over your head and let go real quick. Did the water spill out? Believe in this crap if you want, but you are a fool if you do.

  37. Jeff:


    “The man who cannot occasionally imagine events and
    conditions of existence that are contrary to the
    causal principle as he knows it will never enrich his
    science by the addition of a new idea.” – Max Planck

    “If we will only allow that, as we progress, we remain
    unsure, we will leave opportunities for alternatives.
    We will not become enthusiastic for the fact, the
    knowledge, the absolute truth of the day, but remain
    always uncertain… In order to make progress, one
    must leave the door to the unknown ajar.” – Richard

    “If you are only skeptical, then no new ideas make it
    through to you. You become a crotchety old person
    convinced that nonsense is ruling the world. (There
    is, of course, much data to support you.) But every
    now and then, a new idea turns out to be on the mark,
    valid and wonderful. If you are too much in the habit
    of being skeptical about everything, you are going to
    miss or resent it, and either way you will be standing
    in the way of understanding and progress. ”
    – Carl Sagan


    “If you could fuck around with the hydrogen atom, you could fuck around with the energy process in the sun. You could fuck around with life itself. Everything we know about everything would be a bunch of nonsense. That’s why I’m so sure that it’s a fraud.”

    – Dr.Phillip Anderson, a Nobel laureate in physics at
    Princeton University.

    “Professor Goddard does not know the relation between action and reaction and the need to have something better than a vacuum against which to react. He seems to lack the basic knowledge ladled out daily in high schools.”

    “There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered at will.”
    – Albert Einstein, 1932

  38. gimel:

    I saw a video that was low quality and had back ground music. I thought it was neat so I looked up more information. Then I saw something about a string UFO. Clicked on it and blah blah blah I am here.
    How can you not call this guy a fake? What proof is there that it is real? If the guy is a “Garage hippie” and is only trying to make money, then why doesn’t he release his discovery and be rich with that (or sell it?)
    In the videos I never really saw anything fall, or hardly levitate (‘cept that large ball, which still stuck against another wall at that). The video does seem funny looking, like the broom glued to floor and other stuff mentioned above (Just a funny looking is all). A plate rotating in circles while still touching the ground (or ceiling possibly) doesn’t convince me of antigravity achieved. I believed anti-gravity being something like space. If I am wrong please tell me. But videos in space show water floating out not actually holding shape. One would think that the water would more likely flow out like the paste or ice cream. Also, wouldn’t a human presence in the video prove to be more realistic. Show me a hand putting the bowl there, then turn it on/plug it up, let me see your foot in there. Holding a camera upside down, creating scenes and different layouts to “prove” this effect is only what Hutchison is, a movie maker.
    Hutchison is nothing more than an entertainer creating many scenes to display what we really want to belive is now achievable. I admit I was really entertained for at least an hour watching the videos and reading this whole blog and looking at links. Thank you Hutchison and thank you all!

    ~By the way, please read the blog and links others have posted before you post. You sound very stupid and ignorant just saying “You are very narrow minded if you think Hutchison faked the vidios.” You are dumb and prove nothing as these other people have.~

  39. gimel:

    And who the hell eats grayish green metal looking Ice cream! put a cherry on there you bastard!

  40. gimel:


    wrong link sry

  41. chris graham:

    i had the levitation trick figured out before it the video was even finished.
    just mount a camera in a big box. attach a few things to the “floor” so they won’t fly away, then drop the box, or rig something to make it decend faster than the speed of gravity. the “amazing” levitation is simply the material that is not attached floating around in the box. with the camera attached to the box, you get the sensation that it’s actually a stationary “room”. this is so lame! and, you don’t need a big magnet!

    chris graham

  42. chris graham:

    oh, by the way-the guy looks like weird al yankavic, and is much less talented!

  43. gimel:

    LOL, that’s a good one graham

  44. Russell:

    Hello Ade,

    Thanks for posting a very interesting blog. When I first saw the film, I was very skeptical. Your explanation seems plausible, but I always get stuck on the plastic 7-up bottle and the plastic cup. They both appear to contain water. I would imagine that if it was an upside-down camera trick, the water would be at the top of the bottle due to gravity pulling it down. I guess Hutchison could be simulating water by using a plastic film inserted into the bottle and the cup, but it does look convincing enough.

    Someone said that he was probably using a rotating table. That is a good theory, but I believe that would be very difficult to accomplish in real life. I’m no scientist, but I do know the basic concept behind inertia. The water and plastic cup have different mass properties, so the inertia of the spinning table would affect them separately. It is true that you can swing a cup around with your hand and inertia would keep the water within the cup, but nothing appeared to be grasping the cup on the table. The cup would most likely slide off of the spinning table if there was nothing to hold it, unless there was enough force initially to hold it down onto the table (but it would have to be spinning extremely fast). If you did find a way to keep the cup firmly on the table (magnet maybe?) until just the right moment, you would see the water being disturbed by the motion of the table, but this is not apparent in the video. So, the up-side-down room with rotating table is a good idea, but given the logistics of building such a room and the lack of basic inertia influence, I just don’t see it.

    The best theory I have seen in this conversation is the box dropping from a distance to make things appear to levitate. It doesn’t explain the other effects, such as the supposed “fusion” of metals, but the other effects could be explained away with the use of other resources. Of course, he would have to make sure that his camera gear was nice and secure to withstand the drop. Maybe he had the box tied to a bungee cord.

    I don’t know if it is fake or a hoax; I’ll leave that up to the scientists to figure out. I do know that until there is real prove leading one way or the other, I will remain neither believing nor disbelieving.

    Oh, and for those of you who choose to use derogatory remarks such as shithead, fool, idiot, etc., you might try to remain polite in your comments. All of us have a right to our own opinion. Those of you who say someone is a fool just because they have a view different to your own appear to be unsure of your own belief. I don’t know why you use such derogatory remarks. Maybe you grew up in a non-loving environment. Maybe you are less educated. I really don’t know. Personally, I think you’re just a bunch of assholes.

  45. Jeff:

    Guys, guys, guys . . . .

    You’re still pissing and moaning about crappy www-compressed video. I’ll let you in on a secret, though. I own an obscure 2 hour videotaped interview with John Hutchinson in which he reveals (mostly) what it took to achieve his effects. So, frankly, I find it quite easy to read the “derogatory” posts on this message board without getting all huffed up. Ha ha. I already know what is possible and what is “not”. Unfortunately, I’m not an “expert” like some of the irrationally-skeptical people here. So, I’ve got a GREAT idea:

    1 – stop arguing about the crappy www-compressed video.

    2 – Anyone here who likes to debunk and bash unconventional ideas . . . . do everything you can in your power to find every morsel of contact information for John Hutchinson. Phone number, address (on his website), etc, etc, etc.

    3 – Put together a 5-6 man video crew, and organize a trip to visit John Hutchinson. Make sure you have plenty of videotapes.

    4 – Make sure you make DIRECT contact with John Hutchinson at some point, and interview him. Ask him nicely if you could have permission to view his samples and maybe get an in depth explaination of the equipment that you will need to replicate his experiments. (an perhaps a live demonstration)

    5 – After collecting all the data you can, begin the process of replicating his experiments.

    6 – Post your results on this board.

    Oh, and before you start, here’s a question:

    How would you react if a 5-6 man film crew suddenly showed up at your house with the intent of debunking EVERYTHING about your life and making a documentary about it? (EVERYONE has skeletons in their closet. It’s called “being human”.)

    By the way, how are all of your Biefeld-Brown effect / Lifter experiments going?

  46. A Man:

    I’ve seen the high res video of the flying saucer…there’s obviously a string attached that bounces it around, and yes an object can flip around with a string attached….tried it myself.

    I also recreated almost every other experiment he did…it’s insanely easy…and I did it with everyday magnets I bought at home depot…funny huh?

    If a 23 year old guy with some home depot parts, an upside down camera, and a lot of time to waste on weekends can recreate this crap in 2 days, what does that tell you????

    Everything he says and does is fake, you’re an idiot if you believe any of it, and that’s the truth.

    I can’t believe people still argue over this!!!! unbelievable

  47. Mike:

    Devo said:

    “That is completely wrong. A magnetic field simply exerts a force proportional to the square of the distance from the field. From this (and basic physics if you had ever attended) it is clear that the acceleration of an object as a direct result of that force would be able to pass that object from stationary (where a=9.8m/s2 or greater) to “slowly lowered” (loving the scientific term there), to seemingly being unaffected and dropping.”

    Two nitpicks here. The field strength is *inversely* proportional to the distance. Second, unlike most other fields, magnetic field strengths vary by *cube* of the distance.

    However, this does not preclude magnetic levitation, but the sweet spot become much smaller. This is probably the reason for Richard’s mistaken impression that a magnet either holds something or it doesn’t.


  48. Mike:


    Kevin Rose et al demonstrated that thermite also works very well on harddrives. =) Although, suppose you could argue that was a chemical wash too… with the chemical being white hot Fe.


  49. Mike:

    Oh, and lastly, it is quite easy to make a magnetic “goo.” Both with low and high viscosities.

    Check out: http://www.kodama.hc.uec.ac.jp/project/protrude.html (pics) or http://www.bofunk.com/video/1233/ferro_fluid.html (short video).

    Basically ice cream with with a bunch of particles of a magnetic material in it behaves like it is megnetic itself.


  50. Anonymous:

    the hutchison effect is absolutly real- the video is real and hutchison has proven it to acclaimed scientists time and time again. if he couldent prove anything then theres no way he could be as respected by those who do.
    doubt all you want but your wrong.

  51. Hey everybody, sorry I’m late. I’m John’s neighbour, I’m also his webmaster. http://WWW.Hutchisoneffect.biz There now that is out of the way, here are a few updates… As of march 2006, John is reproducing his effects again. Lots of mythology why he stopped, here is the real deal. His balcony was threatened by the city, lots of people got behind him to stop its destruction, the city engineering dept. came to assess his “Apt” for safety of the other tennents. He passed, however.. there were reports of his accross the street neighbours claiming hystericly he slams their doors shut… his upstairs neighbour was hauled off in a straight jacket screaming “He’s got technology down there” apparently he witnessed the effects in his apt, something melted on or into his coffee table and he snapped, other neighbours have reported poltergeist activity, such as dishes flying around and smashing, as well as an aluminum ornament that repeatedly crushed then expanded again. In light of all of these allegations (to which John does admit responsibility, or at least the possibility) the Mayor of New Westminster agreed to make John’s balcony exempt from all further inspections and bylaws on the condition he not perform the Hutchisoneffect in his apt any more. John agreed. As of National Geographic’s March visit, John has now in April been ordered to remove everything from his balcony again. Here is a link to the petition to stop this.. http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/Mainforum/forums/254/ShowPost.aspx This might answer one of the big questions or myths about why and when the effects stopped and when of if they will begin again.

  52. As far as people trying to appear they have the “real deal” on John, they are the only one who has ever come into close contact with him and annalysed his footage and samples, that’s not at all accurate. All of John’s contact details are here: http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/Contact.html therefore you can imagine all the people who have visited him over the years, there will be a phone call, can we get together, John rarely turns anyone away, then he gets together and gives a tour and an interview with hundreds of people so far. To quote him, what in your oppion is the most important element John, “Well, I would have to say the Human element is the most important factor in all our lives” That’s the kind of person he is. In the last month we have been compiling 500 or more scans of never before made public photos and documents http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/Photogallery%20Main.html and http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/Videos.html this is the final official site that is owned entirely by John. I have been pouring over hundreds of videos and documents for months, there is one thing I can say for sure… all of the governments take him very seriously. They ripped him off good. His “Buddy” Hathaway has been getting a paycheque from the CIA since the 80s. His other ex “partners” are all millionairs. John is a very trusting fellow, was that is. As you may have noticed, his site doesn’t have ads, he would rather not make it ugly for a few lousy pennies. John broke his agreement to keep quiet about this so he paid the ultimate price. As for the legitamacey of the “HUTCHISONEFFECT” it was the canadian gov who created the name of it, not John. John would have hounored Tesla probably. Look into the law and find out what would have happened to anyone who faked experiments for any government agency, JAIL, that’s what. As far as those who want John debunked well some are government, some are george hataway, lisacase, hello mel whitfield, I can see you stopped in here. Anyone who’s “Mainstream scientific funding” would be considered obsolite or redundant overnight has a lot to lose too. At least Tim Ventura left his real name. Anyone else want to? Check out the documents and references sections, I’ll be updating those constantly over the next few months.

  53. Since I just spoke to John through an email about this topic, as well as the PACE article I am scanning right now.. here is the only response to this entire wad of blogs… Ready for it? Here goes right 5minutes ago hot off the typewritter…. “Hi not sure what there motives are but its wel documented just george something going on there no they cannot claim bogus as discovery channel and myself would be in jail its offence to make false statements in medias or to government officials involved in r and d like this any medias fox discovery news and all nine yards big court case in new york new york time making false statements sorry iam not into death but want to see who supoort freedom to know of it as well as the public and used in hyperdrive with nasa” So that’s all John Hutchison has to say about all of this. I really dont see how any normal person could have such strong emotions and convictions about something they never even saw. I have asked John if he would be interested in creating effects for the general public 1 or 2 persons at a time? He is entertaining the idea.. Since movie and film companies pay him 700 to 1500 routinly for old film footage and a new interview.. so here is the deal, put your money where your mouth is. 1000$ cash and John will give you an interview, don’t call before 1:00pm. Sounds like the oppourtunity of a life time. The cash is for the day of prep prior, and the day of checking every rack and chain in the lab to see if its strength has been compromised from an effect outside the target area afterwards. There is a lot that goes into a demo. Cash up front by the way. Anyone want to step up? Or is this all talk? The schematics for the custom machinery is in the pace booklet avaliabe on his site soon.

  54. Well, there certainly has been some interesting debate about the Hutchison Effect in this forum, so I will add my two cents with some video links:

    ####### VIDEO LINKS #######


    This is 320×240 resolution video at 30fps (WinMedia Streaming), so it’s far better than the small-frame stuff that’s been apparently causing so much debate. It’s more than 1/2 an hour of footage altogether, shot by George Hathaway in the 1980′s, so it should at least provide a consistent reference for people to debate.

    I am going back up to John’s in the hopes of taping some effects in the next few weeks, which for me at least will hopefully be a debate-ender. However, given the nature of some of the comments, I doubt that whatever I film will change minds that are already made up.

    Tim Ventura

  55. Here is a link to the “mainstream” scientific appraisal of John’s body of work till 1996, those who havn’t read this document, have no opinion relevant here or anywhere else. As I said, make up your own mind, that is going to take a little reading. Here is the link to the PACE archive.. http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/Mainforum/forums/317/ShowPost.aspx

  56. John:

    I checked out the 36 min clip on the american antigravity website.

    First of all, the narrator was a former business partner with hutchinson and he’s a damn-good spin artist. He defends Hutchinson’s close up camera angles, saying “he really likes to shoot close ups.” Of course he does, bc if you saw the entire apparatus it would reveal whatever he is trying to hide. Supposedly he is holding the camera with one hand and operating the apparatus with the other. This seems a little dangerous and unneccesary. There is a $30 invention called a tripod that could alleviate this problem, as well as frame a wider shot, perhaps showing John in frame activating the device. I also liked how the footage was completely blown out and had tracking bands throughout, making me guess that it was digitized in 1978 and stored in an oven broiler for 26 years. The worse quality the footage is, the harder it is to be skeptical, right? Is this the best quality that this redeeming footage could be presented in? I have vhs tapes of GI Joe that i threw across the room during a raging temper tantrum in 1985 that still play in serene quality to this day, and knowing is half the battle!

    I also like how the 1991 video footage from the montage, you know, the one with music from “The Matrix” to make it feel hip, is treated like it’s old scratchy film. Dirt, dust, that sepia monochromatic tone, all added in post to make the image harder to see and seem more authentic. Don’t tell me it’s old scratchy video. I work with film and video every day and my eye can tell apart different frame rates and contrast differences between film and video, and this is pure 29.97 fps video. These shots I’ve seen here and there in color on other sites, so they have definitely been treated. So why make it look like old film? Why not show each clip in its purest form so we can look closely?

    As a visual effects artist for film and tv I’ve seen and worked on fx that look completely legitimate, yet are entirely fake. Sometimes practical elements such as wires are still used and erased later, which is a rather simple task. We add grain, noise, and color correction in post to marry all the elements of a shot together to make them look more convincing. It’s more likely that electromagnets, upside down shots, strings, and perhaps even magnets under the table sliding objects around, were used, given the background of Hutchinson and the time period, but it’s obvious that some form of trickery has been used. He’s already been caught once and admitted to the ufo on a string. The least he could have done at any point to defend himself was to show a different angle or a wider shot of the apparatus.

    It’s also interesting that he was able to reproduce the effect different times over a several year period, but then after 1991 it never happened again, but at this point, I’m preaching to the choir.

    Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE, I think the idea is great, but there are way too many flaws here. As for the defenders of this theory, instead of disputing everyone’s skeptism, come up with convincing results or footage that will make us think otherwise, and have it be from a source other than Tim Ventura and americanantigravity.com, a site dedicated to Hutchinson, who devote their time to coming up with excuses to defend any claim against the H effect. Spinning is great idea, but it doesn’t work for the president, and it won’t work with science either.


  57. Marko:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that figured it is all just filmed upside-down. This is what I immediately throught upon viewing the videos! It can’t be more obvious. Another example of how using simple methods of trickery can dupe so many people. Good job Mr. Hutchison, I commend you as a successful scam artist.

  58. Marko:

    I should also mention about the effects that were NOT filmed upside-down.

    The liquid rising out of the cup… have cup attached to board, put liquid in, drop board from a height and keep camera filming relative to falling board.

    The spinning bowl… glue a small rubber ball to the bottom middle of the bowl, gently move the board in a circular pattern while again keeping camera relative to the boards movement.

    Decaying metal rods… possibly just time lapse or frame-cell camera techniques, meaning some chemical is used which reacts with the metal rod and portions of the results are filmed and clipped together.

    Anyway, ALL of the videos can be explained using just a bit of thought (and not even any hi-tech computer video manipulation required). The funny thing is that the effects are not even really done that well, but maybe the best he could do on a very small budget.

  59. Jeff:

    Class! Class! Quiet, now!

    Here are your vocabulary words for the day. Study them S….L….O….W….L….Y:


    Debunkers tend to ignore supportive facts while focusing upon actions that may seem suspicious of fraud.







    SCAM (confidence trick)


    And many more . . . .

    It is more efficient and effective to be a constructive critic, than a dogmatic skeptical debunker, because everyone wins. Debunkers have to make sure that someone loses, and it sure as HELL isn’t going to be them!

    REAL scientists WANT you to prove them wrong. So far, no one here has proved anything, except that video footage can be doctored. Go visit the man! He WANTS your input. He WANTS you to see for yourself. Unfortunately, Starski wants your money (which strangely contradicts John’s attitude [at least from interviews I have seen him in]). But don’t let that bother you. I’m sure if you ask politely, Starski won’t force you cough up dough.

    Money won’t solve anything. Only dedicated volunteers create a support base for change. Force your supporters to pay you, and your support will dwindle. Happens every time.

    (that was “constructive criticism”)

  60. Jeff:

    Sorry, Starski.

    In regards to “paying up front”, it appears that you were referring only to people from an organization that wish to have a “recorded interview” with John.

    I apologize.

    See, everyone? I made a mistake, and I corrected myself and apologized. Everybody wins.

    Is that so hard?

  61. Jeff:

    I would like to add the following vocab words.




    Note that TRUTH is not dependent upon BELIEF. Truth will exist even after everyone here is dead and gone. A person posted a comment here where he said, “I really want to believe, but . . .”

    I would argue:

    Do you really want to “believe” or do you really want to “know”?

    And I would suggest that everyone here stop being so dependent upon someone else to do your research for you. No one here needs to “believe”. You need to KNOW. But if certain people here seem to be content only within the boundaries of this discussion board, trashing each other’s comments, then those people definitely DON’T want to KNOW. If you REALLY WANT to KNOW, then you’ll leave this board for a while and visit John and start replicating his experiments and debating certain aspects about the equipment he’s using. However, if you continue posting arguments about video footage, then maybe you should move your presence to a blog about the analysis of CGI film effects. Film debunkers DON’T want to KNOW, they just want to BELIEVE (in their own preexisting beliefs).

    Film trickery is old news. There is more to this whole issue than just film tricks. Just about anything can be mimicked using digital imagery these days. But that doesn’t answer all the questions surrounding these kinds of phenomena.

  62. Jeff:

    Tom Bearden wrote:

    Dear Professor H*****,

    Yes, I know John Hutchison, though not really well, having met him several times at various conferences etc., and once having been involved in trying to get a project going around his work (effort was aborted). Also am aware of some of the folks who gravitated (pun intended) to him. Unfortunately none of them are of sufficient scientific horsepower, in my opinion, to get at the real physics mechanisms that Hutchison evokes. It isn’t simply zero-point energy.

    John is the last of the true free-spirited hippies! Beautiful guy, but that is his ansatz. But he is a tinkerer par excellence. He assembles this stuff, blasts away sharply, gets anomalous levitations and real anomalous materials effects, etc. (Note that in sufficiently curved spacetime one can get magnetic monopoles also, and so depositing of monopoles in materials also gives very strange fractures, liftings, etc. intermingled with the gravitational effects as well).

    Presently none of those associates understands what really is happening., since they are not sufficiently well-versed scientists.

    As best I understand the processes, two things are necessary for antigravity the way that John Hutchison gets it to happen. (1) one must make persistent Dirac Sea holes, which before they interact with matter are truly negative energy, negative mass electrons — NOT positrons. We “see” or observe them as positrons because we first interact them with matter to observe them. In matter interaction, the hole eats an electron, which leaves behind an excess lattice positive charge. Hence it is accounted as the “lattice positron” considered and dealt with in semiconductors. That is NOT a Dirac sea hole.

    A positive mass, positive energy source charge outputs positive energy extracted from the vacuum (see the source charge solution), so its associated EM fields and potentials are positive energy fields and potentials. Positrons make positive gravity, NOT antigravity, and they also have positive mass. Positive EM energy density change in spacetime makes a little positive gravity. No big thing there.

    But a negative energy, negative mass source “Dirac hole” in 4-space, persisting awhile before interaction with mass, also serves as a source “negative energy” charge. It outputs negative energy continuously (see my source charge solution), thus producing associated negative energy EM fields and potentials. Those produce negative gravity (antigravity), a priori. Still nothing too big, but now a step in the right direction.


    Well, a sharp gradient momentarily makes excess Dirac sea holes in the local vacuum (remember when they admit in particle physics that adding energy can lift electrons from the Dirac Sea!), and now the holes persist a bit because of the sharp gradient. They are also 4-spatial, not 3-spatial because they have not been observed (have not yet interacted). For really sharp and really powerful gradients, a tremendous surplus of persistent Dirac sea 4-holes is produced (at the OUTPUT of the process or device). I got that idea while finishing my MS in Nuclear Engineering at Ga. Tech in 1972.

    Years later, working with Floyd Sweet on his Vacuum Triode Amplifier (I named it that and the name stuck), we had a beautiful chance to put that notion to the test. The VTA exhibited a COP = 1,500,000 and it could be “pushed” to even higher gain (COP). It was a case similar to the Bohren experiment, but involving far greater magnitude fields and thus far greater magnitude Heaviside components. Sweet had a proprietary process by which he triggered the barium nucleus in a barium ferrite permanent magnet into sustained self-oscillation (that is now known in some magnetic materials, but studied in mostly thin films). But since the nuclear EM fields are so powerful, and their neglected Heaviside energy flow components are thus incredibly powerful, now one really involves some significant curvature of spacetime!

    The sharp and very strong gradients also produced Dirac sea holes, because the device’s output (500 watts) was mostly cold energy (converging energy, not diverging energy). Shorting the output leads of the VTA would result in instant icing of those leads, NOT heating and melting. By back of the envelope gut estimates, I estimated that if the unit were “pushed” to double its output, the curvature ought to be sufficient to produce enough antigravity to significantly reduce the weight of the VTA on the bench. At 1500 watts, I estimated, the unit would hover with the local negative gravity field and the local earth gravity fields being equal and opposite. Push it more, and it would levitate.

    So I convinced Sweet to do the experiment (he built a new output section to get it done). He did the experiment there in California, with me here on the phone in Alabama. He increased the output in 100 watt stages, from 0 to1,000 watts. The unit smoothly reduced its weight on the lab bench by 90% at 1,000 watts output. A beautiful curve resulted, which when projected would have crossed the zero weight axis at about 1250 watts. So my crude estimate wasn’t too bad for initial work!

    (Sweet later confirmed to me that his curiosity got the better of him, and he did add more load and “push” the unit after we hung up. He stated he placed the unit on a tether, levitated it, canted it and flew it around the room. He was lucky his magnets did not explode from the excess monopoles deposited in them. He did explode several magnets in later “pushing” for more power, and they go off like real hand grenades. Disconcerting when one’s lab is in a bedroom, and not in facilities with explosive containment abilities.


    Whew! Now back to the Hutchison experiments. Basically John blasts away, often with two coils at once, and creates gradients that are (1) very sharp and (2) very strong momentarily. So he creates (when he gets everything adjusted just right) some persistent Dirac sea holes, which produce negative energy EM fields and potentials, and also produce negative energy Heaviside components. These latter components are what produce the significant antigravity, levitation, etc. when these phenomena occur (usually not controlled, but just willy-nilly). John has learned over the years how to increase the probability of getting the results, without understanding just what is doing it. He’s doing (in my opinion) another version of the Sweet mechanics for producing antigravity fields that react back on objects in those fields, to produce antigravity effects. It’s getting the sufficiently sharp and sufficiently powerful gradients (discharges) that provide one key to getting those persistent Dirac sea holes whose negative energy fields and potentials — and whose negative energy Heaviside energy flow components — make the antigravity effects.

    As a note, Heaviside was a recluse, particularly in the latter years of his life, living alone in a little garret apartment. Years after his death, some of his notes were found in a little storage hole beneath some loose boards in the floor. See
    H. J. Josephs, “The Heaviside papers found at Paignton in 1957,” The Institution of Electrical Engineers Monograph No. 319, Jan. 1959, p. 70-76.

    In those notes, Heaviside had realized the gravitational significance of his long neglected component, and had worked out a theory of gravity effects based on it!

    Professor Laithwaite (now deceased) felt that Heaviside’s postulation that a flux of gravitational energy combines with the (ExH) electromagnetic energy flux, could shake the foundations of physics. Extracting from Laithwaite:

    “Heaviside had originally written the energy flow as S=(E’H)+G, where G is a circuital flux. Poynting had only written S=(ExH). Taking p to be the density of matter and e the intensity of a gravitational force, Heaviside found that the circuital flux G can be expressed as pu-ce, where u represents the velocity of p and c is a constant.”
    Laithwaite played with this Heaviside component with respect to anomalous effects in gyroscopes. For a Laithwaite paper, see

    E. R. Laithwaite, “Oliver Heaviside – establishment shaker,” Electrical Review, 211(16), Nov. 12, 1982, p. 44-45.

    Ironically Laithwaite was an up and coming Professor, because of his significant work in gyros etc. Thus he was a “rising star”, so to speak, and so recognized. He was invited to give an address to the Royal Soc. of London, a great honor. For his lecture, he brought in a large, heavy gyro which, when not running, he could only lift with both hands with real effort. So he demonstrated this, and then plugged the cord in and ran the gyro up to speed, then unplugged the cord with the gyro running at speed. Then he readily lifted the running gyro with one hand, to show that something very novel was going on here. He remarked that Newton might be in trouble — which was a shocking “no-no” at the Royal Soc. Lond. Thereafter, his career was curtailed, etc. though he continued to be a professor, etc. He later filed a patent with a colleague, see
    Laithwaite, E. R. and W. R. C. Dawson, “Propulsion System,” U.S. Patent #5,860,317, Jan. 19, 1999. See also his European patent WO95/30832, Nov. 16, 1995.

    Unfortunately Professor Laithwaite died before his American patent was issued.

    Anyway, hopefully that gives some insight into Hutchinson’s work, and (at least in my opinion and in my own understanding) some inkling of the probable physics underlying those anomalous antigravity effects.

    Best wishes,

    Tom Bearden
    Slightly edited

    To read the whole thing go here:

  63. starski:

    As I mentioned, ANYONE who wants to contact John for a demonstration, 2 people at a time because its very close quarters. The money is for the sue and possible damage, the effects are not always in the target area… he may be melting equipment. John tests everything, every chain to see if it has been compromised. It is a very lengthy process. Does anyone here work for free? For John to go “public” with his demos is a first time ever oportunity. I asked him if he would entertain the idea of 2 persons or less, 1000$ get an afternoon of his time and a demo. He said… if the calls were after 1:30 pm, and I was in a good mood, if the people were respectful on the phone. 1000$ cash for the day of prep, and the day of recording everythings status the next day. The actual afternoon discussing things and doing the effects isnt really being counted as work. Funny how when some people get a reasonable offer of a lifetime, the consensis here is dont pay the guy for his trouble whasoever. This levitation is the least favorite topics these days, you care about disproving it more than he cares about discussing it. He seems to be into historical engineering and life extension more than this. No one read the PACE article either. No relevant opinions then. To anyone in the community of science and high millitary, knows John’s legit. The fack he would be sued by every lab he worked with, nearly every book written about his effect, every documentary and press article would sue him if they had any indication this was a fake. The penalty for faking such things for the millitary scientists would be prison for a long time. John goes through sometimes more than a thousand emails per day. No by the way, if you call and beg John to work for free your not likely to even get paid admission either.
    And your very discriptive masterminding plots of how “Hutchison”supposedly faked every one differently actually expose your own devious paranoid nature more than get your point accross. Whats the issue here anyway, who to be paraniod of, independent scientists, or your governments for suppressing such things. Look at the gas pumps lately? John hutchison develops technology for the common man to creat their own energy and be selfsufficiant in their homes and vehicles. Where would you go if your car never cost anything to refuel? Where would you stop is the question. People would get large RV’s and be nomadic. John is going to release the chemicle battery formula he found himself, because it was stolen from him, and he will not want to suppress it. While in Japan, John made a battery over a million volts for them. Among other things. READ the PACE article, get over your own devious nature, or go find some one else to mouth off at.

  64. John:

    I’m sorry, what’s the point of contacting John Hutchinson for a demonstration if he hasn’t been able to replicate it since 1991? Can we reminisce about acid flashbacks and the Carter administration? Oh wait, he’s Canadian, nevermind.

    I also want to thank those who provided links to explain what words mean. The extra time and effort you made will not go unnoticed, and some day hopefully I will understand these complex words. Until then, I guess I’m just



  65. annon:

    your brainless crap is pretty telling. there is video of John doing this effect march 2006 on american antigravity. Got anything remarkable to say idiot? Fuck off Harris.

  66. machpi:

    I also perform anti-gravity experiments for people, and at the low, low price of $500 per head. I promise you it’s worth it. I use only the highest quality plywood in my experiments, none of this cheap garage-sale stuff. For props, I mean, shop materials, I use my old Kirby upright instead of the standard straw broom you might find in inferior demonstrations. And if you call within the next thirty minutes, my staff will supply you with a brochure complete with comical misspellings and syntax errors. Because nothing screams “The man is a super genius” like incoherence.

    Call today!

  67. corbinj:

    Some rants on all this fun stuff:

    In regards to people “debunking” (do i get extra credit for using vocab words?) the videos, one thing i found funny about all the rebuttals to the whole up-side-down stuff is that if the video’s are indeed faked, it’s not like he would use the same technique for EVERY part. My intial reactions as a skeptic (more vocab!) were that the videos were not very convincing. However, just because they are unconvincing does not mean that one can write them off as fraud. Either way, I’m pretty sure that this whole fuss started out as Ade feeling the same way as me. And as a few others have mentioned, I WANT to believe this is some new super-sweet technology that could change the world. Or maybe these videos are the result of a dude fuckin around with some gizmos to create some far-out shit.

    But as Jeff has so provocatively pointed out, BELIEVING is different from KNOWING (caps his). He elicitly urges us do go out and recreate some of John’s experiments. This is a little harsh. Fraud or not, John has to have more than a passing knowledge of this stuff (certainly more than I do) to have even faked it. It’s not realistic to expect people to go and do experiments themselves. That’s what scientists are for.

    As far as general “mainstream” science goes, people have mentioned that Hutchison has resumed work as well as others. As far as that goes, if John and these other people succeed at recreating these phenomena, more power to them. Until then, I think it is appropriate that these claims remain under scrutiny (though not just brushed off) until they are proven. This scrutiny seperates valid arguments from mere faithn and therefore seperates BELIEVING from KNOWING.

    Some a random comment (sure to instigate more flamewars [and it probably deserves it :P ]),
    Starsky: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your faithful defence of John (especially on wikipedia against ‘the man’, aka CH).

    Just a little comment on the person (Ade?) who questioned where this fantastical technology is as an argument against its existance. The absence of something does not prove it does not exist.

    Flame on!

  68. bamaollie:

    This is so funny. I only found my way here because I watched a History’s Mysteries on the History channel on the Philadelphia Experiment this morning, then went to Wikipedia to look up some stuff. I think its funny the kind of explanations people put out there. You know how Wiki is, you can waste alot of time looking up random and trivial things. Anyway, coming across Hutchison and these samples…Whatever! Funny how anyone gets behind this. This is the most gimped stuff I’ve ever seen. I defend the Disc. Channel though, they show stuff that is theory and hoax all the time; that is educational too–showing what is b.s. out there (like crop circles). They should have Mythbusters test the Hutchison stuff. The objects are FALLING, not levitating–any dolt can see that. Especially with the heavy cans, the way they zoom away from the “floor.” Wasn’t there an old man on Phil Donahue years ago that claimed to turn invisible and asked to do it on national TV he said “I don’t feel like it right now?”

  69. Selphie:

    The thing that perturbs me is the absence of anything remotely quantative in the discussion so far. For example how heavy are the things floating? How much power is being put in to achieve this. How high are they floating? It seems rather futile to try and assess what is happening in the absence of any numbers at all. Furthermore quantities would help in reproducing the effects.

    I must admit I have only seen the videos no sound but there are no numbers about.

    I am struggling to think of any scientific experiments where numbers and quantities were not involved.

    The whole thing seems to be a bit personal also. It doesn’t matter if the experimenter is a “garage hippy” or a card carrying mmber of the Republican party. It matters not whether he charges for interviews or appears on television. All he has to do is to present what he has done in as much detail as possible so we can all try and reproduce it. He doesn’t have to explain why it happens and it it runs against any or all theories of physics that is not really his problem. However he is responsible for presenting it in a clear unambiguous way. This is sadly not a responsibility he can avoid by making video’s or TV programs. This responsibility cannot be expunged by showing the experiments to third parties for them to describe.

    All that is necessary is for a detailed written description of the experiment describing apparatus used and methodology. No more no less. It is not necessary to be a scientist to do this I guess even a reporter could do it.

    Until we have such a description then really not much can be done about this. I’m sorry if this sounds a bit like “put up or shut up” it sn’t meant that way. It is merely IMHO what needs to happen in order for things to progress.

  70. Andy:

    FIRST of all

    >>>>>Mike Says:
    April 19th, 2006 at 4:11 pm
    Oh, and lastly, it is quite easy to make a magnetic “goo.” Both with low and high viscosities.
    Check out: http://www.kodama.hc.uec.ac.jp/project/protrude.html (pics) or http://www.bofunk.com/video/1233/ferro_fluid.html (short video).
    Basically ice cream with with a bunch of particles of a magnetic material in it behaves like it is megnetic itself.

  71. I found this page from a Wikipedia entry on the so-called “Hutchison effect” and think I know how these videos could have been created. I apologize if somebody has already suggested it somewhere in the threat, but I didn’t have enough time to read the whole thing! :D

    Anyway, what if you took a wooden box with items in it (the test chamber) and attached a camera to it, then attach a bungee cord to the top of the box. Attach the bungee up high somewhere and tie it back some, so the cord is under tension, like those bungee rides you see at the carnival. Then start film ing as you let the box spring upwards. Whatever objects in the box will be pushed against the flood for a while as the bungee is springing back, and eventually the box will just be in freefall, the gradual decceleration making it look like the object is floating up against gravity. On film it’d look exactly like antigravity and could use any test material, no magnetism required.

  72. Me:

    I have a question for Tim Ventura. Why would you believe everything Hutchison says [particularly about the UFO on a string]? I smell bias. I often notice lack of criticism between free energy ‘heavyweights,’ they cite one another, no matter how implausible the citations. You kind of start suspecting there is this collective effort happening – to be on the same side, regardless of the garbage that regularly flies around in the free energy field. Mostly it’s all fake or not over-unity, but you can’t spot the legit guys, because they themselves hang out with-, quote- and dine with folks with a credibility problem [Bearden is one of them, where's his MEG? If it worked he'd be demonstrating it around like crazy to shut everyone up, but no, all he's capable of is a river of theory just as weird as quantum mechanics, only contrary to the latter, with zero experimental evidence - it's also funny how much he can tell about the effect right off the bat, without ever witnessing a single demonstration].

    Is this a ‘ring’ where the truth is the least important thing? If it wasn’t, why wouldn’t one DEMAND proof before forming an opinion…? Proof which Hutchison is not WILLING to provide. I personally believe the effect is real, but at the same time no one’s ever gonna find out any details about the setup and frequencies from Hutchison himself, who just wants to be doing interviews and appearing on TV like some celebrity. That’s ALL that is in his interest these days…

  73. Dreadnought:

    The whole HE thing reminds me of an Ape playing the drums… He knows it makes noise if he beats it, but has no idea of generating a really funky beat.
    John has to learn how to actually CONTROL the several issues of the effect. (if it’s actually real)
    And people first have to learn to accept the unbelieveble to make it real.
    There’s nothing wrong with believing. I suppose some of you believe in god. (i do not)
    And there’s more evidence for HE than for god.
    John Hutchison acutally HAS video footage. (even if it’s cheesy)
    Now show me some video footage of god. :P

  74. Dreadnought:

    And don’t film your hand or prick or a tree and tell me “IT’S ONE OF GOD’S CREATIONS!” ’cause it aint…..!

  75. Andy:

    My opinion:

    Is real

    I will start with the is NOT real statement and point some issues:

    1. One of the vids has an object falling down after “levitating” (in Hutch-Remix-150kbps.wmv witch u can find it on one of the links previously posted)

    2. One of the vids has a 7UP who has air in it in the top side and if i can see well it has no plug (u will have that in the bottom otherwise or the liquid dropped down)

    3. One of the vids has a spoon witch is made of NON iron metal witch has no magnetic properties (for controlling the object)

    4. One of the vids has an ice scream with the ice floating inappropriate for an upside_down_camera_in_the_bungee_box_filming

    5. One of the film has a white bottle made of plastic for paint empty witch is stretching like some one is pulling the air out of it

    6. One of the vids has a chocolate wrapping staniol sheet with , once again, no magnetic properties to control

    7. Never the less u have all the metals vibrating and fracturing in pieces

    8. BONUS the films were made in 1980 (or something) in that times Star Wars was made and u can see how an amateur these days can recognise the primitives special effects made back then.

    FINELY i don’t see no strong point of view saying they are NOT real. U can either give me a good point of view (other that that guy is not showing his face in public, it’s lame to count on this) or destroy the 8 issues pointed by me previously.

    PS: Mike said something about controlling some magnetic “liquid” materials

    NO Mike u can control it only makeing sinusoidal waves as u can see in the graphs. It’s the low of 3dimensional sound waves. U CAN NOT make a random move like in the ice scream shot.

  76. ok lets start some where…”how heavy are the things floating?” 75 lb cannon ball…. “How much power is being put in to achieve this.” 400 watts and less “How high are they floating?” depends on the lab 20 feet on the news. Furthermore quantities would help in reproducing the effects. samples may be purchaces from John on the contact page… one of his coolest ones went for 1500$ on ebay. “it’s also funny how much Bearden can tell about the effect right off the bat, without ever witnessing a single demonstration” Bearden is privy to other experiments like this in other countries. John isnt the only person, nor the first… just the only one to ever talk publicly and sacrifice all future funding. ” Proof which Hutchison is not WILLING to provide. I personally believe the effect is real, but at the same time no one’s ever gonna find out any details about the setup and frequencies from Hutchison himself, who just wants to be doing interviews and appearing on TV like some celebrity. That’s ALL that is in his interest these days…” John has been doing levitation demos for about 500$ per session for private individuals for about 2 months now. Contact him and buck up or buck off! want some frequencies? I got them written on a little piece of paper in my wallet… here is the big whoopdy do secret…. ready?… start with 3 tesla coils, 7.5khz , 5 mhz , 14 mhz , harmonize 4.55 khz RF , voltages and watts for the big stuff… if you want jellification 3000w , 1,000,000 v out of the coils, 2,000,000 v electrostatics , 500,000 v van de graph generator , use also deuce 12X15 army units.. and a mechanically pulsed magnetron. large variacs control the x-ray transformer(s) putting out up to 200 000 v, at 10-100 milliwats. get all that? thats it, thats all. Some of you would instantly blind yourself by just turning on the magnatron. others would roast themselves with the tesla coils. if some of you are as stupid as you sound explaining trick photography, dont even aquire any of this equipment ok? here is the disclaimer… no one is qualified to ever try this. so dont. John knows i put this info out here, there will be many more demos to come in his new upcomming series, short but very revealing. public demo in new westminster possibly in a month… possibly… depends on the fire marshal… mayor seems to like the idea of some tesla equipment on the quay in the dark… i hope they let him do it.

  77. oh ya, by the way … wikipedians piss me off! ha ha! jerks

  78. Andy:

    where is this intel come from?

  79. from a close friend of John’s. I got it from the horses mouth. I am also actively building machines to Johns specifications that will be used in upcomming demos. I dont need any publicity, so I choose to remain annon. this is about John, not me… im just helping.

  80. as we nail down locations, dates and details ill post them here, as well as a few other places. this stuff is for non proffit by the way, there will be no fees for public demos… depending on the fire marshal weather the public is allowed to get close, all i will say right now is bring your sunglasses, even if its dark.

  81. What a load of Bollocks !

  82. annon:

    nice of you to show up mel whitfeild, your not dead yet? Your entire vocabulary is dated. Your the very last of your kind I think.

  83. annon:

    Just recently John was given a tour of the production warehouse that builds props for Stargate SG1… http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/Photogallery%20Stargate.html they have invited us to experiment in their facilities, we would love to. A pet project that has a definite Stargate theme is almost complete… just a few finnishing touches and its off to the foam shop http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/Ark%20Of%20The%20Covenant%20II.html , by the way, what are bollocks? like piles?

  84. Me:

    1st quote
    *Bearden is privy to other experiments like this in other countries.*

    What other experiments? It’s easy to invent non existing other experiments, a little harder to substantiate them. I’m all ears.

    2nd quote
    *John isnt the only person, nor the first… just the only one to ever talk publicly and sacrifice all future funding.*

    With an attitude of a con man no self respecting enterpreneur would ever support him, not even Prince Hans Adam II.

    3rd quote
    *John has been doing levitation demos for about 500$ per session for private individuals for about 2 months now. Contact him and buck up or buck off!*

    Buck up or buck off? This is like David Copperfield now. If you want to see him fly, you’ll have to buy the ticket. Hutch can shut us all up by providing a FREE PUBLIC DEMO OF levitation and metal jellyfication, with a 400W input. Will he? Nope, pay up or shut up, eh? Not that paying up would produce those effects, hahaha.

    4th quote
    *got them written on a little piece of paper in my wallet… here is the big whoopdy do secret…. ready?… start with 3 tesla coils, 7.5khz , 5 mhz , 14 mhz , harmonize 4.55 khz RF , voltages and watts for the big stuff… if you want jellification 3000w , 1,000,000 v out of the coils, 2,000,000 v electrostatics , 500,000 v van de graph generator , use also deuce 12X15 army units.. and a mechanically pulsed magnetron. large variacs control the x-ray transformer(s) putting out up to 200 000 v, at 10-100 milliwats. get all that? thats it, thats all.*

    All this I already know, because I’ve downloaded all Hutchison’s documents available online. By the way, among other things, you forgot the alpha source and the spark gap. And what people want to hear is the EXACT positions, EXACTLY which devices were used, model numbers, everything. So that the setup can be approximated and the resluts duplicated.

    5th quote
    *there will be many more demos to come in his new upcomming series, short but very revealing.*
    David Copperfield again.

    6th quote
    *as we nail down locations, dates and details ill post them here, as well as a few other places*

    Geez, I thought you didn’t want publicity. Folks don’t want demonstations, they want a reproducible effect. Know what that means? That’s how science works. If you don’t let OTHERS do it, so that there can be no doubt as to the validity of the effects, you’re considered a SCAM. If one is afraid of possible loss of sensitive information there’s a thing called NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT to ensure legal protection. But other people NEED to be able to reproduce the effect! Now, is Hutchison ever going to let them do that? No!
    Enough said…

  85. annon:

    If Hutchison will never let anyone duplicate his experiments, then why are things levitating in my garage? If he doesnt like you or your attitude, you get nothing. screw off spook. Spend your own time and your own money if you want exact results. You want some one to chew your food for you too? fuk u tim, harris, joe, mel. As for the last post “All this I already know, because I’ve downloaded all Hutchison’s documents available online” who the hell says Im even talking to an asshole like you? ” If you want to see him fly, you’ll have to buy the ticket. Hutch can shut us all up by providing a FREE PUBLIC DEMO OF levitation and metal jellyfication, with a 400W input. Will he? Nope, pay up or shut up, eh? Not that paying up would produce those effects” ya John should work for free just to amuse some condescending jaded mouthpiece like yourself. You already have the model numbers from your associates who sneak into peoples homes and labs. Beat it spook. by the way, if you have all this info already and more… and you cant get results, you definitly are not as smart as you try to come off as. ARE YOU? alpha waves and spark gap? who the hell are you kidding?? there are multiple sparkgaps just on one coil alone!! as for waves… the entire spectrum comes into play, your a jabbering idiot. You arent invited to observe anything, or for any conversation. “people want this people want that….” whos perception do you think your running? go back to school… people want you to. enough said eh? ooooh i guess you got the last word.

  86. hot_gem:

    its a shame there is no tranparency in process by either Hutchinson, Ventura or Bearden as these claims fire the imagination in regard what might well be possible in the quantum age. it wouldn’t take much for John to protect his own intellectual concerns while at the same time providing sufficient information for other inquisitive minds to attempt to replicate his findings. obfuscation in discovery is typically a sign of either deception or that the person making the claims misunderstands exactly what they are observing and the process they employed. untill transparency and openness are adhered to, the claims they make will be worth nothing in the long run and no amount of chest beating, arguments from authority, arguments from inside knowledge and obfuscatory smuggness will prove them true, only replicationreplicationreplication can do that. if they are genuine they will front up, if they are charlatans they will continue to play games.

  87. Young Ein:

    Wow… I’ll tell you… A nation that has lost its ability to tell real from fake has lost its greatness. I’m amazed at the gullability of the people who belive what they are seeing here. As for me… I instantly understood how every trick he was doing had been done… but, there is something you may not realize about me… I’m a magician… I do this crap for a living.

    Everything I’ve seen in his videos I could reproduce exactly… including what “appears” to be water falling up out of view. So, when I reproduce his videos exactly… and post them on the internet with claims of zero point energy and how I stumbled upon tesla wave patterns and such… will you all think I’m some sort of genuis? Or do I first have to claim that my house was raided by people who flew in on a black helicopter and took all my stuff… otherwise I’d be happy to show you my experiaments. Or… will you call me a charlatan for pretending to be a genius like Hutchison?

    There isn’t a single person in the world who could say this stuff is true. Because the most simple of scientific methods have not been applied, and because none of us have actually “seen” the expiraments get prepared. Is that actually liquid in the bottle? Could it be epoxy, or frozen? Its preposterous to think otherwise.

    The truth is, there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary that his experiments are real. Ya.. overwhelming. In court, he’d loose by a landslide… think about it.

    My wife sees the crap I do in magic and thinks I’m the spawn of the devil… then I explain it to her… and she then calls me a conman… Yep.. I’m in the field of making people believe things that are not even close to happening… so is Hutchison.

  88. Andy:

    “Everything I’ve seen in his videos I could reproduce exactly… including what “appears” to be water falling up out of view.”

    dear Ein ,

    if u are a magician make this demo. i don’t see no new vids, only words.

    pupils, let’s review this: it all startet from a show on Discovery. Discovery is a well organised and managed product. They don’t have the currage to air something false because if they do so , when pupils will find out (because truth alwais comes out) they will loose there credibility. Therefore , they aired this sheet about Hutchinson because it’s real and no words from a “magician” cand convince me, only another vid or the show where Discovery tells it was a false… I don see this comeing..

    Remember how many years took the world to accept Einstain!?

    PS: sory my bad spelling.

  89. annon:

    If Hutchison was a fake, he would be sued by everyone who ever wasted their time interviewing him and including him in their documentaries and full scale movie productions, here is a partial list of those people, http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/Press.html as for new videos, here is a few he did this summer, he recreated the Philidelphia Experiment in miniature with a 1 foot plastic model ship to impress certain movie execs who have been arranging sponsership for a full scale 500 000 dollar project to do it full size. http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/PE%20Main.html . As far as the “magician” goes, you are a con man, whats your motive? Your a liar. Your no magician, or you wouldnt be calling your own “talent” “crap” your very transparent, could you possibly be sour grapes cause you were turned down by John? Black helicopter eh? he never claimed anything like that, by the way you seem to be too well informed to just have happened accross this blog to have your little dump. Most people dont know the government confiscated John’s lab in 1990. The newspaper clipping of the event is right here http://www.hutchisoneffect.biz/PhotoGallery/Press/Sun002.jpg . Yep hes got the whole damn world conned except for one solitary shining beakon, you. Oh masterful narcissistic (http://www.mentalhealth.com/dis1/p21-pe07.html) one, do show us all the way! Keep it up, try another tactic.

  90. ME:

    Annon, or should I say Starski, anyone reading your posts can see you’re an mentally castrated individual, totally detached from reality. Sweet dreams.

  91. annon:

    ME or should I say narcisist?… anyone reading your malcontent posts can see by just your user name you think this is all about you. Who are you anyways, and what do you bring to the table besides the seads of your discontent? Are you sour grapes? Go cry into your beer Tim. or should I say Ventura? I heard about your offer to displace Art Bell on Coast to Coast. Were you drunk when you wrote that rambling letter of recomendation for yourself? Those who were paying you any attention at all, are no longer considering anything you have to say. By the way, it really doesnt matter who you think you are, or how far you have travelled, even the most basic crack head idiot would know better than to go to someone’s home and pound on the door like a maniac. NO means NO TIM! Especially after what you and your shit slinging associates have been writing about John to attempt to discredit him and divert his funding. JOHN WILL NEVER WORK FOR THE PENTAGON! Not even NASA. Go bark up another tree you murdering bastards. Go invent something, losers! LIFTERS SUCK, by the way, a bloody plasma ark surrounding the entire craft? The best you could ever hope for would be the Hindenburg you fucking fool! OH THE HUMANITY!!! John was just too nice to tell you to your face and burst your Hindenburg he he.

  92. ME:

    John’s new website domain name is http://WWW.HUTCHISONEFFECT.CA

  93. jason:

    I really dont know much about hutchison, but i have a few questions. This is what someone wrote in a forum and before i answer, i want to know the truth. I have the link to the forum here http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=79272&st=0&gopid=1366939&#entry1366939

    1 This effect has been claimed by Hutchison since the 70′s

    2 It cannot be reproduced by anyone or for anyone unless they’re not there

    3 Hutchison himself could not supposedly reproduce it himself (just covering his a*** and setting himself up nicely for excuses down the line)

    4 He has not presented his ‘effect’ for any scientific study

    5 He has not presented any of his ‘props’ for any scientific study

    6 Just like many like him he claims that the govt. etc. is trying to suppress his ground-breaking findings

    7 His videos can be shown to be fakes and IMO easily reproduced using electromagnets, magnets, and wait for it….STRING (as is evident in his hovering UFO toy video). Keep in mind that the videos are using a different combination of these methods ie. the seemingly ‘floating up’ objects are not using string but some good trickery with electromagnets & upside down camera

    8 He sells videos rather than make the world a better place (if he actually could) with his non-existent effect – A DEAD GIVEAWAY!!!

    9 He has been charged with fraud before

  94. sceptic:

    I think Criss Angel is doing a better job than Hutchinson…

  95. ME:

    read the documents in John’s website. why go over it all here? thousands of man hours have go into html, video editing, flash, and all the good stuff can be found there. perhapse join one of his forums if you want to ask him questions. hes more interested in life extension studies, and crystal batteries these days, he could care less about the levitation. his lab is up for sale now. http://www.hutchisoneffect.ca

  96. The best part about reading this blog is how so many of us came through the same “funnel” to get here.

    I saw some video of this effect, became interested and did a search, then ended up here. Something I thought was pretty random but apparently happens over and over again.

    I agree though, why is it that only the objects put in the camera’s view are effected, why not the table, or supports or anything else. It’s always an out of context object that gets levitated. If the force was so random and so powerful you would think it would flip the table now and then.

    Oh well, I’ll keep an open mind but until he replicates the effect, I’m leaning towards fakery.

  97. Josef:

    A couple of questions I have after seeing a few of the videos:

    1) What period of time were they shot? It seems the same broom was in the same location for many of the shots

    2) In the video with the liquid ‘levitating’ out of the cup, it appears the liquid is frozen. If this is the case, the effect could easily be replicated using some of the techniques described above.

  98. Nielklot:

    Interesting read. I’ve lived a fairly long time and have seen unexplainable things (at least to my limited understanding and observation) that I have never discussed publicly for fear of ridicule. The world has plenty of unexplained anomalies and any number of people who can replicate them artificially and I always retain the possibility that what I have seen or actually do see at any specific time I do so because that is what I choose to see regardless of reality. I also know that no matter how hard I try to get to the truth of anything (even something as seemingly straightforward as the nature of electrons), there is always another conflicting opinion to the one I am familiar with that seems just as plausible. I have finally had to accept that I am fatally flawed by two problems: 1. As a human capable of a lot of intelligence I always assume to more understanding than what I possess, and 2. My experience as a human limits my ability to accept the possibility of anything that does not agree (probably bad word choice) with my previous human experiences. Nevertheless I plan on retiring completely this year and truly think it would be worth the time and money to drive up (as part of a vacation) and pay the money to see what can be seen. If nothing else I can take the opportunity to do some nice fishing afterwards. If disappointed, it won’t be the first time or even the most expensive disappointment I have paid for, so Starsky, if the site is still up and the offer still valid, I will contact you later. As for everyone else who would label me a fool, go ahead, I realized it myself years ago. If this site is still up and this thread still open (I know I hope a lot), then I will be happy to give as unbiased an opinion as a man who is doubtful of all he knows can give. Thanks just for the opportunity to speak.

  99. BobbyO:

    Fake or not is almost beside the point; What many don’t realize is that anti-gravity would not manifest as shown.

    A simple thought experiment will show that an object that suddenly, or gradually losses its mass does not start flying, but remains in its place.

    There’s something else here. The ingredients in Hutchinson’s experiments remind of microwave ovens, don’t they? Ok, so the intensity and wavelength of the microwave is different than that used in ovens. I for one think it quite plausible that the combination of electric fields in the room could create all sorts of electrostatic forces (where there is force, there’s motion). And recall from highschool physics that most materials can become electrostatically charged.

    I think the guy does himself a great disservice by not experimenting in a more controlled manner (there’s no mention of note keeping). No wonder it’s difficult/impossible to recreate results, impossible to correlate conditions and draw any kinds of conclusions.

  100. ME:

    Just one quick note: the last two posts by ME were in fact by Starski, who likes to pretend & distort the truth a tad too much these days…

  101. StormCRY:

    ok..first of all I would like to say that any of u guys that use offensive language are probably 13 year old boys who try to look smart when in fact you are not. arguementing to somebodys beliefs and oppinions with mockery and insults is the fool’s weapon…arguments are the only way to combat an oppinio not insults, when you start insulting it means you don’t have any arguments to bring, that means you lose.

    second of all, a lot of you guys describet various ways in which John could have done those movies…falling box, magnets, etc. ok it’s a good arguement but just theory yet. so far the only movies there are on the market are john’s. so if you want your arguments to stand why don’t you guys just do what you sugested and then post here…so far you just have a theory that something like that could be done like this but you haven’t done it yet did you? so at this point the only one with phisical evidence here is John, you guys just have words agains him nothing else. to prove somebody wrong you have to bring phisical evidence that contradicts him. there are no such things…yet.

    ok 3rd…let me ask a question…do you thing that john’s exepriments, in theory could be done? in theory they can exist and those results can be achieved? theoreticly speaking everything is possible until somebody proves it to be impossible.

    4th…ok i will talk about a scientist and his findings, about whom the discovery channel, the science channel and national geographic channel made movies about. so if some of you guys are in the science business then you have heard about henri coanda. he is the guy who invented the jet engine back in 1910. before doing this many people argued that a plane without a propelar is not possible and how would it fly. many called him crazy. yet finnaly when he presented his findings and brought the aeroplane all the mouths were shut. but this is not his most important find. his most important finding is the “Coanda effect”. this effect was used by the nazis in the second world war ehn they build, to the ed of the war, UFO shaped aircraft at the Skoda factory in Cehoslovakia (now chech republic). there are evidence of the existance of these factories in that period, funny thing is that after the US hired all the german scientists after WW2 Area 52 came into public view and words of UFO started…although theoreticly these disc shaped aircraft are possible no private person tried to take this into practice untill now even though coanda’s work is public and the priciple for these aircraft is based on that. now isn’t it funny that after US tried to experiment with what john is they came up with a big mess (the philadelphia experiment) and now that a private person does it he’s a fraud? my point is that all scientist that have reached a breakthrough discovery were not recognised and discredited in the begining to be worshiped later

    5th…let’s see now…for example Jules Verne was also a scientist not just a writer…funny thing…he described space flight long before that was even possible and his story about the space flight even though taken as literature has got it more than 80% wright…funny…how many times scientist have to disguise their work as literature, art or so on to not be taken as mad men…(benjamin franklin was considered a lunatic when experimenting with electricity)

    i’m not saying that John’s videos are real nor that they are not…i’m just saying that untill somebody proves with evidence that he is a fraud, until then he is real. so guys if you so eagerly want to prove that he is a con…prove it don’t just speak and curse…don’t feel frustrated…theory is nothing without practice. think of it like this..if you would have had a flaslight in the middle ages the catholic church would burn you alive for herezy..not to mention owning a boombox then…you would most certainly be judged as working with the devil for bringing a black box with voices….so don’t be so eager to judge .. think before you talk

    just a guy from easter europe

  102. Claus Christensen:


    Great read (except for the 40% childish postings defending the claimed effect with profanities instead of evidence). However, going back to Ade’s original writings it seems fundamenally disturbing that any experiment that could produce antigravity would not become instant headline news in the mainstream media as well as in the scientific community – be it in the 80s or the present. If the products needed to reproduce antigravity are publicly available then private as well as government institutions would have done so since the birth of the Hutchison miracle. And some if not all would have made the proper arrangements to document the affair. It is not as much a hoax as it is an eccentric man’s way to achieve enormous attention to a fringe science fiction subject. This belongs in the fake moon landing category. No matter how much evidence you lay on the table, conspiracy theorists will never rest. Because it is just such a good story, right?

    Even if mr. Hutchison or his pubic relations affiliate would let people pay money for private sessions to see this sci-fi-come-true-breakthrough (if people call at the proper time with the poper attitude…) let it each time be filmed and documented, feed the footage to scientists around the world and receive the Nobel prize to standing ovations.

    You do not need to get technical to prove or disprove the supposed effects. The fact that it has not – this, the greatest discovery of mankind as of yet – been replicated and properly documented by the demonized skeptical scientific community puts the final nail in Hutchison’s coffin.

    I am not anti-antigravity. That would indeed be a welcomed revolution but I think we are kissing a frog here.

    Kind regards

    Claus from Denmark

  103. hey funny ideas you folks have rolf you guys have not done your homework thats for sure i got official usa government videios and reports dureing the macdonnel douglas testing gee are they filming upside down standing on there head
    s and i love the stupidy of this its funny as well as news crews also hummmmmmmmmm boy do you honestly think news folks are going to make fake news as well as fox tv and discovery channel we would all be arrested for fruad dont forget also the canadian government put an nsa ruling on all there video stock see http://www.johnkhutchison.blogspot.com for info on that stuff or http://www.hutchisoneffect.ca hey best thing for folks with big money funding is i dissapear sorry i did 8 televisions demos this year but anyway iam selling this stuff off and doing more adventure would not you get tired bored of levitation of stuff whilst the gove guys got it anyway plus realy i dont give a flying you know what about egos or patents or anything feel free to duplicate it as others have done gee some folks realy dont research out the truth of things or scienticif publications plus also i dont care what folks think realy take it or leave it my work has always been presented by others in the scientific world usa pentagon nasa and so on keep your eyes on tv hey another thing i dont keep notes plus i rarely film the effects its others who can work a camera while i work the euipments fame fortune who needs it ?????? pain in the ass but realy also opened a lot of doors for folks and kids i like that part hey also my work was presented to nasa as well as M.I.T by ken shoulders 2005 may 21 dont worry life is short enjoy it and dont get bent out of shape look for new books comeing out

  104. SOULD I ADD MORE he he lol oh i must its a boreing day i have hundreds of hours of tapes done by scientists george jack houck vancouver exsperiments for washington d.c yes sir iam an engineer and dicovery of long forgoten tech i do many other shows http://www.bluebookfilms.com art of the covenant check it out we did it plus many other tests oh yes t t brows work the string as you call it is no 32 guage wire loaded at 20 volts dc in combination with the heffect the wire is clearly shown right a good faker like you call me here would not let that slip right ? right my point ecactly so how about others who do what i do geee reminds me of the cold fusion stuff so ok what have i got from all this ? hell of a lot of stagnation i do like the times i did work for usa army inteligance canadas dsti; gruop germany gruop; read the letters ;;;;; they had fun also geee as well as boeing with alik and george in 1987 to 89 dr erron kovacks boeing gruop george lisacase alik shereveseky we have an anual levitatation tranformer falling on george party ;; we levitated 1500 pounds transformer poor george was 6 months in hospital and hes the world exspert on this so folks who come here and film make big bucks at least tv folks pay up front while others run awway and get funding like george one and no 2 plus others hey money for us but never me so i no longer entertaine these folks no no no;;;; maybe my black ops friends thats ok or television folks but no gold diggers so any ideas on selling this stuff ????? iam as i said going for other projects get a life ; help folks ; hell i dont do batteries ; dropped that as its boreing shit ;;; life exstenstion is great i can help otheres there also plus theres all kinds of alternative energy ok folks help me unload this great collection so i can get out of this dump and dumppy kind of enviroment thanks hey hell with notes why why why iam not proveing a thing we should start a carnival act mr electro bits you in the but or the international tuna think tant society or support real levitation thew ottis the elevator company but folks buy into real fantasy as searl plus other fruitcakes did i say that oh same on me iam the biggest fruitcake around hummmmmmmmmmmm woman love that part yeppers folks try me you might like me


  106. John –

    Do not forward or I will seriously kick your ass…I’ve been drinking beer, so I’m being more honest than usual. Jesus, breaking my own rules…

    NGEO is National Geographic.

    “XXXXX” is OSD – and the “aerospace exec” I told you about is actually is Paul’s boss — an undersecretary of defense. Not sure which one…

    They’ve been pushing BPP (and your work) into the Pentagon for about 2+ years now – the Pentagon presentation I told you about was their biggest push. Remember – standing ovation? That was CIA, DIA, NRO, USAF, and a few others….about 400 officers in a joint briefing, at least that’s what I was told.

    They’ve been fighting on behalf of your research like crazy for the last couple of years, mostly because of the footage that we put together. They want to fund you. GXXXX doesn’t (he would, but doesn’t have the budget). If they fund you, it will be pure science, not weaponized..

    PXXX is a believer, but his boss is still skeptical – that’s why I need to get solid footage with HZXXX. If I can get that, you’ll have somebody really valuable at your place in the very near future.

    THAT is the reason that I’ve been bugging you so much lately — you’re amazingly close. Closer than John Alexander, who was a Lt. Colonel. Right now we’re at the undersecretary of Defense, and I know that Rumsfeld has looked at your work also. If we can put together a couple of hours of solid footage, then we’re set. Then you’ll have a lab, and I’ll quit pestering you.

    BTW – If it matters, the “funders” that I told you about are Army Intelligence out of Ft. Meade (NSA). They showed up about 6 months ago. Mostly their interest is having me cover aXXXXXXX conferences, but my handler is friends with PXX, so part of our deal was letting me cover XXXresearch without being censored. (I didn’t ask about UFO’s, and I have no clue about anything else).

    From: john hutchison [mailto:heffect@infinet.net]
    Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 12:40 AM
    Subject: RE: XXXX and I coming over..?

    Hi tim what is ngeo ?? what does lisa want ?? she can have it as it leads to good things in the long term I got it here


  107. why was that page so lllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg

  108. OhMyGod:

    Yeah … long page… hmmm, not long enough, i’m adding to it.

    Someone here wanted a movie of GOD. Ok, i have one … a closeup of course. You can see very well his left foot. And some robe. Oh wait, that may be his son. Not sure; my timetravel machine is sort’a offline now, so until i repair the transspacial high frequency redemodulator coil-ar bobine (hihi) i’m unable to go and compare the sample.

    And these experiments are also true. I’m using this technology for the hoovercraft i use to get to school. Really useful and lowcost, not to mention environment friendly(I got the plans from the local car factory who would not build such a thing because it’s too cheap and people would just buy too many cars/hoovers so the streets will get over-crowded) .

    All is good, except a few times, people around me melted inside the street’s concrete and people at the bowling arena complaining about there ball not reacting properly, and (of course) lead going gold (where did you thought i have the money to get the “redemodulator”? intensive lead to gold operations! duh!). I did found out that using iron you get more gold that using lead.

    Really! If this things are true would not be just great?!
    To have cars that go on electric power so you can recharge them at home and don’t destroy our environment and health.
    And if a car for everyone is too hard to do just do public transportation more effective.

    and what is this? http://www.hutchisoneffect.ca/Videos/Portal.swf
    a swf showing a “portal”?
    Oh like the one in my timetravel machine?
    No?! Like a teleporter?!!
    Great! We can then build one portal in every city … no! one in every country, so we get easy from place to place. Of course some people will complain about having to relocate from Berlin to Amsterdam first in order to only then get to London, thus taking a whole minute of travel. In place of 15 seconds if it was direct connection.

    Have fun and good luck … i go back to work on my coil redemothingie :D

    For the people who think the hutch experiments are real: In the text above i used a lot of sarcasm. I’m NOT having a timemachine nor a hoovercraft.

  109. Proof!:


  110. geekprime:

    How Hutchison does it: first of all you cant hold a piece of aluminum to the ceiling with a magnet! so how do you make a piece of aluminun float up or a liquid for that matter? easy.
    set it up on the floor of a “small’ room , the solid objects will rest on the floor, and the liquid will sit quietly in its container. the camera is right sid up too but firmly attached to the room. Now turn the room upside down and viola! want to make it float slowly up? use a high speed camera and then slow down the play back! duh!
    anything you dont want to float up, glue it down or nail it down like the broom.

    ok thats my sceptical take on floating, now what about melting wood into metal. any of you sceptics got a good explanation of how to do that?

  111. Richard Sleep:

    Fascinating thread,

    Was that really John Hutchison himself chiming in? wow! lol! Nobody seened to notice, too busy slagging each other off lol. Of cause some scepicism is healthy, but hey who knows it might happen to be true for all I know.

    Very entertaining anyway,

  112. what going on i find funny as you never saw the behind the scenes stuff http://www.johnkhutchison.blogspot.com

  113. Mark:

    Just saw a show on the history channel. Hutchinson is at it again. They title him “Dr. John Hutchinson, Theorist”. He’s claiming that there is a black hole in the Bermuda triangle. What a load of crap. They creatively edited a lot of legitimate scientists to make him sound good. The good news is it turns out global warming isn’t responsible for the increased hurricane activity in the gulf. No it’s a black hole. That was the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen on T.V.

  114. Sacha:

    Hi Folks

    I came across this website. In the following I tried to make an image about the
    lot of writing and believing:

    i) There exist claims about weired effects on matter that interacts with high voltage,
    high frequency electromagnetic fields emitted from (obviously more than one)
    Tesla coil – summarized as ‘Hutchison Effect(s)’.
    Further, Hutchison claims to have developed a power source, that never exhausts.

    ii) I saw several videos, photos and ‘references’ – that do simply proove nothing.
    Discussions about how to fake a scene are not worth of a single line of writing. (Ask
    a special effect professional instead; e.g. the Stargate makers)

    iii) Physics is an exact science, where you can describe an experimental setup and
    everybody should reproduce the results with an identical setup. Folklore in the
    counterpart should entertain people with impressive stories, obscured means,
    pictures and movies.

    iv) Since I couldn’t find any detailed description of the experimental setup or results
    all the rumors must be strictly categorized into folklore. (It would by much easier to
    clamp a simple load resistor to one of the inexhaustable perpetuum mobile batteries
    and record the output energy for saying six months – instead of investing time for
    website- and blog-creation. Hint: E = t · (U² / R ); while E[Joules], t[secs], U[Volts],

    v) As I understand, the inventor argues, that he stands in contact with several officials
    and military institutions. Such arguments fail to proove the claims. Why? If sombody
    would really be able to manipulate spacetime and matter as described, the technology
    was a threat for national security and had been immediatly classifed. This blog had never
    existed. If not, the governement has no longer a reason to take hands on the folcloristic

    vi) I think everybody should get a second chance. If the inventor is convinced to have
    made really important inventions, I would suggest he describe his setup, materials
    and results in a scientifically correct manner.


  115. The word on the street is...:

    I have heard from friends who have had consistent and regular contact with alien craft that the reason the US govt ignores John is because it resembles the same UFO technology the govt already has access to. If this same technology were to be made publicly available, many of the corporate products and services (energy, health, etc.) offered today would become irrelevant and unnecessary, and then the people who are in power would no longer be in power.

    At least, that’s the story as I have heard it. It would also explain why the US govt has done its best to make sure alternative energies have mostly been swept under the carpet and forgotten.

    John seems to be onto something, though there will be convincing elements out there that will ensure that John will always look like a psycho-idiot hoax to the average person. That’s all they need to do, to sweep John under the carpet. And John doesn’t seem the type to care enough if they do that to him.

  116. Brante of B.C. Canada:

    Hello there, I simply decided to leave my own two cents to this barrage of nonsense, judgment and analysis about a “yet to be understood” direction of science. As has been often quoted “Any significantly advanced technology, will seem like ‘magic’ to a lesser advanced people.” This is true across the entire spectrum of science and societal progress, when a rainforest native sees an airplane, he will likely still not understand in the slightest, how it flies through logical and careful building of materials and principles until it is capable of flight, just as the Wright brothers took years to make an impact with their flying machine, any jump in technology, thought of idealism which is large enough to cause leaps of progress once understood, MUST face tremendous adversity to entrenched plains of thought!

    I recently was privileged to watch a Prof. demonstrate the inherent electrical power of two streams of water falling through conducting metal pails, every few seconds there was a high voltage spark generated off of the two bottom pails, I’m no scientist – period. But that extremely simple assembly, which was referred to as a battery, obviously follows basic principles of electricity generation. I believe there is a multitude of technologies yet to be found, studied or understood by Mankind in general, regardless of current knowledge, I think it is a disservice to our fellowman to not give new thinkers the benefit of the doubt when they attempt to forge new paths of knowledge. Even if something is completely debunked by certain past research (Take note: Bumblebees should not be able to fly according to many current scientists – Look it up), it should still be respected as a possibility. I don’t expect anyone to carelessly give out their support, money or help to anything they haven’t proven viable to themselves, I’m simply saying – “There are more things in Heaven and Earth then Man can dream of” (my apologies of that quote isn’t perfectly accurate, but you get the idea!). I have been exposed to politics, free energy, life principles, religions, down to earth farmers and in the clouds dreamers my entire life, I have seen a huge spectrum of thinkers, doers and fanatics, one thing stands out above all – New and Completely Unexplored Realms are Waiting to Be Discovered – DARE NOT Discourage Those with the Courage to Seek Those Realms, Even if YOU, Choose NOT To.

  117. nielklot:

    Still interesting to consider. By he way, after another year of considering a multitude of things both scientific and not, I have to wonder if I am real myself.

  118. Neil:

    What i find most interesting is that many of the same people who try to discredit this stuff go to church on Sundays and still believe jesus walked on water or that the serpent grew a voicebox and had a chat with lady eve.

  119. corneredcat:

    As a purely practical aside, I’m wondering how much Hutchinson’s electricity bill runs per month, when he is doing his experiments.

  120. Tattoo:

    Dear Armchair Critics~
    I know the internet has jaded you.
    We all have been let down by some hoax we wanted to believe in at some point or time..
    But John Hutchison is for real.
    So what if he cannot reproduce the effect 100% of the time… That doesn’t invalidate his discoveries, ideas, and creative energy.
    And as for Einstein comparisons… you all do know he wasn’t formally educated either, don’t you?

    It’s reckless to slander a person without hard evidence.

    Keep up the amazing work Mr. Hutchison, and THANK YOU!

  121. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article log, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  122. Hutchison and his supporters exhibit all of the classic symptoms of pseudoscientific irrationalism. Rather then reproduce his writing, I suggest that interested readers look at Professor Steven Dutch’s pages devoted to just such silliness at http://www.uwgb.edu/DutchS/pscindx.htm. Dr. Dutch is a Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay and has devoted a huge amount of time to the analysis of irrationalism. His pages are well worth a few minutes.

    Just a couple of notes:

    Einstein graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. It is said that Einstein was a poor student in elementary school, and people extend this to “Einstein was a poor student and was a genius. I am a poor student, so I am also a genius.” This is a fallacious argument, and would be so even if Einstein had actually been a poor student. He was not. He had some early speech difficulties but was an excellent student.

    Paranoia is another hallmark of the pseudoscientific crackpot. “John is accepting donations that he will be putting to use to free society from the slavery induced by fossil fuels. If you would like to join the “resistance” you can get an anonymous money order from safeway, or if you are brave enough to put your name to this cause then send a cheque.” Straight from his web site.

    It is true that showing how the “effects” in his video could be created with tricks and manipulation doesn’t prove they are not real. But it is not up to the skeptics to provide proof. As the saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. So far, the Hutchison and his supporters have not even supplied ordinary proof. The ball is clearly in their court.

    Finally, the vulgarity exhibited by some of his supporters in this blog would lead me to believe that they have deficient reasoning abilities even if there were some objective evidence of the reality of the so-called “effects.”

  123. annon:

    Hutchison’s electric bills are very minimal. Cheaper than anyone’s here. He does not use nor has any conventional electric appliance, including a fridge. He lives on his own terms, he cut his fridge in half with a pair of pliars, like a can of spam. then hauled it to the garbage in pieces. he didnt want to trouble anyone to help him move it. He also cut his bathtub in half, with a pair of pliars, and siliconed a piece of plywood to the back of it. He can be very determined. The rest of the bahroom has been converted into a metal shop with a small mill. John really has no reason to lie about this, he would be sued and jailed if it were a hoax. He actually wishes it all turned out differently, all has been a disappointment as far as funding goes. He kind of wishes to forget about it. it took the best years so far of his life, opened alot of doors to empty rooms. He has his memories, and everything else he values for possessions, might fit into a back pack. All of the sensationalism is in the minds of others, who were not there, are not educated enough to be lecturing about camera tricks or fraud. Step out of the shadow of an ego to see what is real and what is self gratification human nature. John doesnt have supporters, just friends and colleagues. Doubters need to investigate Tom Bearden further, that guy knows all about this, and dismisses it with a gesture, and goes on to describe some really next gen tech that is way beond all of this silly hype. Read a little before slandering. http://www.hutchisoneffect.ca

  124. annon:

    Yes by the way, the posts labeled by John, were him. the email he posted was a drunken Tim Ventura trying to pressure him to work for the pentagon. He still persists to this day.

  125. That would be, I suppose, “Dr.” Bearden. I’ve been to Bearden’s site. He is clearly an intelligent man, and one with strong convictions, both political and scientific. He does exhibit all of the symptoms of pseudoscientific irrationalism. I note that we are now in the heart of the period when the MEG should be coming to market. Clearly the event would be earthshaking, so it mustn’t have happened yet. I’m not holding my breath.

    But his quantum electrodynamical gobbledygook reminds me more of Lewis Carroll than of anything resembling physics. Together with the paranoia under a thin veil, it’s pretty clear that (quoting George Carlin) “he’s not stupid …. oh, he’s full of s _ _ _ .”

  126. ultrajv:

    Ive followed the Hutchsion effect with interest. Theres a lot of talk about Science being exact!. Ever heard of the Heizenberg Uncertainty priciple? Einstein didnt like Quantuum Mechanics. Electrogravitics has been and still is studied by the Military since Biefield Browns experiments way back. If you want proof of the Technology in use, check out area 51 or the huge triangular TR3B If they arnt Military, what are they? You dont want to go down that road . If you have further doubts then the prosepect of cold fusion would be and area for you to explore. Its not readily reproducible but its being exploited by corporates. What happens is that inventors make discoveries and science perfects them. Science cannot explain certain things and never will. That dosnt stop development of such ideas.

  127. I rest my case.

  128. It really ticks me off when people who aren’t scientists/engineers/professionals try to tell scientists/engineers/professionals:

    #1: That everything they studied in college for 4+ years is wrong. Does that even make sense? Getting a degree doesn’t make one an instant expert, but it can sure lead one in the right path of not being an ignorant amateur.

    #2: How to to their jobs, or that they’re not doing something right, based on “what they think is right”. This one gets me red just thinking about it. Sadly, many legislators fall into this category. If someone ever tells me that they know best, and they use their vast years of google/wikipedia knowledge versus my years of training and schooling, I’ll punch them right in the throat.

    In case you didn’t want to read the above crap, here’s my point: Let the trained professionals do their job, and stay out of the friggin’ way. The people who have studied physical laws in a formal sense who can’t replicate these experiments in a controlled setting probably know a thing or two. For instance, that it’s bogus.

    Remember cold fusion?

  129. ultrajv:

    The cold fusion issue wont go away :


  130. Yeah, it’s really a shame what’s become of New Scientist.

    While we’re talking about silly issues that won’t go away, apparently neither will this:


  131. ultrajv:

    Odd that you think Cold Fusion is a silly issue. The article I posted above from New Scientist by the US navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego, California has been published in Naturwissenschaften which counts Albert Einstein,
    Werner Heisenberg and Konrad Lorenz among its eminent past authors, maybe they all had silly ideas too like Relativity or The Uncertainty Priciple :-)

  132. Yes, well, Nature published an article by Targ and Puthoff on psychic phenomena as well. I note that I have to pay $4.95 to see the answer to the breathlessly asked “Could it really be true that nuclear fusion …”

    I’m going to save my money.

  133. ultrajv:

    A little more form the article :

    “The density of tracks registered by a CR-39 detector was found to be of a magnitude that provides undisputable evidence of their nuclear origin. The experiments were reproducible.”


  134. ultrajv:

    P.S – Im all for Skepticism of such subjects but just saying it aint so isnt a full scientific rebuttal.

  135. Yeah, I read that too. Well then, where’s the reproduction? Look, I’d love for it to be true, of course. Just like I’d love it to be true that the orbo (http://www.steorn.com/orbo/) is real.

    It’s not up to me to provide a scientific rebuttal. I’m not an experimental physicist. If someone shows me a time machine or a Star Trek style transporter, I won’t believe it until I personally see it work in such a way that trickery and mistakes are ruled out or it’s independently confirmed by knowledgeable people with no stake in it.

    Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. I hope he and his team are able to provide it.

  136. annon:

    pseudoscientist types are very similar to cult types who are almost religious about their beliefs, irregardless of a lack of evidence. Bearden is very very privy to alot of suppressed non-public information, this I know. Having had access to John’s video library that has been aquired through his entertainment contacts, I have seen private seminars privately taped from the audience. Bearden seems to know what time it is, has a passion for fringe sciences, and is not using his influence to push his own inventions. He seems too smart to be doing all he does just for attention. In certain circles, politics have an influence. I am not in a position to be able to verify everything he says, much is beond my understanding, or interest. What I can personally confirm is this.. there are real devices being suppressed, I have 2 in my possesion. I am from missoura in that respect, “show me state”, I would have always suspected, but never firmly believed until I observed free energy in my own hand. Unless someone keeps breaking into my house for the last couple of years, and recharges my crystal battery… the damn thing keeps on working. I test it with a couple of my scopes from time to time, it has not diminished at all. I appreciate the skeptics. But the armchair knowitalls should withdraw from the conversation. Some of us are trying to get working prototypes into your homes at great self sacrifice and personal expense irregardless of a proffit or business plan. Who keeps repeating bullcrap funfacts put forward by some idiot on wikipedia? Whoever believes the idiot who keeps reverting to unsubstanciated crap should blow away. There are very few intelligent persons out there, the rest just read one paragraph, and claim to know something. What good is a skeptic who does nothing other than put forward argumentative opinions? Just another useless mouth. As for reproducing effects, John is not too very co-operative any longer. Those he elected to show are reproducing effects. Why should he keep giving info away, hes broke as hell. cut off from all funding these days. I wouldnt help the greedy theiving scientists who sell out his principals to build weapons for amerika either. He still wants to do documentaries to inspire people, however.. if some one was to put a price on anti gravity, how much would it be worth if it was your invention? would you just give it away? John asked for 8 million$ for his entire lab, and all the instruction he has to reproduce it. No one bought the lab. His lawyers told him to hold out for 22 million, he thought it would be a quick sale at 8, but no takers. So he is pacing himself with small film productions and private ventures and still looking for retirement options, he is human after all… really sad circumstances. no good deed goes unpunnished tho, does it?

  137. Ultrajv:

    Electrogarvitic experiments are fairly easy to do. A weighing scale with a home made capacitor on one side and more than 30kv going across to it will show weight reduction. If you put a plastic bag over the capacitor, it shows thats its not Ion wind. The problem here is making it do real work. As the voltage increases, it gets harder to make it work without flashover. As for Zero point – its easy to get results but again they arnt useful for doing much real work. If the brave pioneers of devices that show this would publish (with more than silly unfinished diagrams) and make it free to all. This would end the situation. Spread it freely to the Public Domain. Its beacuse everyone wants to make a buck and sell teh ideas that it causes trouble.

  138. I’ll certainly agree with annon when he/she says “pseudoscientist types are very similar to cult types who are almost religious about their beliefs, irregardless of a lack of evidence.” (Though “irregardless” isn’t a word.)

    It’s just simply amazing where we could be if it weren’t for the evil scientists, the military, the oil companies, etc. And yet, compare the life we all lead (computers, broadband connections, cable and satellite tv, airline travel, weather satellites, mri scans, anesthesia, etc., etc., etc.) and these have been brought to us by…

    The evil scientists.

  139. annon:

    Have you ever heard of the rife machine? It diagnosed and cured all mannor of illness in the 30′s. Yet another legend… modern medicine would say it never existed, or was exaggerated. Cancer and tuberculosis were among the cured illnesses.. Tesla in the late 1800′s claimed he could cure TB with an electrical device of his design, T Henry Moray used radio active materials with his bare hands alot, witnesses observed the malignant growths on his hands, he would use an electrical device of his own design to regrow new skin on his hands repeatedly. He thought nothing of it at all. Nowadays they use “laser therapy” to do almost anything… regrow hair, remove hair, cure vision problems, quit smoking, and there is much more to be rediscovered. This laser stuff mimics the rife machine by using a frequency to manipulate dna, genes, and cell structure. All they do is modify the wave form, pulse it and so on, just the way Rife claimed his machine worked.

    As for the evil scientists, its the funding, its source, and their principals are exchanged for cash. If they dont co-operate, their funding ceases and they are ostracised from the scientific community. I heard a wicked conspiracy theory.. nazi germans secretly invested trillions into pharmacuticles just before the end of WW2. Their swiss accounts were turned into secret investments. And to this day, they want to keep us all sick, and use us like cattle while they live very long healthy lives. Everyone likes a good conspiracy I guess. I do belive the rife machine existed though.

  140. annon:

    By the way, John gave the go ahead to make public the crystal battery recipie. It has been posted on wiki, here is the gist of it…

    Hutchison and his supporters surmise that these phenomena arise from zero-point energy or the Casimir effect. Hutchison also says that he invented a form of batteries, which he calls “Crystal Battery” or “Hiroshima cells”, which he describes as obtaining energy from the quantum vacuum using the Casimir effect. These batteries have been labeled by some as over-unity devices, however according to the claims made by Hutchison this would be incorrect. The basic formula for the batteries described by John includes: Rochelle salts, Gallum, Iron Pyrite, and Germainium. These are cooked and mixed with a variety of different compounds to vary strength. As the mixture cools inside the vessel of choice, an electrode is placed in the center. As the mixture solidifies, a high voltage current induced aligns the platelets of the different chemicals. A magnet is also used to to continuiously induce a flow of electrons which accumulate to the post. The germainium acts as a valve, or diode allowing electrons to travel in only one direction, thus creating a sustaining flow that never stops. The largest battery of this type ever created had a potential of about one million volts. Due to inconsistancies in the mixture, it became unstable and exploded covering the lab with powder. This device used in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer or scope has been used in the location of oil and mineral deposits from the air coupled with an old laptop. John Hutchison alledges George Lisicase stole a prototype shortly after the discovery, profitting to the tune of 70 million dollars. A friend of his alleges it detects “ghosts”, another uses a variation as a remote lie detector. As far as John himself admits, the electricity produced may be parasitic, feeding from cell towers and near by microwaves.

    His site will elaborate more in the near future, he hopes anyone who tries it out succeeds and furthers his own research. he recommends making individual cells, and hooking them together in banks, seiries or parrallel depending on the load. He left off at the point where he was having difficulty with consistancy between the cells, and they will over heat and short if overloaded. Of course there are many remedies, slow capacitor storage, new vacuum chamber prep chaimbers.. we have full confidence in the people finding solutions to the consistancy problems. Every battery he ever made had different attributes.

  141. Ultrajv:

    Im sorry but that sounds riduculous. Theres less science in there than in Tom and Jerry. Anyone can use a diode with an antenna to get energy, not from Zero pint but from radio waves. This is why the scientuific community laugh at such claims. Again money is mentioned. Id rather trust Hal Putoff.

  142. Al:

    Money? Are you broke, or just looking for a handout? Id rather trust a street begger.

  143. ultrawhat?:

    I see youve taken 30 seconds out of your day to yap about things you know little about. How did you come up with all that time? Go with out sex for an entire day? As for your claim about “Anyone can use a diode with an antenna to get energy” have you done this? I have, I would like to compare notes since you know all about rectennas. Radio waves eh? You know all about that too, so… you are aware that zero point is a frequency band far beond what we can see or hear? The entire upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum in fact. Look at a chart of the entire spectrum, know it all. As for laughing, perhapse your useless grammar is just as funny to other people. And money is mentioned eh? What are you supposing, free energy is like free love? we just drive around like hippies in vw busses giving away zero point batteries, teaching grammar, and putting up with losers? Did some care company just give you a car because you scoffed at the technology behind it? It just goes to show, without any compensation at all, John gave up his most common recepie so people who were interested could mix it up and try it themselves, and some loser comes along and wants one bought paid for and delivered just so he will give his loser faceless endorsement on some blog. Hey idiot, do you have anything to offer?? Done anything of value lately? Made anything? Come up with any new theories on anything of importance? Is it all the attention John has gotten that really bothers you so much? Is there something you would like to talk about? Perhaps this Hal person you mentioned you like? Tell us all about “Hal” We can shift the blog over to discuss your discoveries if you really need that. Remember there are no irrelevant discoveries, just irrelevant discoverers. Tell us all about your failed battery experiment, you must have mixed some stuff up and tried it before you mouthed off here, no wonder your so upset. Lets all talk about your dissapointment, and how it made you feel. Tell us, do you feel like a clown? You sure type like one. I bet your single, if your half as a concieted egmaniac your posts here would lead us to believe, it might explain why you spend time being a phoney debunker. If your gonna do something do it right. Go get an education comic book guy.

  144. Mel:

    Hahaha! Ya!

  145. Wow. You leave a blog for a few days and see what happens. But I’m going to be leaving for good. I don’t think anybody will change anyone’s mind. It’s really sad to see the lack of critical thinking and analytical abilities in the populace these days. It’s not just an expression, I’m genuinely sad for the future when people swallow this stuff uncritically. And I’m afraid the internet has hurt rather than helped.

    Well, I can’t say it’s been fun. It’s been educational but I don’t like what I’ve learned.

  146. ultrajv:

    Im with Rob. I built crystal sets that needed no power when I was 12 (theyve been around since the 1900s) Not much effort needed to build one. You post a lot of crap about some idiot making millions. Im fully aware of the idea of Zero point, same problem as anti gravity in as much as making it work on a larger scale. I will refrain from insults, it shows a lack of education. Im not interested in crackpot theories, only workable ideas. Rob said it all.

  147. Hutchison Effect caught on tape in High Def
    Posted on Monday, June 04, 2007 @ 23:56:45 PDT by vlad

    ROB SIMONE writes: Hi Bill,

    I was just at John’s apt/laboratory with a camera crew for new TV series i’m co-producing and hosting. We shot for over 7 hours, in High Def, and captured some extraordinary footage.

    You may ask about the HGH bottle that floated in the air for the better part of 20 min. It was constant and controlled…..stunning…:)

    It seemed to have ‘over-driven’ some of the components, I’m not sure if that is a common problem…

    Rob Simone


    William Alek wrote: Hello all,

    Tomorrow night, I’ll be having dinner with the legend, John Hutchison, Terry Brady and Steve Elswick of Tesla Tech, and Gary Voss of TAP-TEN research. If anyone has any questions they would like to ask of the group, please send me an email?


    William S. Alek, INTALEK, INC.
    7760 E. State Rte 69 Ste C5-381
    Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
    PHONE: 928.255.0198
    URL: http://www.intalek.com/

    Tim Ventura writes: Hi Rob –


    Your description (below) sounds absolutely remarkable.

    I would very sincerely ask you to document EVERY aspect of the experience to the best of your ability – in writing would be the best, although if you’d like to schedule some time for an audio interview I could record (you have a show as well, but there might be some advantage to a targeted recording for posterity). For instance, Harold Berndt noticed a buzzing-noise like an over-driven tube-resonance right before the event he witnessed last year – a small detail that may offer us a scientific explanation, and I suspect there may be several things like this that you might not remember noticing even a month or two from now. I’m also incredibly relieved that you got this footage on tape.

    Historically speaking, the problem with Hutchison has been the following:

    1. Skeptics questioning the intelligence & credibility of people witnessing the effect.
    2. The claim that Hutchison is “psychic” and the effect is thus irreproducible.
    3. The claim that Hutchison is performing a hoax (by tipping the room upside down, hidden wires, etc)

    The “psychic” or “PK” claim has been the most insidious & pervasive: it was first listed as a possibility by John Alexander, but subsequently picked up by other scientists as evidence to explain away a series of anomalies that appeared to threaten the existing paradigm of many people’s scientific knowledge. In reality Hutchison’s work threatens nothing, and offers a lot of potential, but psychologically this explanation has become a tool for the scientific community to assuage their guilt at having no ready explanation for the effect.

    What’s REALLY needed (in your documentary, hopefully), are observers who will come forward and sincerely testify about what they’ve seen in an accurate manner. John Alexander has done this effectively & fairly in past programs, despite never having reportedly seen the effect himself. However, most documentaries are entirely 3rd person, and it would help very much to build public interest if you could speak in a personal manner about your experience studying the paranormal and what it leads you to believe about what you’ve seen.

    I’d like to say three things for the record on this:

    First, there are a number of possible avenues for understanding how the Hutchison Effect works, and I believe all of them will lead us to an array of remarkable new technologies. While many scientists and inventors have explored a few of these in the past, Hutchison has never had the full financial & scientific apparatus to conduct a real research effort. My own belief is that with adequate infrastructure in place, it should be possible to fully harness this effect and integrate it into today’s science in a beneficial manner.

    Second, while John has been the victim of small minds and some irrational fear by agencies like the Canadian EPA, I do NOT believe that he has been the victim of a conspiracy to suppress his work. However, I am completely convinced that nagging doubts and a lack of understanding by the establishment has allowed this remarkable effect to “fall through the cracks” and prevent it from receiving the rigorous study that it otherwise would.

    Third, Hutchison’s work continues to receive interest at the highest levels of government and academia, but several groups that I’m acquaintanced with have expressed fear that they may ruin their own reputations by investing in such an unknown phenomenon. This fear is greatly compounded by several ignorantly skeptical comments that continue to circulate.

    It is because of these factors that I believe what you’ve already accomplished has TREMENDOUS value in terms of helping to keep the Hutchison Effect in the public spotlight and encourage public interest in what may one day lead to full-fledged scientific investigation. To date, I’ve found that everyone with any real knowledge of this effect and it’s history does not dispute that it occurs, and while there are many different speculations on the cause, I hope that your work is yet another block in the foundation of credibility that will help John’s work to change our world in a positive way.


    Timothy M. Ventura

  148. Hello John,

    I put out the story that Paris blogs to your web site, to a few media outlets. I point out that she is smarter than most people think. She explains to you how the media works in Hollywood, and welcomes you, and your upcoming Fox TV Show. In which you will reproduce the Philadelphia experiment as well as other impressive things.
    Paris has a very good grasps of how to arrange the media for it best impact and she’s teaching you. this is very smart. And that she knows of you makes her more dynamic. People will want to know who is john Hutchinson is. then your charisma will come in handy.

    If you start getting calls, this is what this is about. Be ready to talk about the Philly experiment, Ron, Anti- Gravity experiments, Celebrity guest.plus Paris will be on the show. Because we will invite her.

    If all the talk is about Paris, then milk it and talk about as much as they want. Such as :
    It was very generous of Paris to inform me of how the media works. She is interested in many things.
    Safe kind statements.

    Thanks, Robert

  149. HI John !

    Thanks for the heads up,
    hope all is well, the show pilot
    has been presented to several leading
    networks, and there is great interest,
    i’ll update you with any news,


    John Hutchison wrote:

  150. Hello John,

    I hear what you are saying. she need only talk or be in 1 episode It doesn’t matter if they hate Paris. I know people hate Steven S. just as much or more.
    Paris has a hit show (The simple life)that has gone on for 5 seasons on FOX. People use to hate Howard Stern in the same way 20 years ago.
    Yet people kept watching. they couldn’t stop watching or listing to Howard. Now he’s worth 800 million.
    Paris is the same. If they hate her so much stop paying attention to her. Yet they won’t. Her paying attention to you will go all over the world. There will be other celeb’s which we will want to meet you because she did.

    thank you, Robert

  151. Hello John,

    We are moving forward with your show and insisting it be made while we have this delay, or we will change representation by CAA. I will let you know what take’s place.
    If you have photos of your new levitations. Please send so I may impress others.

    Thank you, Robert

  152. Hello John,

    I put out the story that Paris blogs to your web site, to a few media outlets. I point out that she is smarter than most people think. She explains to you how the media works in Hollywood, and welcomes you, and your upcoming Fox TV Show. In which you will reproduce the Philadelphia experiment as well as other impressive things.
    Paris has a very good grasps of how to arrange the media for it best impact and she’s teaching you. this is very smart. And that she knows of you makes her more dynamic. People will want to know who is john Hutchinson is. then your charisma will come in handy.

    If you start getting calls, this is what this is about. Be ready to talk about the Philly experiment, Ron, Anti- Gravity experiments, Celebrity guest.plus Paris will be on the show. Because we will invite her.

    If all the talk is about Paris, then milk it and talk about as much as they want. Such as :
    It was very generous of Paris to inform me of how the media works. She is interested in many things.
    Safe kind statements.

    Thanks, Robert.

  153. Hello John,

    She doesn’t need to do anything. Other than introduce or explain what you are about to do.
    This will creates a lot of interest.
    If you remember Arthur miller and Marilyn Monroe. What was he doing with her. Arthur was cerebral man.
    She did not seem like it but was. We may have the same here.

    P. S. I wrote her when she went to jail. I told her to stay positive and when she gets out, I would take her flying in my helicopter far fro the paparazzi She sent me an elegant photo and a nice letter.


  154. John –

    Do not forward or I will seriously kick your ass…I’ve been drinking beer, so I’m being more honest than usual. Jesus, breaking my own rules…

    NGEO is National Geographic.

    “XXXXX” is OSD – and the “aerospace exec” I told you about is actually is Paul’s boss — an undersecretary of defense. Not sure which one…

    They’ve been pushing BPP (and your work) into the Pentagon for about 2+ years now – the Pentagon presentation I told you about was their biggest push. Remember – standing ovation? That was CIA, DIA, NRO, USAF, and a few others….about 400 officers in a joint briefing, at least that’s what I was told.

    They’ve been fighting on behalf of your research like crazy for the last couple of years, mostly because of the footage that we put together. They want to fund you. GXXXX doesn’t (he would, but doesn’t have the budget). If they fund you, it will be pure science, not weaponized..

    PXXX is a believer, but his boss is still skeptical – that’s why I need to get solid footage with HZXXX. If I can get that, you’ll have somebody really valuable at your place in the very near future.

    THAT is the reason that I’ve been bugging you so much lately — you’re amazingly close. Closer than John Alexander, who was a Lt. Colonel. Right now we’re at the undersecretary of Defense, and I know that Rumsfeld has looked at your work also. If we can put together a couple of hours of solid footage, then we’re set. Then you’ll have a lab, and I’ll quit pestering you.

    BTW – If it matters, the “funders” that I told you about are Army Intelligence out of Ft. Meade (NSA). They showed up about 6 months ago. Mostly their interest is having me cover aXXXXXXX conferences, but my handler is friends with PXX, so part of our deal was letting me cover XXXresearch without being censored. (I didn’t ask about UFO’s, and I have no clue about anything else).

    From: john hutchison [mailto:heffect@infinet.net]
    Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 12:40 AM
    Subject: RE: XXXX and I coming over..?

    Hi tim what is ngeo ?? what does lisa want ?? she can have it as it leads to good things in the long term I got it here


    Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 2:31 PM
    To: ‘john hutchXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Subject: RE: XXXXXXand I coming over..?

    HI John –

    Are you going to be home tomorrow? We’d like to give it at least a shot then.

    I know that you’re frustrated – I’m not in any better position than you are. I’m doingXXXXXXXX on the weekends just to help pay the bills, which are escalating out of control. Nobody in my audience gives a shit: I sent out some funding requests last month and got back nothing. It’s generalized apathy on a massive-scale — at least in your case you can pull up stakes and find someplace to go.

    Lisa’s not going to be able to help – Coast and NGEO want the footage for their audience, and that’s it. In my case, I don’t want your existing footage, but I’d like to shoot some of my own for the Air Force guys. If I can take them footage of the effect plus my first-hand word that it happened when I was there, then I think they’ll fund you like they promised to. Also,XXXXXXfrom the STAIF Conference also wants to visit in the next couple of weeks, and he knows a bunch of aerospace-industry execs that can help…he was talking about bringing one of them with him.

    I’ve been trying to get you funding for a long time – since we visited last year. I keep getting told that everybody loves your work, but they’re nervous about putting money into it without solid confirmation that it’s a real effect. That’s why I need to be there (otherwise I could just stay home & take XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX If we can get you funding, I still won’t get anything out of it, but at least it will be a way to help a friend pay his bills, and it may even lead you into funding for a research lab.

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX can pay for XXXXX, Arizona where they’re going to put this thing together. It’s going to take setting up the XXXX first to make it financially practical, but that’s the best they can do. I’m telling you buddy, nobody has cash at the moment, which is why the Air Force & aerospace industry is such a compelling opportunity – at present, they’re the only game in town.

    Anyhow, let us drop by tomorrow afternoon — if nothing else, we can get your worries on tape, and maybe that’ll help the situation. If you want to fire up the equipment, maybe we can capture some footage, and I can use that to strong-arm the USAF guys, and XXXwill use it to sell his aerospace-exec on a trip up to your place.



    From: john hutchison [mailto:heffect@infinet.net]
    Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 1:47 PM
    Cc: XXXXX
    Subject: REXXXXXX and I coming over..?

    Hi guys lisa is on standby this stuff is for the originators as well as XXX tv I think I indicated that in my email unless you guys want to ship XXXXX is getting results with his XXX hes my student of many who is willing to learn this stuff iam calling it a wrap and getting out of here plus theres already a number of complaints DO I CARE NO cheers john


    Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 10:01 AM
    To: john hutchison
    Subject: XXXand I coming over..?

    Hi John… I just got off the phone with XX who called me as he and I would be very interested in coming over with both our video cameras to capture as much as possible while your up and running. If tomorrow is convenient, XXXXXX could be up fromXXXXX by 11 or noon and we could position the two cameras for best results should something happen. And as a side benefit, I also think it just might be a good opportunity to get you back on Coast as XXXXX and I could put together a good synopsis of what you’re doing and then we could suggest to Coast that they have you back on (if your interested in that)?

    XXXXX will also be in touch with you and I’ll try calling you a little later when I’m in New West as my son and I will be working out at the Canada Games pool todayXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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    Tuesday, October 3, 2006
    Elaine Smitha’s Evolving Ideas

    Live Interview with Filmmaker Jim Cherry, about the soon to be released
    story of John Hutchison, titled: The Poltergeist.
    Hutchison, a self educated physicist, is a living symbol of the new energy
    movement. His controversial anti-gravity experiments are unexplainable,
    except when measured against the electromagnetic fields and their mysterious

  155. Junior Member

    Registered: 02-21-07
    Posts: 3 Posted 10-20-07 09:09 PM The fact is the agent in charge for researching this effect by the department of navaal research admitts that Lockhed Martin has succesfulley duplicted the effects. Proven and factual on the Discovery channel’s documentry of the Hutchison effect. If you cant trust the discovery channels findings then please ask Adam and Jamie the put it to the test.
    Ignored post by cjparad posted 10-20-07 09:09 PM Show Post


    Registered: 10-19-07
    Posts: 37 Posted 10-20-07 09:31 PM Hutchison Effect caught on tape in High Def
    Posted on Monday, June 04, 2007 @ 23:56:45 PDT by vlad

    ROB SIMONE writes: Hi Bill,

    I was just at John’s apt/laboratory with a camera crew for new TV series i’m co-producing and hosting. We shot for over 7 hours, in High Def, and captured some extraordinary footage.

    You may ask about the HGH bottle that floated in the air for the better part of 20 min. It was constant and controlled…..stunning…

    It seemed to have ‘over-driven’ some of the components, I’m not sure if that is a common problem…

    Rob Simone


    William Alek wrote: Hello all,

    Tomorrow night, I’ll be having dinner with the legend, John Hutchison, Terry Brady and Steve Elswick of Tesla Tech, and Gary Voss of TAP-TEN research. If anyone has any questions they would like to ask of the group, please send me an email?

  156. As mentioned in Wikipedia, many armchair skeptics have presented explanations for how the footage of the Hutchison-Effect might be faked. Often cited as an example is a piece of video shot by Peter Von Puttkamer in 2003 showing what appears to be a toy UFO suspended on a string as evidence. The video, which aired in a Canadian television broadcast, includes a narrative that describes a single-wire transmission system that John was experimenting with on a particular day. It is not considered to be part of the “classic” Hutchison-Effect, and has no bearing on the veracity of experimental footage shot during the 1980′s. The experiment and its intent has been often misinterpreted due to early streaming-video of the footage, which excluded the explanatory narrative.

    Another common skeptical accusation is that Hutchison is “tilting the room” (presumably an enclosure that can be rotated on it’s axis without changing the camera orientation). This is provided as evidence that simple camera trickery is used to provide the antigravity & levitation effects shown in a variety of Hutchison Effect videoclips. Close examination of the original “lost footage” clearly shows, however, that Hutchison’s footage is shot in a variety of areas in concrete-floored rooms, and full-length footage often shows floor-to-ceiling camera-pans that would be impossible for a mounted camera to achieve.

    To clarify for the record, the burden of proof appears to demonstrate that the Hutchison Effect is a real and demonstrable natural effect, and that Hutchison is not faking the effect for publicity, money, or other motives.

    Interviews with Dr. George Hathaway, Col. John Alexander, and television crews from Japan, Europe, and several networks in North America all verify that documented effects have been witnessed by many people at once, caught on multiple cameras (both amateur and professional), and do not involve simple trickery.

    Other skeptics have suggested that while the Effect is real, it is not a natural phemenon, but instead a “psychic” or “PK” (psychokinesis) effect. This seemingly outlandish notion is the result of a report filed by a Stanford Research Institute team in the 1980′s, who were funded by INSCOM Colonel John Alexander and focused primarily on researching suspected psychic-phenomenon.

    While this team verified that the Hutchison Effect did occur, they were unable to provide a scientific explanation for it, and thus described it as being psycho-kinetic in nature. Hutchison has speculated that the effect might also have been described as PK in order to keep it from being classified by the Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) as important to national security.

    Recent Events
    During DVD filming by American Antigravity, we were unable to capture the H-Effect on film due to Hutchison lacking the RF-tube equipment that he used throughout the 1980′s to generate the classic effect. This inability (from 1992 to 2006) to recreate the classic Hutchison Effect is in fact the reason that Hutchison was experimenting with other projects, such as the single-wire transmission system filmed by Peter Von Puttkamer. During part of this period of time, John was also under a voluntary test restriction by the local Vancouver mayor, who previously received calls from panicked neighbors during John’s experiments.

    In March 2006, this situation changed when a former colleague of Hutchison’s – Alex Cherechesku – moved to a new house in Vancouver, and during the move returned an original RF tube amplifier to John that had been presumed lost over a decade earlier. Hutchison immediately began new experimentation, and during filming with well-known Canadian paranormal investigator Harold Berndt, was able to demonstrate several hundred pounds of equipment slam itself into an apartment wall with no apparent causal force. American Antigravity plans a return trip to attempt to capture the effect hopefully before the end of the year in 2007.

    Recent Speculation
    PhD Electrical Engineer James Corum co-authored a paper in 1981 with graduate-student Terry Keech where they analyzed how the metric tensor & gravity would be modified for a time-varying electric charge. The calculations that they derived & published suggest that a time-varying electric-charge can produce a ‘gravitational repulsion’ or negative gravitational-mass. Click Here

    International Journal of Theoretical Physics (IJTP); Volume 20, 1981, pp. 63-68; Terry Keech and James Corum “New Derivation for the field of a time-varying charge in Einstein’s Field-Theory”.

    Dr. George Hathaway and American Antigravity’s Tim Ventura believe that the jellification effects demonstrated by Hutchison may come from a disruption of valence-electron binding by resonant RF interference.

    Ventura has designed an experiment to potentially verify this theory by recording the Hutchison Effect on an active sample using a logging multimeter, and then re-apply the same complex RF signal to the same signal at a later time using a linear-amplifier to match the original amplitude. Thus, while the original effect requires a complex arrangement of RF and high-voltage equipment to produce, it may be reproduced with a very simplistic and well-understood apparatus, verifying that a specific resonant signal is what causes the effect, and not psychokinetic or other causal factors.

    Another notable factor has come to light since 2005 that also may play an important role in explaining the effect. Hutchison notes that the jellification effect begins in the middle of his sample (lengthwise), at least in the of long aluminum, brass, and steel bars. This may indicate that the length of the sample plays a role in coupling the RF signal that creates the effect to a specific sample


  158. Posted by: “enixer” enixer@wpswireless.com enixer_gkshow

    Sat Oct 20, 2007 4:25 pm (PST) Omg …. I got a delivery failure trying to email the director of that site
    his name is Khoury.. Can all you guys email him and ask what happened to the
    Cooper videos???
    Heres his email… Let me know if you get a delivery failure also…

    Huggs, E
    Hi E,
    Now this doesn’t surprise me. A few years ago I butted heads with this Khoury guy. I posted answers to the lies he was telling in his group and he kicked me out. I even talked to him on the phone and after checking him out determined he was apparently some not too bright hired thug on maybe the CIA payroll who was out there to spread disinformation. I caught him in a lot of lies in other groups, showed definitive information about the truth, and he started threatening me. LOL

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  159. Hey John,
    It looks like you’re getting pretty popular being that you’re going to be on the science channel. Congratulations!!!


  160. John:

    Getting these various toys made small is going to be essential to keeping the various electronic and electrical systems and compact AND reasonably cheap. Good thinking John as we cannot finalize the final cut & bend blueprint design until we have cube measured all the pieces of the systems and determined how we are going to wire it up. Dr. Mark Pesses the physicist and Chief scientist at SAIC in D.C. is apparently willing to hep us get what we are going to need produced off books at his firm after hours. He is reportedly going on payroll for RP to help us get this done including meeting and teaming up with Elizabeth to write the math of the RAM physics. With Colin McCavett at STARA Inc. in Tucson providing us the RC controls and other aspects for the various rig systems, that could make construction a real possible in 120 days. I want you to consider involving John Bedini in this effort as to finalizing our construction and testing. His machines are really beautiful works of electrical engineering art and he likes to work with HV resistant acrylics to construct his rigs. We have a good wire to him via William Gazeki the documentary film producer in L.A. take a look at his web sites and let me know your feelings on this.

  161. Fox rocks .Check it out

  162. You have left your “Mark” everywhere !!


  163. Levitation has been elevated from being pure science fiction to science fact, according to a study reported today by physicists.
    > In theory the discovery could be used to levitate a person
    > In earlier work the same team of theoretical physicists showed that invisibility cloaks are feasible.
    > Now, in another report that sounds like it comes out of the pages of a Harry Potter book, the University of St Andrews team has created an ‘incredible levitation effects’ by engineering the force of nature which normally causes objects to stick together.
    > Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin, from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, have worked out a way of reversing this pheneomenon, known as the Casimir force, so that it repels instead of attracts.
    > Their discovery could ultimately lead to frictionless micro-machines with moving parts that levitate But they say that, in principle at least, the same effect could be used to levitate bigger objects too, even a person.
    > advertisementThe Casimir force is a consequence of quantum mechanics, the theory that describes the world of atoms and subatomic particles that is not only the most successful theory of physics but also the most baffling.
    > The force is due to neither electrical charge or gravity, for example, but the fluctuations in all-pervasive energy fields in the intervening empty space between the objects and is one reason atoms stick together, also explaining a “dry glue” effect that enables a gecko to walk across a ceiling.
    > Now, using a special lens of a kind that has already been built, Prof Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin report in the New Journal of Physics they can engineer the Casimir force to repel, rather than attact.
    > Because the Casimir force causes problems for nanotechnologists, who are trying to build electrical circuits and tiny mechanical devices on silicon chips, among other things, the team believes the feat could initially be used to stop tiny objects from sticking to each other.
    > Prof Leonhardt explained, “The Casimir force is the ultimate cause of friction in the nano-world, in particular in some microelectromechanical systems.
    > Such systems already play an important role – for example tiny mechanical devices which triggers a car airbag to inflate or those which power tiny ‘lab on chip’ devices used for drugs testing or chemical analysis.
    > Micro or nano machines could run smoother and with less or no friction at all if one can manipulate the force.” Though it is possible to levitate objects as big as humans, scientists are a long way off developing the technology for such feats, said Dr Philbin.
    > The practicalities of designing the lens to do this are daunting but not impossible and levitation “could happen over quite a distance”.
    > Prof Leonhardt leads one of four teams – three of them in Britain – to have put forward a theory in a peer-reviewed journal to achieve invisibility by making light waves flow around an object – just as a river flows undisturbed around a smooth rock.
    > Post this story to: del.icio.us | Digg | Newsvine | NowPublic | Reddit

  164. John,” From Paris Hilton John ? Gordon does he want me in the film ? Let me backtrack into an idea lol ;; I’ve been successful at every last thing I’ve done since that time (except personal relationships, but I think I now understand why I do that to myself, too…another time for that discussoin, though, especially as I have left that behind me now). WHY have I been successful? Because every time I walked into an interview, or tried to do/accomplish something, I did it from that same mindset…and there was a principle at play here — act like you already are. Step into the role…and it becomes yours. Believe. Faith in the mystery. Simple analogy here. Someone doesn’t need to understand WHY flipping the switch makes the light go on…they just need to believe they should flip the switch, to take advantage of the technology. John, the believing…It has NEVER failed. I believe in this principle, completely, totally. I also believe that reality is, for lack of a better way to verbalize it, largely under our control. That we script our own lives to a very large degree. People get caught up in their dramas, and forget that at any moment, we can completely walk, totally flip the script. But it is ever there. It is a powerful thing to know, and I’ve done it, seen others do it. Many best-selling self-help books are based on it, too. Think and Grow Rich, for instance.

    Anyhow…here goes. I want a partner —someone who is willing to toy with reality with me..someone to help me write a script, and see what happens. With complete intent. Far more so than what I played with over the years. Thing is, if you don’t believe in the script with every last atom of your being, it won’t work. It will automatically fail. What script? Anything we want, and I am pretty much open to trying ANY, as long as it doesn’t hurt, demean, or psychologically harm my kids, myself, or you if you find this idea intriguing enough to try. The script can be anything…we can work together, scripting a project as large or small as we like, and make it a reality. In an area totally expected, or so far out there it is unbelievable. It can be a unique friendship with magical qualities (believe the magic is there, and it will be). It can be an exploration of hard core scientific ‘facts’ that we seek to either support or undo, or it can be an exploration of the paranormal. Psychological explorations. ANYTHING, the only limits being our imagination. I know the examples I set herein aren’t revealing the deep power of this…and that perhaps I framed this in a way that is missing the passion that is possible in something like this..I am not talking of mundane things. I’m talking we write a script, agree it is going to be a reality, and make it happen. This is not like writing a business proposal (though I believe that that is WHY business proposals become reality…someone has set a path to making something concrete…I believe reality is about focus, and a business plan creates focus). I am talking about AGREEING TO A SCRIPT AND THEN CHANGING OUR PARADIGM IMMEDIATELY TO EMBRACE IT. Oh, I KNOW I’m not getting it right in here. I cannot put it into words tonight…why? Because it is so exciting to me that I can feel every atom of my being jumping about at the possibility. I’m talking it can be ANYTHING. Walk through walls? Why not? And if we can do things with machines…hmmm…maybe you will think this nuts, but I’ll try it on for size, learn a bit about you. I know I risk losing your respect here, perhaps. but so be it, truth and honesty come first. You can build a machine that can do unusual things…for instance, levitation. But see…ok, Bach put it best in illusions (I’m going to paraphrase, it has been forever since I read it). He wanted to fly –without a plane. Figures that planes took so long to be invented because noone believed they could be. Once someone believed, bam, it was made into reality. HOwever, the person(s) imagining flight were imagining it with machines. If you believe you can fly without a machine, it is merely a matter of experimenting until you find the right way…same thing they did when experimenting with machines that could fly. In other words, once you believe it is possible, you apply yourself to discovering the principles. For instance, you can make things levitate with the aid of a machine. Well, what if you shift the paradigm and believe you can make things levitate WITHOUT a machine. What if you modify the definition of machine to include YOUR BRAIN OR BODY CHEMISTRY as a machine…could you then begin to reframe it all, with looking to levitate with the aid of a new machine, your brain? Or with the electrical impulses in your body? From there you can start to examine your biology, in relation to the chemical makeup of the world around you. Are there ways in which they interact that can be manipulated, without a machine, but with some approach akin to biofeedback (ah, not exactly, but I am trying to NOT write an entire book to you tonight, lol…are you getting the idea? Is this totally insane? ).

    I have talked this over with the other PERSON on many occasions. At one point, when we were both already in a relationship, we were discussing WHY arranged marriages seem to turn out so well (the studies on this are astounding). Yes, there is something to the fact that perhaps the parents are choosing well, based on compatability factors, and matching up socio-economic levels, etc. BUT, what if it were not because of that, but because of the paradigm. You are entering into a relationship based upon the premise that it is going to work. You walk down that aisle, perhaps seeing your husband for the first time, and you go home, and you make it work. That is all. No questions asked. This is reality . You are married, and it is going to work. We used to toy with the idea (we were both pretty unhappy in the relationships we were in at the time, lol). What if we had found a like-minded soul, someone we could trust inherently, know competely, and sat down and wrote a script? There is a song by Jewel called Painters. She tells of a couple who made their love an art to live by…created blueprints for their love. This song sort of captures a bit of this concept…you agree to do something, and manifest it. SEE???? This principle can be applied to ANYTHING. (I’m going to attach the lyrics to the song below, it is such a cool thing,l think).

    I believe the love story of authors Henry Miller and Anais Nin is one of the greatest in history (not the greatest, but definitely ONE of the greatest). I have a sneaking suspicion that they did something similar to this. Their’s was bittersweet, they didn’t wind up together in the end. But I think they WANTED it that way…for they were writers, and they appreciated the tragic beauty of such a story, the poignancy. And each had their own life, their own love, their own interests. They created Miller and Nin, greatest love story of their time..with intent. More for the poetry, than pehaps for what was there.

    So see, it can be applied to anything. Let us build a flying machine never before seen, or a board game wherein the pawns electronically communicate with the board, and assess different situations, let us walk through a wall, or communicate with another dimension, or get to know an entity personally, as in very well, or open a museum just for kids unlike any that has ever before been seen, that blows away all science museums ever before seen…an imaginarium that pushes the limits; let us create a sci-fi story (fact or fiction, perhaps a combination of both) that pushes the limits; let us create our own frankenstein; let us convince authorities to let us camp out in the sphinx for a night…do you see what I’m saying? Let us begin a great game…let us break all rules, let us warp and distort reality, make our own stories, rescript life. lol, I guess I’m asking you to join me in an adventure, but not the kind people typically explore. When time allows after this jail MESS LOL OK??????

    I THINK what I’m proposing is that we become ‘partners in crime’ (lol, though I’m not talking crime per se, because I want permissions where permissions aren’t granted — oh, and btw, my friends and I , back then, would create little challenges, like ‘breaking a minor law, right in front of a police officer, and getting him to laugh about it wiht you’ – or getting the police and fire department who show up to close down your party to instead come join it when they are off duty, Well I think this jail time lol “”"”"Was not fun “”"Or to get the 80 y/o senator to come to the nightclub and dance on the speakers with you; to get John Updike to play telephone at the dinner table with you…we did all these things – oh, and to go out for an evening, and pretend you are named ginger and maryann, and go the whole night telling people your life story as if you really WERE stranded on an island, and to do it so in such a way that they believed you, and never caught on that you were taking it straight from the script of gilligan’s island). But I want to take it to new levels…with no limits.

    ANYTHING JOHN!!! And what I’m asking here is a simple experiment. Let us get creative, let our imaginations run wild, and try it out…something intriguing, unusual, out there. Just between us…no one else has to know. We can start oh-so-small. We don’t even have to meet to do it, even. I’m saying, let us be reality weavers, cloudbusters, whatever..but with intent, and with the complete commitment to the idea that we are not limited WHATSOEVER by laws of physics/nature/culture…

    I’m not saying be totally mad in this…or dangerous even. (oh, but the idea itself seems so dangerous…do you know what I mean when I say ideas can be dangerous? Not to others so much as ourselves…an idea can shake us to the core of our being…can change our entire world, leave us unsettled to the end of our days…!). I’m just saying…let us script something crazy, and make it reality.

    Sort of like Dungeons and Dragons, but different, lol. And real. If you think about it, where really IS the difference between fantasy and reality? You may be sitting there on your sofa, someone who has never traveled more than 50 miles from their home. You see a show that gets you thinking…I want to see Paris! Something inside you shifts, you believe now that you will see Paris. Next thing you know, you are saving money. Looking into fares. Taking time off from work. Booking your flight. Departing on that flight.

    What if you were sitting on your sofa, and instead of deciding you want to go to Japan lets say you decide you want to walk through walls? And something shifts inside you, you now believe that you WILL walk through walls. Well…the only thing that TRULY makes this more difficult to do than Japan is that no one has left you a blueprint…see, you know, be it from friends, or TV, or reading, or from experience, what planning a trip will involve. Well, planning to walk through walls, we don’t have good information on how to do that, and we haven’t seen it being done for real. We’ve seen others decide to go to Japan and make it happen, so it is TANGIBLE to us. WEll…those who first built flying machines were in the same position as the fella sitting on the couch deciding to walk through walls… no prior examples of success, no blueprints.

    YOU of all people should get this. You have been an explorer, a discoverer, a detective. What I’m proposing here is we pick ANYTHING. only imagination limits us. And we do it. More intentionally. And we document it. ANd if it is intriguing, we spoon feed the concept to the rest of the world. Give others a little magic to believe in. Open a few minds. Let others see that life is endless possibility. Because…it is. But people get trapped, and it is all illusion, it is only their own minds, their own imaginations that hold them back.

    OK, I can’t fully explain what I’m proposing here. I’m just saying…take this little bit that I put forth here, and let us play…like children…like god-children, children who have the ability to weave worlds…because isn’t that all ANY of us do when we write the script that is our life? Because let us be honest here, we DO write our scripts. OK, one can argue that the juvenile factors aren’t written by us…even if we don’t touch that one…who we are today is determined by us, by each choice we make along the way…oh, I hope I haven’t lost you here. I’m sleepy, and not getting this down as lucidly, as eloquently as I’d like.

    I approach you with this (and Laura and I have always been, till now, too afraid to share the idea with anyone else, because we didn’t think anyone else would get it…) because you are the explorer that you are, you have a solid education in both science and the paranormal, a tremendous imagination, and I have connected with you on a deep level that I think indicates (I could be wrong…in everything…in all things…that is my caveat) you have wha t it takes, and that we have enough in common on the levels where it is important, to make this happen.

    SO…do you want to try this little game? Write the script with me…whatever it may be. You can throw the subjects out there, I’m open to exploring pretty much any idea…again, if I am not comfortable with something, I will simply tell you it.

    Think on this. The possibilities are endless. I guess what I”m saying is this: Let’s explore the potential to STOP EVERYTHING and take as full a control of our destiny (in one small area at least) as we can. The examined life. The chosen life. The life uncommon.

    Doing this with a partner is, as Laura and I discussed, what will make it more real….someone to collaborate with.

    And yes, she and I did play with this a little bit. And on minor levels we have made it happen. Thing is, she and I have very different lives right now, as she has toddlers to raise, an out-of-work husband, and a huge law career that she is tryingt o juggle. Time to commit to changing any of that is what she lacks (ironic, as those are EXACTLY the kinds of things she could address..I think she is just afraid). SO…I’m proposing a leap in reality.

    LOL…and while I nkow what I mean by this, I also DO NOT know what I mean…meaning (lol) that I know it intuitively, but it is yet needing more focus…

    Am I making ANY sense at all? I’m talking, quite simply, taking the bull by the horns…but in something wherein most people don’t…any topic. any area of life. think about it…

    Or write me off as too much of a fruitcake to deal with…I wouldn’t blame you, to be honest.

    Anyhow, song lyrics are below….Hugs! Paris oops getting very ready to be released from here JAIL lol More medias Just like my first post remember ?thank you for saving them “John “PARIS HILTON” PXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 818XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX310XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 310XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  165. i talked to her on the forum once. She sounds like a good person at heart, but having her on your show is like mixing water with oil.
    your Bro for life(your stuck with me, ahhhhhh) xxxxxxxxx

    Thank you for returning our property.. I’ll bet you $1500.00 to your
    $15.00 this affair will in the years to come be looked upon by yourself
    and your lovely wife as your greatest financial mistake as even your
    friend Paul Mueller has said in writing you provided us with nothing of
    any value for our hard earned money much less the well discussed, defined
    and agreed to rig compnents parts manual. You and facts don’t get
    along well I’ve sadly discovered. How does it feel to take someone’s money
    and give them nothing you agreed to???

    Blocking my e-mails is a cowardly thing to do John. My belief now is
    you never intended to do the task once you discovered some real work was
    involved and were willing to sacrifice our friendship and a huge.very
    real fortune for a lousy $1.500.00 dollars. I find you and this dumb
    affair very sad as I really liked and admired you. Tell Paris hello for

    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

    Posted by John Hutchison at 12:30 AM 0 comments

    Tuesday, October 2, 2007
    more reality soap












    —– Original Message —–
    From: John Hutchison
    To: froni
    Subject: Fw: gordon novel and hutchison titans

    —– Original Message —–
    From: John Hutchison
    Sent: Monday, October 01, 2007 8:04 PM
    Subject: gordon novel and hutchison titans

    Adding to this I received phone calls from scientists who dropped off the scene as well as your sponsors as well as Hollywood film makers why they phone me ? warning me? lots anyway Gordon I worked a long time with urls for the engineering firms who would supply your team with how to build a flywheel ; d.c motors as well as switching units from Germany I hope you found that information o.k. as I understood this project it was to be high tech NOT INVOLVING PARIS HILTON WHO WAS WRITING ON ANOTHER TOPIC a comment you made anyway bitching and complaining does never works in getting any project going so 1500.00 is peanuts to what I get IN MY WORK MAN THE FELLOW PHONED ME UP ABOUT YOUR OR MONEY HE GAVE YOU REMEMBER ?????????PEACE CHILL OUT
    —– Original Message —


    Thank you for visiting CNN.com, a Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. site. Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy, we provide this statement explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used at this Turner site.

    g.novel@yahoo.com wrote:

    > John:
    > I am not the one who said he could do the job, took our money and then didn’t
    > perform. You have been legally requested to either do as you agreed or return
    > our money.
    > Moreover, you have our personal research property we also trusted you with. You
    > have been requested to return it forthwith. You are not responding to our
    > e-mails. If I don’t hear from you immediately as to: A) How you intend to
    > resolve this rig components parts manual problem; BE) When can we expect the
    > return of our personal property???
    > Should I not hear from you promptly as to properly resolving this matter, you
    > can expect to hear from David Hardy Esq. our RAM Teams civil counsel in Tucson,
    > Arizona preparatory to you forcing us to taking legal action to recover our
    > money and our property. John, face, money and our Team’s research work is not
    > something you want to play games with as it will inevitably cost you one way or
    > another dearly.
    > I genuinely like and admire you but I don’t like a little bit how you have
    > treated me since WE overpaid you. We can likely work this out PROVIDED you
    > intend to keep your end of our agreement. However, be damn well advised that I
    > am not known for tolerating double-dealers and fools well at all.
    > I suggest you call me before David calls you as I would prefer we remain
    > friends because you really cannot afford me for a foe. Those cc’s are all
    > lawyers who will join into this should that be required.
    > You will recall that I previously told you I was immediately prepared to make a
    > third trip to Phoenix to work with and help you do this task as you agreed to
    > do. Beyond that I cannot and will not go. The payback lagniappe for this
    > unnecessary grief that I want for the extra $500.00 WE gave you is a meeting
    > with Paris Hilton.
    > Please don’t make me your enemy!
    > GNU
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    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Bill an and Kerry Csidy
    > Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 01:29:53
    > To:
    > Cc:Ronald Polfi
    > Subject: Re: Your high voltage rig
    > Hi, Gordon – Bill here, sending to you and Ron only re this.
    > I’ve never met John HE, but have a keen idea of his personality and aptitudes.
    > He’s a brilliant and inspired intuitive hands-on experimenter but you can see
    > from his e-mails that writing anything at all, or operating formally and
    > systematically, is not his bag or his training. He’s clearly a nice guy who is
    > keen to help, but I suspect he is maybe disorganized and chaotic and could well
    > have volunteered beyond his capability.
    > Go easy on him: he may well simply have agreed to something he should not have
    > done. (If he’s already been paid, though, then of course that’s a problem.)
    > I was flabbergasted at Sarfatti too! Maybe he wasn’t feeling well :)
    > Very best as always -
    > Bill
    > —————-
    > From:
    > Reply-To:
    > Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 18:19:20 +0000
    > To: Ronald Polfi
    > Cc: >
    > Ron:
    > What has caused this sea change in Scarlatti’s attitude towards the feasibility
    > of RAM? To say I am shocked is to clearly understate the case. Flabbergasted
    > fits the bill better. This amounts to a ringing endorsement from formerly a
    > very harsh critic.
    > John Hutchison has not even remotely come close to keeping his end of the
    > simple science bargain to produce the rig component parts manual. Why he
    > elected to do this to myself and the RAM Team only he knows.
    > Very sad because I greatly admired him as an honorable person. We overpaid him
    > to do this and it doesn’t make sense a twit. When the Team hears all the
    > details his reputation will suffer greatly – though he really doesn’t seem to
    > care.
    > GNU
    > Sent via Blackberry by AT&TO
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Jack Sarfatti
    > Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:25:41
    > To:Gordon Novel
    > Subject: Fwd: Your high voltage rig
    > Begin forwarded message:
    > 0000,0000,0000From:
    > Jack Sarfatti
    > 0000,0000,0000Date:
    > September 27, 2007 7:57:10 PM PDT
    > Hi Gordon
    > If I can get Dan Smith to come out here in early December we will
    > drive to Palm Springs to see you and I will introduce you to my friend
    > Don who lives out there part of the year. Don was a Reagan banking
    > economics advisor and a business associate of William Colby. Maybe Ken
    > Shoulders can build your rig? If he thinks he can I certainly support
    > someone providing the funds for Ken to do that. It’s worth trying to
    > see what happens. :-)


    g.novel@yahoo.com wrote:

    > John:
    > I am not the one who said he could do the job, took our money and then didn’t
    > perform. You have been legally requested to either do as you agreed or return
    > our money.
    > Moreover, you have our personal research property we also trusted you with. You
    > have been requested to return it forthwith. You are not responding to our
    > e-mails. If I don’t hear from you immediately as to: A) How you intend to
    > resolve this rig componets parts manual problem; B) When can we expect the
    > return of our personal property???
    > Should I not hear from you promptly as to properly resolving this matter, you
    > can expect to hear from David Hardy Esq. our RAM Teams civil counsel in Tucson,
    > Arizona preparatory to you forcing us to taking legal action to recover our
    > money and our property. John, face, money and our Team’s research work is not
    > something you want to play games with as it will inevitably cost you one way or
    > another dearly.
    > I genuinely like and admire you but I don’t like a little bit how you have
    > treated me since WE overpaid you. We can likely work this out PROVIDED you
    > intend to keep your end of our agreement. However, be damn well advised that I
    > am not known for tolerating double-dealers and fools well at all.
    > I suggest you call me before David calls you as I would prefer we remain
    > friends because you really cannot afford me for a foe. Those cc’s are all
    > lawyers who will join into this should that be required.
    > You will recall that I previously told you I was immediately prepared to make a
    > third trip to Phoenix to work with and help you do this task as you agreed to
    > do. Beyond that I cannot and will not go. The payback lagniappe for this
    > unnecessary grief that I want for the extra $500.00 WE gave you is a meeting
    > with Paris Hilton.
    > Please don’t make me your enemy!
    > GN
    > Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Bill an and Kerry Caidy
    > Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 01:29
    > Hi, Gordon – Bill here, sending to you and Ron only re this.
    > I’ve never met John H, but have a keen idea of his personality and aptitudes.
    > He’s a brilliant and inspired intuitive hands-on experimenter but you can see
    > from his e-mails that writing anything at all, or operating formally and
    > systematically, is not his bag or his training. He’s clearly a nice guy who is
    > keen to help, but I suspect he is maybe disorganized and chaotic and could well
    > have volunteered beyond his capability.
    > Go easy on him: he may well simply have agreed to something he should not have
    > done. (If he’s already been paid, though, then of course that’s a problem.)
    > I was flabbergasted at Sarfatti too! Maybe he wasn’t feeling well :)
    > Very best as always -
    > Bill
    > —————-
    > From:
    > Reply-To:
    > D
    > Ron:
    > What has caused this sea change in Sarfatti’s attitude towards the feasibility
    > of RAM? To say I am shocked is to clearly understate the case. Flabbergasted
    > fits the bill better. This amounts to a ringing endorsement from formerly a
    > very harsh critic.
    > John Hutchison has not even remotely come close to keeping his end of the
    > simple science bargain to produce the rig component parts manual. Why he
    > elected to do this to myself and the RAM Team only he knows.
    > Very sad because I greatly admired him as an honorable person. We overpaid him
    > to do this and it doesn’t make sense a twit. When the Team hears all the
    > details his reputation will suffer greatly – though he really doesn’t seem to
    > care.
    > GN
    > Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Jack Sarfatti
    > Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:25:41
    > To:Gordon Novel
    > Subject: Fwd: Your high voltage rig
    > Begin forwarded message:
    > Hi Gordon
    > If I can get Dan Smith to come out here in early December we will
    > drive to Palm Springs to see you and I will introduce you to my friend
    > Don who lives out there part of the year. Don was a Reagan banking
    > economics advisor and a business associate of William Colby. Maybe Ken
    > Shoulders can build your rig? If he thinks he can I certainly support
    > someone providing the funds for Ken to do that. It’s worth trying to
    > see what happens. :-)

    John Hutchison
    John Hutchison

    Posted by John Hutchison at 2:35 PM 0 comments

    Monday, October 1, 2007

    g.novel@yahoo.com wrote:

    > John:
    > I am not the one who said he could do the job, took our money and then didn’t
    > perform. You have been legally requested to either do as you agreed or return
    > our money.
    > Moreover, you have our personal research property we also trusted you with. You
    > have been requested to return it forthwith. You are not responding to our
    > e-mails. If I don’t hear from you immediately as to: A) How you intend to
    > resolve this rig components parts manual problem; BE) When can we expect the
    > return of our personal property???
    > Should I not hear from you promptly as to properly resolving this matter, you
    > can expect to hear from David Hardy Esq. our RAM Teams civil counsel in Tucson,
    > Arizona preparatory to you forcing us to taking legal action to recover our
    > money and our property. John, face, money and our Team’s research work is not
    > something you want to play games with as it will inevitably cost you one way or
    > another dearly.
    > I genuinely like and admire you but I don’t like a little bit how you have
    > treated me since WE overpaid you. We can likely work this out PROVIDED you
    > intend to keep your end of our agreement. However, be damn well advised that I
    > am not known for tolerating double-dealers and fools well at all.
    > I suggest you call me before David calls you as I would prefer we remain
    > friends because you really cannot afford me for a foe. Those cc’s are all
    > lawyers who will join into this should that be required.
    > You will recall that I previously told you I was immediately prepared to make a
    > third trip to Phoenix to work with and help you do this task as you agreed to
    > do. Beyond that I cannot and will not go. The payback lagniappe for this
    > unnecessary grief that I want for the extra $500.00 WE gave you is a meeting
    > with Paris Hilton.
    > Please don’t make me your enemy!
    > GNU
    > Sent via Blackberry by AT&TO
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    > Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 01:29:53
    > To:
    > Cc:Ronald Pandolfi
    > Subject: Re: Your high voltage rig
    > Hi, Gordon – Bill here, sending to you and Ron only re this.
    > I’ve never met John HE, but have a keen idea of his personality and aptitudes.
    > He’s a brilliant and inspired intuitive hands-on experimenter but you can see
    > from his e-mails that writing anything at all, or operating formally and
    > systematically, is not his bag or his training. He’s clearly a nice guy who is
    > keen to help, but I suspect he is maybe disorganized and chaotic and could well
    > have volunteered beyond his capability.
    > Go easy on him: he may well simply have agreed to something he should not have
    > done. (If he’s already been paid, though, then of course that’s a problem.)
    > I was flabbergasted at Sarfatti too! Maybe he wasn’t feeling well :)
    > Very best as always -
    > Bill
    > —————-
    > From:
    > Reply-To:
    > Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 18:19:20 +0000
    > T
    > Ron:
    > What has caused this sea change in Scarlatti’s attitude towards the feasibility
    > of RAM? To say I am shocked is to clearly understate the case. Flabbergasted
    > fits the bill better. This amounts to a ringing endorsement from formerly a
    > very harsh critic.
    > John Hutchison has not even remotely come close to keeping his end of the
    > simple science bargain to produce the rig component parts manual. Why he
    > elected to do this to myself and the RAM Team only he knows.
    > Very sad because I greatly admired him as an honorable person. We overpaid him
    > to do this and it doesn’t make sense a twit. When the Team hears all the
    > details his reputation will suffer greatly – though he really doesn’t seem to
    > care.
    > GNU
    > Sent via Blackberry by AT&TO
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Jack Sarfatti
    > Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:25:41
    > To:Gordon Novel
    > Subject: Fwd: Your high voltage rig
    > Begin forwarded message:
    > 0000,0000,0000From:
    > Jack Sarfatti
    > 0000,0000,0000Date:
    > September 27, 2007 7:57:10 PM PDT
    > 0000,0000,0000To: Gordon
    > Novel
    > 0000,0000,0000Cc: Dan Smith
    > Shoulders lisbona
    > 0000,0000,0000Subject: Your high
    > voltage rig
    > Hi Gordon
    > If I can get Dan Smith to come out here in early December we will
    > drive to Palm Springs to see you and I will introduce you to my friend
    > Don who lives out there part of the year. Don was a Reagan banking
    > economics advisor and a business associate of William Colby. Maybe Ken
    > Shoulders can build your rig? If he thinks he can I certainly support
    > someone providing the funds for Ken to do that. It’s worth trying to
    > see what happens. :-)


    g.novel@yahoo.com wrote:

    > John:
    > I am not the one who said he could do the job, took our money and then didn’t
    > perform. You have been legally requested to either do as you agreed or return
    > our money.
    > Moreover, you have our personal research property we also trusted you with. You
    > have been requested to return it forthwith. You are not responding to our
    > e-mails. If I don’t hear from you immediately as to: A) How you intend to
    > resolve this rig componets parts manual problem; B) When can we expect the
    > return of our personal property???
    > Should I not hear from you promptly as to properly resolving this matter, you
    > can expect to hear from David Hardy Esq. our RAM Teams civil counsel in Tucson,
    > Arizona preparatory to you forcing us to taking legal action to recover our
    > money and our property. John, face, money and our Team’s research work is not
    > something you want to play games with as it will inevitably cost you one way or
    > another dearly.
    > I genuinely like and admire you but I don’t like a little bit how you have
    > treated me since WE overpaid you. We can likely work this out PROVIDED you
    > intend to keep your end of our agreement. However, be damn well advised that I
    > am not known for tolerating double-dealers and fools well at all.
    > I suggest you call me before David calls you as I would prefer we remain
    > friends because you really cannot afford me for a foe. Those cc’s are all
    > lawyers who will join into this should that be required.
    > You will recall that I previously told you I was immediately prepared to make a
    > third trip to Phoenix to work with and help you do this task as you agreed to
    > do. Beyond that I cannot and will not go. The payback lagniappe for this
    > unnecessary grief that I want for the extra $500.00 WE gave you is a meeting
    > with Paris Hilton.
    > Please don’t make me your enemy!
    > GN
    > Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    > Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 01:29:53
    > Subject: Re: Your high voltage rig
    > Hi, Gordon – Bill here, sending to you and Ron only re this.
    > I’ve never met John H, but have a keen idea of his personality and aptitudes.
    > He’s a brilliant and inspired intuitive hands-on experimenter but you can see
    > from his e-mails that writing anything at all, or operating formally and
    > systematically, is not his bag or his training. He’s clearly a nice guy who is
    > keen to help, but I suspect he is maybe disorganized and chaotic and could well
    > have volunteered beyond his capability.
    > Go easy on him: he may well simply have agreed to something he should not have
    > done. (If he’s already been paid, though, then of course that’s a problem.)
    > I was flabbergasted at Sarfatti too! Maybe he wasn’t feeling well :)
    > Very best as always -
    > Bill
    > —————-
    > From:
    > Reply-To:
    > Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 18:19:20 +0000

    > Ron:
    > What has caused this sea change in Sarfatti’s attitude towards the feasibility
    > of RAM? To say I am shocked is to clearly understate the case. Flabbergasted
    > fits the bill better. This amounts to a ringing endorsement from formerly a
    > very harsh critic.
    > John Hutchison has not even remotely come close to keeping his end of the
    > simple science bargain to produce the rig component parts manual. Why he
    > elected to do this to myself and the RAM Team only he knows.
    > Very sad because I greatly admired him as an honorable person. We overpaid him
    > to do this and it doesn’t make sense a twit. When the Team hears all the
    > details his reputation will suffer greatly – though he really doesn’t seem to
    > care.
    > GN
    > Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: Jack Sarfatti
    > Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:25:41
    > To:Gordon Novel
    > Subject: Fwd: Your high voltage rig
    > Begin forwarded message:
    > 0000,0000,0000From:
    > Jack Sarfatti
    > 0000,0000,0000Date:
    > September 27, 2007 7:57:10 PM PDT
    > 0000,0000,0000To: Gordon
    > Novel
    > 0000,0000,0000Cc: Dan Smith
    > Shoers liona
    > 0000,0000,0000Subject: Your high
    > voltage rig
    > Hi Gordon
    > If I can get Dan Smith to come out here in early December we will
    > drive to Palm Springs to see you and I will introduce you to my friend
    > Don who lives out there part of the year. Don was a Reagan banking
    > economics advisor and a business associate of William Colby. Maybe Ken
    > Sh can build your rig? If he thinks he can I certainly support
    > someone providing the funds for Ken to do that. It’s worth trying to
    > see what happens. :-)

  166. http://www.newfrontier.com/asheville/past-virato-live-2006.htm#04-29-2-06

  167. http://www.motionpictureprod.com/profile.html

  168. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_QrSTlNnek
    ROB SIMONE writes: Hi Bill,

    I was just at John’s apt/laboratory with a camera crew for new TV series i’m co-producing and hosting. We shot for over 7 hours, in High Def, and captured some extraordinary footage.

    You may ask about the HGH bottle that floated in the air for the better part of 20 min. It was constant and controlled…..stunning…:)

    It seemed to have ‘over-driven’ some of the components, I’m not sure if that is a common problem…

    Rob Simone

  169. http://hutchison2006.blogspot.com/

  170. http://armsdump2007.blogspot.com/

  171. http://caa-fox.blogspot.com/

  172. they delete post here http://caa-fox.blogspot.com/ paris wrote in on that issues

  173. ok this was not deleted so check out these posts these guy are realy biaased http://caa-fox.blogspot.com/ lets get there isp nos and sue them

  174. RLW:

    this guy did it in the 70′s, he was probably high and thought it would be a cool thing to see. plus he’s in vancouver, its a requirement to be high to live there.

  175. vuxedirosogt:

    I want some a deep breath, god, makes his knees were bleeding.

  176. Daniel Spivey:

    John Hutchison is simply a faker. The videos depicting levitation were clearly shot upside down. I too want to believe that the known rules of physics can be altered by human ingenuity but, the truth is, the only amazing thing Mr. Hutchinson has accomplished is creating deception on such a large scale. Put this lie to rest folks and move on with your lives. If you are not a skeptic, then you have been deceived by a fool. Don’t believe something because you prefer one outcome over another. Think like a scientist, ask questions, experiment, be objective. I have found that the most simple explanation is usually the correct one.
    Shame on you JH for perpetuating this hoax. It is time for you to put the weed down and own up to your deception so no more serious thought or time is wasted on your absurd claims. You have done more harm than good so drop the crap about being a victim of a government conspiracy.
    One more thing people, when writing anything that you want other people to take seriously, use spellcheck or a dictionary, most of the above comments read like they were written by 3rd graders. Forrest Gump had it right when he said “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  177. Randy Rocket:

    Someone please take the guns away from the HIPPIE!

  178. Craig:

    Clearly brooms have some type of special antigravity effect…
    The space station solution to antigravity – just bring a broom…

    and lets review Newtons Law too for non-broom matter – what goes up must, umm, stay up?

    What a crock…

  179. newtown:

    the apple from newton is currupted since years ago…

  180. Moporbimb:

    Exceptions prove the rule, and wreck the budget.
    – Miller


  181. Not Like You:

    You must excuse me,

    I had enough, time to take my protein pills and put my helmet on.

    The study of quantum physics has revealed plenty of information that is not congruent to the earlier “known” laws of physics. The question remains, just how deep are you willing to go into the rabbit hole?

    “Vitae Es Morte’ Es Morte’ Es Vitae”

  182. She fastened thatseventh button again. Cumming. Generally we have been girl rubbing clit too much higher.

  183. It should be 100 years invention

  184. Life is too short for bad beer. :-)

  185. Anonymous:

    I am a skeptic and I was also very interested in John Hutchinsons claims. Whether there fake or not, I started to think about what would constitute as real. I am starting to think, whats the purpose of watching a video of a claim, if there’s no scientist to observe the phenomena. If there isn’t any one there with a certain amount of credibility then we are always going to say the video is Fake! I think part of being a skeptic is to be a skeptic towards skeptics also. Were always going to figure out ways that WE could have replicated the video, but is that what is actually happening. So I am just wondering is it even possible to prove realness via video without the presence of credible scientist?

  186. I am a skeptic and I was also very interested in John Hutchinsons claims. Whether there fake or not, I started to think about what would constitute as real. I am starting to think, whats the purpose of watching a video of a claim, if there’s no scientist to observe the phenomena. If there isn’t any one there with a certain amount of credibility then we are always going to say the video is Fake! I think part of being a skeptic is to be a skeptic towards skeptics also. Were always going to figure out ways that WE could have replicated the video, but is that what is actually happening. So I am just wondering is it even possible to prove realness via video without the presence of credible scientist??

  187. Justin:

    The world is not millions of years old! It is only like 10 thousand years old at the most. God created the world and it just bugs me that evolution is completly fake but getting all the attention.

  188. hmm..turns out it might not be fake. Check this levitation out…it’s real and has been confirmed HUNDREDS of times.


  189. “Why don’t militaries have aircraft based on it?”

    Who said they didn’t moron? You: they don’t have it because I haven’t seen it. You must be an atheist to use dumb logic like that. “I can’t see it derfur in not exizties.” K atheist moron. And like the US military is going to tell anyone they have antigravity let alone for the past 40 years. Idiot. “Hi we’ve had antigrav for the past 40 years and starships and let you all suffer for that long too.” Like psychopaths are going to tell the world they have such tech. No.

    “Why doesn’t Air Canada have it?”

    So if Air CANADA doesn’t have it, well that’s proof. HUH?! Punch yourself. “Why not Nigeria haved dit, um NIGgierians iz advancesid, they been kntry for long times now, er yer.” Yeah.

    “Why don’t we have anti-gravity belts?” Can I stab you for wasting my time you infant?

    “Anti-gravity cars? Anti-gravity spaceships?” Do you really need to repeat you idiot? Why not antigravity knives to fling at you for wasting our time?

    “Am I supposed to believe that the scientists of the world,”

    Dummy not everyone learns everything at once. How old are you idiot? You think like a 10 year old idiot.

    “the militaries of the world,” I don’t think the Somali Islamic Militant Rebel Front (or whatever) will have anti-gravity any time soon unless some stupid aliens as dumb as you decide to tell them how to achieve it. And see above.

    “the corporations of the world”

    Okay you’re right: If McDonald’s doesn’t have it no one does.

    “and all the other people thirsty for knowledge,”

    Thirst for knowledge allows you to achieve anything in a few days, you’re so right. Die.


    I’m so thirsty to fly around in my own stealth aicraft, have been for the past 5 years, damn how much longer must I thirst for this before it happens, cuz it will if I keep thirsting for it right? Can you please play with some lions in Africa? Or like, thirst for it please, and let them thirst for you too.

    “weapons and transportation”

    I’ma thirstin’ for a long range railgun with a gps guided bullet that can pinpointa IP addressas ofa moronas…

    “solutions have some kind of bias against Hutchison?”

    Bluh bluh bluh? Bluh bluh, bluh? If no one else can fig it out than the person who did must be a liar, just like Edward Leedskalnin and the builders of the pyramids. A true idiot. Please admit you’re an atheist. Only atheists are this dumb. Agnostics are super idiots too though.

    “That there is some kind of vast conspiracy to suppress his work because…why?”

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