Beware the big bad black wolf

These people didn’t notice that they weren’t alone until they looked at the photo on their computer.

The photo was taken in Campbell River, British Columbia.

The people in this photograph were hiking in Seal Bay Park. At the end of their walk, they found some butter mushrooms on a mossy log, and were inspecting them. One of them decided to take a photograph, but not being terribly good at photography, the photo was taken off center.

When they returned home and downloaded the pictures off of the camera they got quite a surprise – a large animal that appears to be a wolf heading straight towards them.

They theorize that the flash from the camera scared it off, although I don’t know if it would be a danger or not. Certainly, it’s not the kind of animal you would normally want to be too close to!

EDIT: If you think this photo is fake, check out the full sized version.

EDIT 2: Here’s the story behind the photo as told by the woman in the foreground whose back is to the camera:

This wolf picture incident has just been crazy! It’s spreading around like wildfire! For sure you can use the pic if you’d like. The story behind it is pretty ridiculous. I was visiting my brother, niece and my niece’s mother with my mom in Courtenay, BC. Me, my mom, XXXX and XXXX went for a hike at Seal Bay Park. This picture was taken at the end of the walk…me, XXXX and XXXX were inspecting some really cool butter mushrooms on a mossy log. My mom decided to take a picture, but she’s not very good at it, so it came out totally off center (imagine if she was actually good at taking pictures- we never would have even seen it!!!). We didn’t notice anything at the time, and the “wolf” wasn’t even noticed until after getting home, and my mom had put the pictures on the computer. She didn’t even notice at first, but my other brother was like “what the hell is that??!!”. So, yeah. I don’t even know if it is a wolf, but there were no dogs or anything! around. It’s just a pretty creepy picture- that’s all I know! And it was actually my mom who took the picture (I’m in it- in the gray jacket), so credit for the photo isn’t necessary. Well, that’s my story!

267 Responses to “Beware the big bad black wolf”
  1. Anonymous:

    I can tell from the pixels, and from seeing quite a few shops in my time…

  2. zafner:

    ” … but not being terribly good at photography, the photo was taken off center.” RIGHT. That’s why it’s framed perfectly, if you know the animal is there.

  3. Blackolive:

    I made this pic easier to see, wow!


  4. Crappy D.:

    Also, it’s obviously not taken with a flash. The lighting is too uniform. The back of the woman closest to the camera would be brighter.

  5. anonymous:

    and this is obviously taken on the sound stage of return of the jedi.

  6. Actually, I WOULD wanna be this close to an animal like this. This is definitely a shop considering wolves rarely interact with people, ESPECIALLY a lone wolf. He/she would be heading in the opposite direction as fast as possible upon picking up the scent of humans. It’s a shame that someone would impose malicious intent on such an awesome creature. D:

  7. actualphotographer:

    “… not being terribly good at photography, the photo was taken off center.”

    Hmm. I guess I and countless other photographers – including the greats – have been shooting improperly. Duh.


  8. Daniel Pye:

    Every autumn, I go camping near a river with a good salmon run, and the place is just lousy with black bears, all fat and happy. Generally they stay fifty feet away or so, though I’ve had a few encounters on trails where the bear suddenly appears ten feet away.

    The stupidest thing I’d ever done was lay down a trail of pepper spray around the tent at night, with the hope of keeping the bears back. Quite a surprise to wake up and see a bunch of bears licking the grass outside your tent.

    BC has just phenomenal wildlife. There is nothing that compares with paddling by a pod of Orcas.

  9. Ade:

    To those that are claiming the photo is fake (i.e. Photoshopped), I would like to emphasize that I contacted the person whose mother took this photograph directly to verify its authenticity.

    Re. the “not being terribly good at photography” comment, I took that, again, from the person whose mother took the photograph. I think its a fine shot, personally. The point was just that she had no intention of including the animal in the photograph, which she did not realize was there.

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  11. Ade:

    I got a copy of the original photo for you critics to check out:


  12. Anonymous:

    I looked at the large image. First off, where is the wolfs shadow? The wolf also looks like he is running, about to attack. Not like he sneaking up. If something is running in to your shot….you see it.

  13. Anonymous:

    the girl in the foreground looks pretty hot from what I can see of her.

  14. tt:

    Anyone who knows anything about photography knows that photos with subjects that are centered are boring.

  15. joe:

    i can tell it’s real, amazing!

  16. LOL! Nice photoshop work ;)

  17. munky:

    So, out of curiosity, I downloaded the available large image myself and monkeyed with it in Photoshop.
    Looks more like bear than a wolf, maybe it’s a shapeshifter or an anomalous creature..?
    Any cryptozoologists out there? :o)

    One thing’s for certain – this is the crazy stuff that happens when you go shroom picking ni the woods…

  18. Von:

    Here is why its FAKE.

    First of all its a dog, and its running the other way. Zoom in on his legs, the front legs are actually his back legs. They just pasted a face onto the running dogs butt.

    Besides, there is no flash in this photo, which means the eyes would not glow.

  19. danthon:

    I have seen wolves on the island, but none that color.

  20. Anon:

    “Besides, there is no flash in this photo, which means the eyes would not glow.”

    Download the large version of it and load it into an EXIF viewer. You can clearly see that the flash was fired when the shot was taken. You can also see the reflection of the flash off the woman’s handbag and jewelery (look under the left arm of the woman with her back to the camera). What is with people these days?? OMG ITS TOTALLY SHOPPED!!!1111!!

  21. Contraife:

    This is a fake. The poster is a disgrace trying to pass it off as real.

  22. John:

    This picture is faked, unquestionably:

    There are *no* black wolves in British Columbia. There *are* Gray wolves and they are very light coloured gray with patches of white and a darkish “saddle” area on their back.

    That this picture has been taken in B.C. is quite likely, actually this picture seems to have been taken on Vancouver Island, you can see it’s in a park, there is a salmonberry bush right in front of the little girl and there are oregon grape plants and sword ferns all around. Classic Vancouver Island park picture. Possible a park within an hour drive of where I am right now.

    There are supposed to be wolves on Vancouver Island, I’ve never seen one but I’ve read that there are and that they are unique sub species of the Gray wolf, at least some pictures of them I’ve seen show them to be all white.

    The “wolf” in this picture is a dog, possibly a Belgian Sheep dog breed, probably the family dog walking away from the camera and the face has been photoshopped on to it. The face is probably the same dog from another photo taken the same day walking toward the camera.

    The shadows are not meaningful because this is a very overcast day in a very dark forest and the dog is standing in the shadow of the large trees around either side of the trail which are evergreens and are blocking out even the overcast light that is coming in, the people are in a clearing which is why they are casting very faint shadows and the dog with the photoshopped face isn’t.

    I think is a very cool and funny image in any case but there is no question it’s not real.

  23. John:

    Ha! I just saw the follow up post from march 13th that gives more information. I guessed it’s location spot on!

    It says it was taken in Seal Bay Park in Campbell River. Actually Seal Bay Park is near Courtenay a 45 minute drive south of Campbell River and literally a 5 minute drive from my house. On my flickr page you can see lot’s of photos of Seal Bay park and there are no “wolves” in any of them because there are no wolves in Seal Bay park! If someone told you this is a real photo they were completely pulling your leg.

    I bike there about 100 days a year all year for the last 3 years, taken countless pictures and all I’ve ever seen are deer, horses, birds, seals and lot’s and lot’s of dogs and tourists.

    You have to understand this isn’t some remote wilderness area in the middle of nowhere, it’s a large park but it’s completely civilized with wheelchair accessible trails and surrounded by people, houses and the ocean.

    Anyone who is defending this photo you can stop now, it’s a fine romantic idea to imagine but it’s simply not true.

    The only way it’s a wolf is if someone trucked in some exotic black wolf from halfway around the world took a photo of it walking away from the camera, photoshopped it’s own face on it’s butt and posted it here. And even if they did, have a look at the photos of black wolves on the internet. None of them are black, they are very dark brown with black patchiness here and there, many dogs however are all black including Belgian Sheep dogs which are pretty common.

    Now that I’ve seen those people I’m going to keep an eye out for them and if I see them in the park ask them the details about this picture which I still think is a pretty fun picture no matter that it’s not real.

  24. mdw:

    The woman in front is looking in the direction of the “wolf”. From EXIF data you can see there was plenty of light (ISO 140, f/4.8, 1/90, so the wolf wasn’t hidden in the darkness — it would be immediately apparent even in peripheral vision. So the animal in the picutre is “canis lupus”, but of the “familiaris” subspecies.

  25. Being a photomanipulator myself, I’m sure this photo is a product of pure luck.
    I don’t know if it’s a wolf. It could be any kind of dog/wolf to me.
    If you try and equalize the image’s tones, it’s obvious that nothing was pasted in this picture.
    The animal’s eyes glow anyway, even if no flash was used. Only little light is enough.
    If I wanted to fake an image like this one, I wouldn’t leave it so dark. There’s no use…

    (It’s most likely a dog. It’s too fat for a wolf…)

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  27. I cannot find any fake detail on the picture. The relation between exposure and motion seems to be real. The exif seems to be ok too. However the eyes glow seems weird due the low light level but I also know that a little bit of light is enough to make animal retinals bright that way.

  28. According to the rule of thirds, photographs shouldn’t be centered. Even if the wolf hadn’t been there, this would actually be a more ideal shot in this case because you can see the rest of the trail, giving the viewer a kind of extra emotion added into the mix. Probably not what her mom was thinking at the time, but just thought I should share.

  29. Anonymous:

    you people are so ridiculous. seriously. if you look at the original picture and zoom in on the wolf, its definately not a dog with its head photoshopped over its butt. you can see its shoulder blades coming up right behind his head, and his feet are going in the right direction anyway. plus, he is not running and trying to attack. wolves/dogs dont run like that. the whatever-it-is is just going at a steady pace; like dogs/wolves always do. if he was ready to attack, you would see him bearing his teeth and snarling, and his legs would be spread farther apart so he could actually run; which he happens to NOT be doing. Whether the picture is fake or not, its still a good photo just because of the “unknown” danger in the background. and who cares if they’re trying to fake it or not? it really doesnt matter. but the fact that just because you dont believe there are black wolves doesnt mean you should act completely retarded and try to prove it as fake

  30. Moritz:

    The picture looks real, but there are certain things that don’t fit to the story and technical issues.
    The picture was taken without a flash, thats easy to see.
    If you brighten up the picture it really looks like its a dog running away with the head of a wolf photoshoped on its back.

    See for yourself :



    There you can see that the structure of the pixel encoding from the jpeg is not the same all over the image, which it should be, if its taken with the same camera ;-)

  31. Weird:

    Nifty picture; I really don’t give a rats ass if it’s real or not. (You people are so trivial and strange. O.O)

    So yeah, nice picture. :D

  32. Gavalon:

    I lightened up the big version a little so you can make it out better, to decide yourselves.

    The legs do bother me somewhat as it looks quite ambiguous as to what direction it’s walking, however, I suspect it’s real, but most likely a family dog.

    But, meh.

    here you go: http://www.b3tards.com/u/464e8c2a733e15cd202c/untitled-1.jpg


  33. Sean:

    Its really unlikely to be a fake. The full size version shows the pixelation. To those that say it was taken without a flash, explain red eye on the “wolf”. It could even be an Irish wolf hound. Similar size to a wolf and very similar looking.

  34. bill bley:

    to be fair i think the women FACING DIRECTLY at the ”big bad wolf” would of noticed it,and this picture defenatly was NOT taking with a flash any1 can see that and im pretty sure wolves eyes dont just glow all the time so to any1 on this page THIS PIC IS FAKE!! ….but gd photoshopping nevertheless

  35. mobalized:

    Alright ive been looking at this picture for about 10 mins, and although i do not see any pixel distortion or major light defects in the image, i do see that the animal is running notice the animals 2 front legs and back left leg, this indicates the animal was in a gallop or run. Meaning most likely .. um you wouldnt miss that. my guess is someones pet dog or photo shopped in, very very well

  36. janus:

    it is very obvious that the wolf understood that there was much more to the rule of thirds than the photographer knew about. Which is why he was in the photograph afterwards. The wolf was on his way to let the children touch his fur. I know because i live very close to campbell river. There have been at least 20 wolves in the last 5 years that know about the rule of thirds and also let children touch their fur. As for the time stamp, i printed the photo out and after putting it into the same environment, (laying the photo on a similar path) i noticed that the light was in honor to the time stamp, so it is a true stamp that was on there to begin with.

  37. FZE:

    What you people are doing is defiling the art of photography. Every time some twit posts such a blatantly manipulated picture, claiming to have captured something exciting, shocking, or meaningful, everybody loses a little bit more respect for photographers.

    Hey, look! If you thought the “wolf” was impressive, you must not have seen Bigfoot! He was clearly there the whole time, the photographer just didn’t see him until the pictures were on the computer!


  38. rckstr111:

    this picture is most definitely photo shopped. If you squint your eyes,you can tell that there is still a pile of crap between the little girl and the wolf. that’s where i was standing. they took me out of the photo. (the rest is real)

  39. Steve:

    Love the bigfoot job!

  40. Nicholas:

    The organism you’re seeing is a black Russian wolf, Canis lupus communis, identifiable by the ratio of the eye spacing to the width of the head as well as the large-space pronation of the limbs. My specialty is in Alaskan Timber Wolves, but Russians are very distinctive. They do tend to have dark coats, but a black one is rare, as is one of this size (although they are very large animals).

    It is extensively unlikely that a wolf of that size would be unaccompanied. At that size, it’s unlikely it would be a rogue omega and even if it were an omega, they rarely leave packs. A rabid wolf is a possibility however.

    It’s unusual that you are viewing the tapetum lucidum (tissue in the eye that causes the reflective effect) as 1. no flash is visible 2. the ambient light is too great 3. the wolf would likely be focused on the child, not the camera

  41. PeteMoss:

    I we ask Red Ridinghood.

  42. Anon:

    … even the “full sized photo” looks painted.

  43. Anon:


  44. Anonymous:

    I know Seal Bay Park. No way you’d run into a wolf there, it’s too close to town (about a 10-15 minute drive) and way to busy. That’s someone’s hairy black mutt getting some internet fame.

  45. John:

    Man there are a lot of morons who don’t read posting here. As I stated and you can easily look up THERE ARE NO BLACK WOLVES ON VANCOUVER ISLAND!!!!

    I live 5 minutes from the park, it might be a dog but there’s no way on earth it’s a black wolf

  46. Nicholas:


    There are many black and dark colored wolves on Vancouver Island. For instance, Wacipi, a young female, came from Vancouver Island. In time she will become black just like her mother:


  47. eric:

    wow that i love wolf did wolf hurt u? wolf is crazy but i love black wolf other one not bad one i love wolf with good wolf.

  48. eric burton:

    that is really wolf i did see befrom like that in ohio. it real

  49. Hyperwolf:

    Don’t care, It look real to me, All the websites agree to there being wolves in vancouver- Dunno whether that be truth or Fiction, but theres a lot of websites that need to be corrected if it is Fiction.

    Cool Pic BTW

  50. St Paulie:

    ITS FAKE, first, the eyes of the wolf dont look real to me, they would look that bright maybe if the pic was taken with flash but then you look at the people on the pic and as someone else said, the lightning is too uniform. It doesnt look like it was taken with the flash, its a CONTRADICTION.

  51. katy:

    thats bullshit if you think this pic is shop bcuz i’ve had a encounter with this same type of dog except its eyes were BRIGHT red there were 2 of them and we were running for a our fucking lives the wierd thing was that they wouldnt come out past the tree line im not sure if the picture is real but like ive said ive had an encounter but the damn things was chasing us if the picture is real why didnt the person taking the pic notice the dog

  52. katy:

    to take a second look it looks like a dog running from the family and and a wolf head photo shopped on its back lol and i lived in florida at the time and any type of wild dog is not regioned there the dog i seen didnt look like a wolve it looked more like a black german shepard but with bright ass red eyes its wierd how so many people has an encounter with this type of dog but its like once you have seen somthing out of the ordinary ppl always seem to think you lying or just crazy

  53. omg.. good work, bro

  54. Raymond:


    Une photo intéressante qu’il serait nécessaire de retoucher pour fait apparaître plus distinctement le loup noir. Pour ce qui est de la qualité de la photo, du centrage, ce décentré de l’animal nous le fait apparaître plus tard. En premier, nous voyons les personnes et ensuite les yeux du loup… seulement après que nos yeux s’habituent il est possible de discerner la silhouette de celui – ci !!!

    Merci pour la photo

    Best regards

    Raymond from Switzerland

  55. Anonymous:

    aaaaaaw the wolfy is so cute!

  56. Alex:


    The ”wolf” is running the other way
    Jst save the picture then open it on whatever programme and zoom in on it.

    So fake.

  57. angelo:

    I have zoomed in with different programs and stripped this photo and i cant see how this is photoshoped. The photo catches him with his right front leg in the air but if you zoom enough and sharpen the other leg is down and the back and they r not going in the other direction. My opinion the animal looks like hes stopping and his legs r ready to turn but opinions are like assholes everybody has plus everyone on the net anymore are experts at photoshop or knowing if something is fake or not. One last thing if it is shopped whoever did it is a fucking pro cause its perfectly blended into the trail and looks like it belongs there, its so good you cant argue that the women r fake.

  58. Libby:

    I found this interesting,even if it is fake or not. I stumbled on this page while looking for information on black wolves in BC. I downloaded and have on my desktop a pic that is of a very black wolf peering out from the underbrush smack into the camera. the photo was no doubt taken with a long range lens, but I found it so interesting and almost hypnotic. Is there some kind of verbal war about where the black wolves are? I can’t remember where I downloaded the pic but it is only used for personal use. It is sort of a rememberance of my trip to BC. Most of the sites suggest that the black wolf is a mutation of cross-bred with a stray black dog. That seem like a very possible suggestion. After all where did the dogs come from. We in the US shot and killed all our wolves but they are coming back thanks to Canada. Thank you black wolves, grey wolves and even tannish wolves,They are mating well and culling out our over abundance of deer and elk in yellowstone and othear natural area like nature means to do.

  59. Zohanna:

    This iz amazing! I would be so scared and excited to find out i wuz that close to a wolf!

  60. Roger:

    I think this is clearly faked. All I did in this image was put a black circle over the “head”. Without that, it’s clearly a dog headed in the other direction.


  61. bobbi ruh horn:

    amazing ,beautiful.i believe you were close to his .or her den.it didn’t look happy,but i own a full blooded black british columbian wolf myself.he is a joy tp be around,but we had bougt him from a place were they sell wolves,an no i dont think this picture is fake…..i love my wolf……

  62. Arianna:

    today is Friday and I seen a red eyed wolf. I am 9 years old.

  63. Forensic Examiner:

    I completely broke this picture down…there in fact WAS a flash from the camera. look at the woman with her back turned, you’ll notice between her body, and her left arm, she’s holding something…and on that particular object, you can CLEARLY see the result of the flash. and as for the date stamp being so large, that is a common trait of an in-expensive Kodak camera, by that, i mean it has a price range of $100-$200. and the camera that shot this picture, from what i can tell is a 10mp. as for the wolf, there has NOT been anything added to that area. the animal IS in the original shot, however, the shape of the animals legs, and body, would indicate it is in a dead run. so, in my EXPERT opinion, the individuals in the picture either, 1. knew the animal was there, or, 2. are completely deaf. so to sum it up….if i had to testify in a court of law, i would testify that the photo has NOT been altered in any way. my guess is…it is a wolf hybrid, possibly even a family pet, and judging by the lack of reaction of the individuals in the pic, and even the person taking it, they knew the animal was approaching.

  64. Ginger:

    you can tell its a fake-o wolves don’t walk like that

  65. Nicholas:


  66. Lundy:

    This photo looks pretty real to me…though it seems fake at the same time since there is no reflection off ANYTHING from the flash. I’m 4teen and my photography is better, no offense. It looks as if it were taken with simply no flash at all. Also the wolf eyes are too bright and too solid of a yellow to be real eye reflection, it would have to have some depth to it. Someone said that there is no shadow under the wolf but there wouldn’t be considering the low light of the photo. To me though the “wolf” looks like a starved bear or something but the length of the legs makes it more wolf-like then bear-like. But the hunch on the back shows another bear-like resemblence and if it were a wolf and had the hunch then the head would have to have been closer to the ground so I’m not sure if its wolf or bear. Also it makes me think this is fake because the date numbers are just a wee bit too big. Other then that the picture is pretty real to me.

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  93. jake:

    its totally fake cuz first of all wolfs dont have humps and their not as small as tree stumps also ive only seen a black wolf once and it has green eyes and a flash would make the wolfs eyes white(ive seen picturen at shops.)

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