A big part of Socialtech’s appeal is our commitment to open standards. We make your content shine for users no matter how they get there. From the tablet they use while watching TV, the desktop they use at work, or the smartphone they’ve come to rely on just about everywhere else, your story will always be a perfect fit.


We directed photography, and then designed and integrated a recent editorial on the fashion trends of 2012. AldoShoes.com

Locale Shoes

We did the design and front-end integration for Locale Shoes, the e-commerce website for the Aldo Group's newest store, Locale.


We worked with Factor[e] on the Future City Hamilton project. The site won an Ontario Newspaper Award for best online multimedia special project.


We developed a new site for Tricon Films and Television, one of North America’s leading independent film and television production companies.

Human Minute

Human Minute is our experimental e-commerce & magazine platform. Check back soon, the site is currently being re-designed into a mobile app.

National Film Board of Canada

We developed the branding, and designed and integrated the UI of an intranet web-application called TNT (Traitement numérique et traditionelle) for the National Film Board of Canada. The app is built with Grails and manages all purchase orders at the NFB. It all scales elegantly to tablets and mobiles. (Sorry, no link... it's on their intranet)


Socialtech devised a new online branding strategy for Estiatorio Milos and refined their web presence to match the restaurant group's focus on 'easy elegance' and 'perfect simplicity'. Our approach puts an emphasis on mobile functionality and long term content development.


Working closely with Mozes.com, we developed POP’s original SMS marketing initiative. We also designed and produced massive amounts of printed marketing materials.


Since 2010 we've been working with start-up, Voya.ge, to build and design a new take on the vacation home rentals market. The site is in public beta until 2013, with a new mobile web-app launching this fall.


We developed a mobile friendly website for TERRATERRE. Simple but effective.


Roadsworth, aka Peter Gibson needed a site to show off his Illicit and commissioned public art works.


It doesn't get any simpler than this. For Longplay we developed a playful branding concept and a simple mobile business card site.

Socialtech is a Montreal web development studio, specializing in design and content for the Web.


Some of our clients come to us with a fixed idea of how they want their website to work. Others want us to tell them the best way to present their content from start to finish. We’re comfortable working with you wherever you’re at in the design stage. We’ll help you put the finishing touches on a design or we’ll come up with the best way to tell your story.


We specialize in content—full stop. We develop fully compliant HTML5 sites and apps using the latest web technologies, and we develop gold-standard systems to manage your content, so you never run out of ways to showcase your work.


No use being shy about it: we’re web nerds. We’re able to guide your project from A to Z. Our team includes experts in user interface and graphic design, editorial content, CMS design and deployment, and marketing and search engine optimization. And we won’t baffle with jargon and bafflegab while we get it done. You’ll be in control the entire time.

Who We Are

Built around the creative partnership of three gold seal-approved creative professionals with wildly varied and complementary skill sets, Socialtech is uniquely suited to bring the Web to life in surprising and innovative ways.

Luc Mikelsons is the founder and project lead of Socialtech. A creative director, web designer and front-end programmer based in Montreal, Luc has over ten years of experience in online strategy and web development. He brings a unique perspective to every project he tackles and is always hunting out better ways of translating new concepts into highly functional and refreshingly interactive content. He believes that good design doesn’t let usability fall by the wayside but great design will improve the way something is used.

Dylan Young is the editorial, audience and content director of Socialtech. He is also a consulting editor and front-page specialist at Yahoo!. For nearly two decades, Dylan has distinguished himself as a true content expert, craftily working in multiple fields at any given time. He has designed print magazines cover-to-cover, won literary prizes and even been nominated for a Webby Award. Dylan believes that good content strategy is the cornerstone of good audience strategy—and that the best content strategy is always about telling the right story, well.

Adrian Duyzer is the technical director of Socialtech and web director at Factor[e] Design Initiative. Adrian has over a decade of professional programming and project management experience, with a focus on complex application development and database design. He believes the key to building great web applications is close communication with clients and an insistence on technical excellence.