Socialtech is a creative partnership between designers, developers, writers, and educators committed to bringing technology to life.

We sweat the details to deliver products that look as great as they work.

Every project is different and our products are custom designed in close collaboration with clients to anticipate the needs of customers and users.

Luc Mikelsons

Luc is the founder and project lead of Socialtech. A creative director, web designer and front-end programmer based in Montreal, Luc has over ten years of experience in online strategy and web development. He brings a unique perspective to every project he tackles and is always hunting out better ways of translating new concepts into highly functional and refreshingly interactive content.

Juliet Lammers

Juliet is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a teacher. Her debut feature film Last Woman Standing premiered at Hot Docs in 2013 and has played festivals and theaters internationally; it continues to broadcast on CBC’s Documentary Channel, and was recently acquired by the NFB for educational distribution across North America. Her second film Ti-Anna is slated for broadcast on CBC’s main channel in late 2016. She worked on the award-winning web doc Burgundy Jazz and apps such as Lost Rivers and Go Fit Yourself.

Adrian Duyzer

Adrian is the technical director of Socialtech and web director at Factor[e] Design Initiative. Adrian has over a decade of professional programming and project management experience, with a focus on complex application development and database design. He believes the key to building great web applications is close communication with clients and an insistence on technical excellence.

Dylan Young

Dylan Young is the editorial, audience and content director of Socialtech. He is also a consulting editor and front-page specialist at Yahoo!. For nearly two decades, Dylan has distinguished himself as a true content expert, craftily working in multiple fields at any given time. He has designed print magazines cover-to-cover, won literary prizes and even been nominated for a Webby Award. Dylan believes that good content strategy is the cornerstone of good audience strategy—and that the best content strategy is always about telling the right story, well.